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By: Ember

Admitting love is always hard, but when it makes you complete, it's all the harder.


Sometimes, it was something he didn't understand. Love. That one thing that just turns your insides to mush and you think that it's gonna kill you. It can. Love can kill the bravest warrior, the brightest soldier and the softest of hearts. It can heal a heart, or destroy it with one word. One simple word. I hope to never hear that word come from your lips love. Never. It would kill me. I couldn't stand to sit there and listen to you fluster for the words to tell me you don't replicate it.


Heero watched as the moonlight bathed his partner in a semi-god like glow. He could never tell him the truth. Could never watch those lips say no. Never. He brushed a stray piece of hair away from his heart shaped face and smiled almost lovingly. His face scrunched at the touch and he turned over. He would never know the true feeling that welled inside Heero for him. Even if it meant staying away, even if it meant lying, whatever it took, just as long as he didn't know what

Heero really felt. Heero placed a soft kiss on his forehead and turned away.


"*yawn* Morning Heero."

Duo smiled happily and retrieved a can of coke out of the fridgerator. Heero nodded in response and sipped at his coffee.

"Anything new?"

Heero shook his head and shrugged. Which Duo nodded at. He took a look at the morning paper and turned to the comics, giggle idiotically at the small sketches of art.

"Look at this Heero, Charlie brown fell down after kicking the football and Lucy said…*laugh*…"What where you trying to do? Fly? *hysterical laughter*"

Heero rolled his eyes at Duo and sipped at his coffee. He wanted to laugh, to share this moment with Duo and have a memory of them together, getting along.

"Yo Heero, something wrong?"

"Iie, I'm fine."

Duo nodded and gulped down the rest of his coke, slamming it against his forehead and burping.

"I'm gonna go spiff up Shinigami, see ya!"

Heero nodded at him, and watched the braid down his back sway as he walked away.


"Ah, Shinster, you are the only one that understands my feelings. If only HE would, we could get along great! But he can't so, what ya want today? Spit `n polish, or just a good fix up?" The giant Gundam starred down at him and he nodded.

"Spit `n polish it is!"

He worked for a few minuets, thinking quietly to himself. "I don't like him Shinigami."


"I do not!"

More silence.

"Just shut up would ya!"

He kicked the metal foot of his Gundam and threw the rag across the room. "You think you're such a know it all!" He heard snickering from behind him and turned.

"Heero! How long have you been standing there?"


"That long huh?"

Heero turned and left the hanger, leaving Duo to wonder about his sanity.


Late that night, when Duo was fast asleep and dreaming, a loud explosion rocked his room.

"What the fu-"


He felt a callused hand clamp over his mouth and silence him. Heero.

"Shh, be quiet."

Duo nodded, content to be quite for once. And it didn't hurt either that Heero was this close to him, or that he smelled so good. Wait a minuet, what is he doing in my room?!?!

"I'll run out to our Gundams, you distract them."

"Wait Heero, wha-"

"Just do it Duo. Just listen for once."

Duo nodded and ran out into the front yard, grabbing a flare and lighting it.

"Hey Jackasses! Over here!"

He waved it around franticly until the mobile DOLLS locked onto it. He threw it across the yard and made a mad dash for his Gundam. He gave thumbs up at Heero, who rolled eyes.

"A `Gee thanks Duo!' would be really appreciated."

"Iie, I have no time for your games."

Heero slammed the front of his Gundam shut, pushing the thrusters to max.

"I love you too Heero." He said sarcastically.

"Man, that was easy!"

Duo grunted as he helped Heero into a bed.

"And that was really stupid."

Heero rolled his eyes at him and helped pull the covers up around him. They had destroyed the Mobile DOLLS, pulled out of there when back up came, and made a quick escape.

"Hn, this will be the first and last time I'll get to say that to you."

Heero sighed as Duo tucked the blankets tightly around his aching body and let Duo's body heat warm his chilled muscles. It had started raining in the middle of battle, and when Duo had pulled out of his Wing the rain had drenched him.


He heard Duo mutter as he went to get the first aid kit. Heero smiled to himself; hey he was usually in Duo's position. And he would be the one saying Baka. It sounded rather cute coming out of him. "Ok, hold still."

Duo sat next to him, and pulled up his shirt, revealing a large gash across his stomach.

"You're lucky that it's not that deep, it should heal in a couple days. What where you thinking attacking that whole horde of DOLLS without waiting for me?" I didn't want you to get hurt, that's what I was thinking.

"Fine, be the nice quiet one tonight. Well, you are every night, so I should be used to it by now. But I don't like silence, too unnerving. Maybe that's why I talk all the time. This'll sting."

Duo gently rubbed a clean white cloth across the wound, dapping the alcohol into the small dent in his skin.

"You have nice skin Heero, you should put lotion on it. At least I would if I had skin like this."

"You do." Heero said, reaching up to stroke Duo's cheek.

"What are you doing Heero?" he asked, jerking away. Heero cursed under his breath; mad at himself for letting him guard down and letting his emotions get the better of him.

"I…Duo I-"

"Never mind. There, you're all fixed up. Get some sleep."

Duo stood up and picked up the first aid kit. "You know we seem to use this a lot. It's a wonder that it doesn't run low on supplies."

Heero turned his head to Duo's mumbles. He knew rejection would hurt but not this much.


"That stupid Baka! God, why does he have to be like that?" Duo kicked the side of his bed, stubbing his toe. He cursed and sat down, pulling off his boot and examined his toe.

See what you do Heero? See what you do to me every time, every night I think about you. Don't you see it?

He pulled off his other boot and shirt, throwing them across the room. He closed his and prayed he wouldn't dream about Heero watching him tonight.


Heero counted the ceiling tiles, bored out of his mind. Now was about the time he would always watch Duo sleep, but since he was confined to his bed he couldn't. He tried to sit up and did so with minimal pain, but when he tried to stand up a wave dizziness washed over him. Several cuts and scratches covered his body along with bruises. His stomach hurt the worst of all, but he had to see Duo. He pulled himself out of bed, swallowing his yelps of pain. He was Heero Yuy; pain didn't have any effect on him. He stumbled into the hall, bracing himself with the wall.

Almost there.

He walked into Duo's room, stumbling threw the door. He tripped over a chair, and landed face first. He looked up at Duo, expecting him to have gun aimed at his head, but found the American sleeping soundly. An Oz solider could kill him three times over, and he would still sleep through it.

Soft snoring noises filled his ears and he picked himself up, walking slowly over to the bed, only to be flipped onto it, a cold piece of metal pressed to his throat.

"Heero! What the hell are you doing here man?"

"I was coming to see you."

"Why what's wrong? Stomach hurt?"

Heero starred into Duo's worried eyes and saw a twinkle of happiness.

Why was he happy?

"Why are you happy?"

Duo's face burned and he looked away. The position they where in made him happy, the way he got to take care of Heero for once made him happy. The way the Japanese pilot had came to see him, everything. Heero made him happy. They fought a lot, and didn't get along all the time, but he still cared for Heero with something more than friendship.

"Nothing Heero. Gomen if I hurt you."

"Iie, now get off."


Duo climbed off him and rolled over, thinking about how nice it would be if he could stop pretending not to like Heero. Or have feelings for him.

"Heero, what do you want in life?"


"What do you want?"

"To destroy all those that oppose me."

"No, after that."

"To take care of my Gundam."

"After that."


"Me too."

Heero turned his head to the side to his partner, content to watch.

"Heero, do you want love?"

"What do you mean?"

"Love, do you want someone to love you."

"Not really. I mean if love is like Relena, no."

Duo laughed and shook his head.

"No, not like that. That's not really love, that's just infatuation."


"Heero, do you think God hates me?"

"What's up with all the questions?"

"I was just trying to talk to you. Get to know you. I want love. I want someone to listen to me jabber on and not say anything and listen to my questions."

The two sat in silence for a minuet, realizing that's what they do.

That in a way they each complete the other.



"I love you."

Duo's mouth covered his, and the two melted into the other, completing them. Making one. Filling the gaps that they each lacked. And they knew that if they needed to turn to someone, the other would be there.

"Duo?" Heero asked when he had pulled away.


"So do I."

Duo smiled at him and pulled him close.

"I'm glad."