Everyone wants to be something more, someone famous. Sometimes that's all you can live for. So when you stop pushing for your dream, what do you have left?


The Music he Had
By: Ember
Chapter One
A little OOC

"No, Wu Fei you're drumming to fast. And Quatre what kind of solo was that?" Duo shook his head.

"Take it slower, and Quatre ON the beat this time!"

Wu Fei smacked his drumsticks together and counted to three. The band roared to life, blaring music into the makeshift clubhouse. The boys where oblivious to the small crowd of neighborhood kids that had gathered, focussing totally on the music. It was their life at that age. Duo's guitar faded back and let Quatre take over with his keyboard. The boy's fingers swiftly danced over the keys and he scrunched his brow in concentration. He smiled when the last note hit, a perfect tune fading into the music as Duo's guitar came back in. They finished off the song and cheered.

"Q-man! You nailed it!"

"That was pretty good Winner."

"Much better Wu Fei!"

"Go Duo! Go Quatre! Go Wu Fei!"

The group turned and smiled at the small children.

"Why thank you! Next number-The Monkey Song!"

The children cheered again.

"Duo! They're to young to hear that song."

"That's what you think Quatre."

"No, that's what I think too."

"This is mutiny Wu-man! Not you too!" The both shook their heads.


"Party poopers!"

Quatre smiled and nodded.

"Hey, I don't feel like getting thrown in jail *again* because Mrs. Adams down the street heard Sue singing it to her baby brother."

"So there was that one time…"

"It was indecent Maxwell."

"Wu-man, why do you call everyone by their last name? Is it a condition or something?"

"Why are you so annoying?"

"It's a talent."

Quatre laughed.

"I'll say! Come on guys, let's head home. It's almost dinner time and we've been practicing all day."

"Oh! Five more minuets!"

"Duo we really need to go home."

Duo muttered something under his breath and Quatre looked up at him after putting his keyboard away.

"You can stay at my house again Duo. My sisters don't care and father's never home."

"As much as I would love to torment your sisters, no. I can't LIVE at your house all the time. My father would really kill me then." Quatre nodded and Duo turned around to put up his guitar. Quatre elbowed Wu Fei in the side and glared at him. Wu Fei shook his head violently and Quatre stomped his foot.

"*sigh* Maxwell…do you want to stay at my house tonight?"

"Really Wu-man?"


Duo's eyes shined for a minuet and then shook his head.

"No, I've gotta go home. I really hate it when I'm not home, he beats my mother instead."

Quatre sighed. Sometimes he felt so self-fish living with a loving family and Duo had to live with his father. Duo's father was a raging alcoholic and he often covered Duo in bruises. When he first met Duo, he was sitting outside on his porch steps crying.

"What's wrong?"

Duo squeaked and looked up at Quatre. A large black ring surrounded his eye and his left thumb was cradled in his right hand. "My daddy hurt me again."

"I'm sorry. Do you want to come over to my house and have my sisters fix your eye?"

"You want to…be my friend?"

Quatre smiled at Duo and nodded.

"You have pretty hair."

Duo giggled and followed Quatre into his house. His sisters had fussed over him and cleaned him up. Since then, they had been the best of friends.

"Well guys, this is my stop! Ja Ne!" Duo's braid bounced happily as he walked up the steps. Duo had always tried to make is seem like it didn't bother him, but Quatre knew with all his soul that it did. It hurt him deeply. Duo's character was so friendly and welcoming that he let a lot of things in that he shouldn't.

"See ya Winner."

Wu Fei lived a few houses up and Quatre lived across the street from Duo. They had all grown up together, so that's why they had started the band. Quatre knew that even if Wu Fei would never admit it, they we're his best friends.

"See ya tomorrow Wu Fei!" called Quatre. He turned to walk into his house and ran into a hard chest. He looked up into a dark green eye and gasped.

"E-excuse me."

"You live here?"

"Me, no. My friend lives here. I live across the street. Why?" Quatre could have sworn that he saw the other boy blush.

"I'm lost. I went for a walk and got lost. I just moved here."

"Oh! *laugh* Where do you live?"

"In the old Kakkoii house?"

"Oh! That's just down the street first house on the left."


"Your Welcome!"

Quatre waved over his shoulder and bounced across the street, not noticing the other boy's lingering gaze.


"Morning Wu Fei!"

"Maxwell, you're unusually happy this morning. What happened?"

"Old man passed out after downing a bottle of Vodka! He was out ALL night!"

"Well, that's good."

"Nani? Since when have you cared?"

"Oh come off it Maxwell, I care. You know I care."

"Yeah Wu-man, I know you do!"


"Get off of me NOW!"

"*giggle* Touché!"

Wu Fei growled and tried to ignore the happy boy.

"Wu Fei! Duo!"

"Hey Quatre-man, sleep late again? Or did Samantha use the shower *again* before you?"

"A little of both."

"Do I need to come over and stick a-"

"NO! Not again! Father grounded me for a week!"

"Really? Lucky. My father would have beat the shit out of me, go figure! *laugh*."

"Has he lost it Wu Fei?"

"Did he EVER have it?"


Duo started to sing and play an air guitar, and Quatre smiled at Wu Fei and the group trudged to school. "Let's skip guys!"


"I can't help it, I'm in a really good mood today and I want to go somewhere."

"How about the café after school?"

"Ok, that sounds cool."


Quatre nodded and Duo threw an arm around his shoulders.

"So, who's that guy?"


Duo laughed and pointed across the street to a pair of boys walking quietly. One boy had his head in a book, ignoring his companion and the other kept glancing over at Quatre. His hair hung over his right eye, and he was fairly tall. His friend's hair was ruffled and messy, and he had a dark scowl on his face that he tried to hide behind the book.

"Oh him. He was lost last night and I helped him home. He's new here."

"Really? Well what was his name?"

Quatre shrugged. Duo smiled and dashed across the street, parking himself in front of the two boys.




"My friend said he met you last night. You guys new here?"

"Yes, my name is Trowa Barton and-"

"I can answer for myself thank you. My name's Heero Yuy."

"Do you live together or something?"

"We're step brothers."

"Aa! Wanna walk to school with us? My name's Duo Maxwell," he stuck out his hand, "nice to meet ya!"

Trowa took his hand and shook it, a soft smile playing on his chin.


The group looked across the street and Quatre waved frantically and pointed at his watch.

"We're gonna be late! Come on!"

"Sure thing Q-man! Hey you wanna walk to school with us?" Trowa nodded rapidly and tugged on Heero's sleeve. Duo was already across the street, and Trowa was trying to pull Heero across with him.


"Please Heero."

"I'm not going over there. That boy is annoying."

Trowa laughed. "Then stop starring at him."

Heero scowled and hned. The two walked across the street and joined the braided boy and his friends.

"I'm Quatre Winner. Pleased to meet you."

He shook Trowa and Heero's hand, smiling brightly.

"Wu Fei Chang."

He nodded at the two and they nodded back.

"This is great and everything, but I think the bells gonna ring in oooooh, now." Quatre squealed and shot off toward school, the others chuckling and following behind him.


"I'll give you five dollars if you eat that Wu-man."

"I'll give you six Maxwell."

"You're on!"

Duo chopped the lump of `Meatloaf Surprise' in half and took a huge bite. His face turned an odd color and he grabbed his coke and took several swallows.

"You ok Duo?"

"*gasp* Yeah. Fork it over Wu-man."

"*grumble* Fine."

Wu Fei stuck a few wrinkled bills into his hand and Duo stuffed them into his pocket.

"Has anyone seen the newbies lately?"

"Yuy and Barton? No, I think they had to go home early."

"Wu-man you know to much for your own good."

Wu Fei glared at him.

"My name is WU FEI, not Wu-man. W U F E I."

"Nice to met ya!"

Duo stuck out his hand and Wu Fei's face turned red in anger.

"Don't make me hurt you Maxwell."

"Aw, you're a wuss Wu-man."

Wu Fei growled and picked up his lunch tray, dumping it into a near by trash can.

"I think you made him mad Duo. Go apologize."

"Hey if he can't take a joke why should I go apologize?"


"Excuse me."

Heero looked up from his lunch tray to see a smiling blonde. She looked overly eager to pounce on him, and he scowled.


"Would you like to come sit with me and my friends Heero?"

"Iie, I'm waiting for my brother."

"He can sit with us too."

"Thank you, but no."

"Are you sure?"

Heero growled.

"Do I look stupid to you?"

"No, of course not!"

"Then I'm sure."

He picked up his tray and nudged Trowa to walk away with him, who had shown up at the end of the confrontation.

"Who was that Heero?" whispered Trowa.

"Don't know. Don't care."

Trowa nodded at that and followed Heero outside. The sunshine beamed and bees fluttered around. What he wouldn't give to sit under a tree and watch-


He looked up at the braided boy who was waving at them frantically and then looked over at Heero.



Trowa smiled happily and headed toward the table.

"Oi, Wu Fei said you guys went home early."

"No, we just left to go settle somethings then came back."


Duo scooted over on his side of the table to make room. Trowa sat next to Quatre, and Heero almost sighed irritably.

"I don't bite."


"You're standing there like an baka, and I don't bite." Heero flopped down next to him and started to eat his Raman. He looked over at Duo who was shoving Pocky Sticks into his mouth and shook his head.

"That's not a very healthy lunch."

"Well, I won't eat this stuff."

He poked the lump of food on his tray. Quatre giggled.

"Where are you guys from?"

"Northern Haven? Ever been?"

Duo blinked at him.

"Isn't that that REALLY ritzy neighborhood in New England?"

"Hai. We where originally from Japan, but moved there after the first couple months our parents got married."

"When was that?"

"Oh, when I was about 2 and Heero was about 2 and half."

"So you guys have pretty much grown up together."


The group ate in silence for a few more minuets before a shrill cry came across the lunch yard.


Duo almost fell out of his chair in laughter. "You're screwed man."

"Excuse me?"

"Relena Doralin is the richest and most annoying girl in the school. She's also got every guy in the palm of her hand. Minus me and Quatre and Wu-man."

"Why'd you come out here Heero?"

*blank stare*


She stomped her foot and scowled.

"Answer me Heero. Why'd you come out here to sit with these losers?"

"Because," Duo said standing up and sitting on the table, "these `losers' are his friends. Now if you'll just go back inside to your private table and annoy someone who cares, we'll get on with our lives."

Relena gasped in shock.

"Relena-sama, please don't start another fight."

"I don't start them Quatre! It's that braided freak and his rat tailed friend. You're the only one out of them with any sense Quatre."

"Hey, don't bash the braid Relena. You're just jealous that I have better hair than you."

"Relena, go NOW."

She glanced down at Heero.


"Go away."


"G O A WA Y. There I spelled it out for you. Can't get any simpler."

Duo snickered. Relena growled and turned on her heal to stomp away. Duo burst into laughter when Wu Fei rushed out into the lunch yard and spilled coke on her cloths.



"Hey now Relena, no need for that."

Duo stood up and held her hand away from Wu Fei's face before she could slap him again.

"Let go you're filthy."

"Contrary to YOUR popular belief, I do bathe Relena."

"Is that before or after you let your father beat you."

"Low blow bitch."

"Deal with it."

"Look, my father doesn't make a mint at work everyday, he doesn't work. But for the love of God what made you so self-centered? Don't you think that OTHERS have feelings besides you? No wait, I forgot who I was talking to, Relena! She doesn't give a shit about anyone."

Relena raised back a fist and punched him across the jaw. Duo's eyes hardened and he swept behind he and held he hand behind her back. "LET GO!"

"Iie. Calm down."



They struggled a bit more before a loud yell startled them.

"Maxwell-san, mind explaining what's going on?"

Duo released Relena who dashed behind the principal and started tearing up. "He just walk up behind me and grabbed me! And it really hurt omonaru."

"Is that true Maxwell?"

"No! She slapped Wu Fei and I was standing up for him!"

"He's lying sir."

"We'll just see. Both of you in my office, NOW."

Duo walked with his head down, Relena following behind him. She turned around and blew Heero a kiss, who grunted and gave her the finger.


"Have you seen Duo lately Wu Fei?"

Wu Fei's eyes looked down at his side of the table.

"He was sent home."

Quatre spit the soda out he was drinking.

"N-NANI?" People turned to stare at the two and Quatre blushed and rubbed his head.


The small occupants of the café turned back around and Quatre looked back at Wu Fei.


"A couple minuets after lunch time. I heard Relena gabbing about it to her friends. `…And he got in soooo much trouble! The little rat! *giggle*...' I wanted to punch her so bad."

Quatre twisted the napkin that lay in his lap into a wad. "Do you think…he's…ok?"

Wu Fei shrugged.

"God I hope so."


Heero walked down the street, nose stuck in his usual book. He heard soft sobbing and looked up. Duo sat on the edge of the curb, cradling his arm, his long hair cut to his ears.


He jerked his head up.

"H-heero! What are you doing here?"

"It's a public street."

Duo almost laughed, but his split lip stopped him. "Gomen, I'm not in the best of shape right now."

"What happened?"

He waved toward the sky. "I was struck by lighting."

Heero looked up and squinted his eyes against the brightness of the sun. "Baka, it's not even cloudy."

"Ah, so it isn't!" Duo laughed at his own joke before collapsing into hysterical sobs.


"Have…you seen Quatre or…Wu Fei?"

"They went to the café by school. Why?"

"I need Quatre."

He looked up at Heero with such pain filled eyes that he almost cried himself. His bobbed hair waved around his face.


"Maybe…I can help?"

Duo's head shook from side to side. "Iie, I need-"



Duo stood and limped toward the small blond boy.

"Duo…are you ok?"

"Hai, I just need some…sleep."

Duo passed out in Quatre thin arms and he almost fell over. He looked up at Heero and smiled at him, trying to lighten the mood.

"Oh hi Heero. You been standing there long?"

Heero rolled his eyes and picked Duo up into his arms. The boy snuggled into his embrace and Heero blushed.

"Where do I take him?"

Quatre almost fell over. Was Heero being…protective?

"Um…follow me."

He nodded and followed Quatre into his house.


Quatre called out desperately.

"What is it this ti-not again."

Samantha breezed down the steps and motioned for Heero to follow into the parlor.

"Lay him on the love seat, father won't notice the blood on it. Quatre go get the antibiotics and some warm towels out of dryer. You, who ever you are, go get some hot water. Well what are you standing there for?!?! GO!"

The two jumped and raced out of the room, gathering all the supplies that where needed. After Duo was doctor up and resting peacefully,

Heero pulled Quatre aside and glared at him. "What happened to Duo?"

"I can't tell you."

"Yes, you can. Don't play games with me. I watched him faint, I watched your sister clean all those cuts and bruises, I saw it. And I'm not gonna just stand here and wait for someone to tell me."

"His…I can't tell you Heero."


"Ask Duo when he wakes up. I won't tell you Heero; it's not my place. If Duo wants you to know, and if he trusts you enough, he'll tell you. But I won't tell you, and neither will Wu Fei."

"Was it about what Relena was saying today?"

"I'm not telling you. I already told you that."

With that Quatre walked over to his slumbering friend and sat beside him, pushing a few fine hairs away from his face.

Heero sighed and looked at the watch on his left arm. He had better call Trowa or he would get worried. He wasn't leaving until he knew what was going on.


"Are you sure he's ok? Do I need to come?"

"Iie. He's fine."

"Is um…Quatre…ok?"

"*snicker* Kinda."

"I'm coming."

"Stay at home. It's not your place here. I'll handle it."

Heero placed the phone back on the hook and looked back at the pair of friends. Quatre sat beside Duo, book resting on his lap, head hanging down in slumber. Duo's snores could be heard a mile away. Good thing he's in such good shape…he might not have made it. That thought made Heero's stomach twist. He hardly knew the violet eyed boy, but he felt extremely protective of him.


"Omonaru, it was him. I'm innocent."

"You're lying! You slapped Wu Fei and you know it! Please, I didn't do anything! She punched me and everything! I was just trying-"

"That's enough Maxwell. I believe Relena-san. I'm sorry, but your story just doesn't add up. Relena is a well bred, well behaved young lady."

"Why is it that all the fights we get into you always take her side? Even if it's obvious that she's at fault?"

"Because she doesn't question my decisions!"

"No, she only makes fun of you behind your back!"

"That's it! I was just going to give you a detention Maxwell but now I'm gonna call your parents."

Duo's eyes widened and he flung he arms around in wide arches. "NO! Please not that. I'll de anything. Please sir, don't call my parents."

"Yeah, Omonaru, isn't that a little extreme?"

"Are questioning my Relena?"

"No Omonaru! It's just that, I um, Duo's father…"


"Nothing, nothing sir."

"Very well then…"



Duo shot up on the love seat, sweat pouring down his face.


He looked to his left and saw Heero sitting there, watching him.


"Daijoudu desu ka?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."


The two sat in silence for a minuet.



Duo giggled and Heero shot him a glare.

"What where you going to say Heero?"

"Why are you…how come?"


"What happened."

"I can't tell you."

Duo looked away, only to feel well-callused hands pulling his face in the other direction.

"Duo…tell me."

"*sigh* Do you really wanna know?"


"Ok, but you gotta sit still and let me finish before you say anything."

Heero nodded.

"The principal called my house first, he was five minuets late. My mom had just left. I was really scared at first, but it kinda dawned on me how pissed my dad would be. So I didn't protest when he told my dad. I mean he would be so mad that the principal would realize what I have to live with and take me away."

"So I sat back and actually smiled. Relena had, and I in some way thank her for it, tried to stand up for me. We usually get in trouble like this so it was like the usual. I deny everything and then she denies everything right back. And who's side does he take? Hers. So I got really mad this time and tried to stand up for my self. Which REALLY made him mad."

"So he called my dad, and to my GREAT surprise my dad acted all calm about it. Which totally damned me. He wanted my dad to come pick me up, and I was ok with it. I thought `Maybe he'll just kill me this time. Maybe I could just die and nobody would have to bother with me anymore.' When my dad pulled up he talked to the principal for awhile, and I just practically pulled him out the door. I'd rather him have one reason to kill me, than several."

"When we got home, my dad sent me into the kitchen. I was like `okay'. When he came in had this chain in his hand. I hate the chain. The belts, hangers, 2x4 are bad, but the chains sting. So he told me to lie down on the floor, so I did. He hit me 24 times, I counted. Then he told me to get up."

Heero looked on at Duo in shock. He went through this every day and he was cheerful. Damn cheerful too.

"Gomen Duo-"

"You said you wouldn't do that until I was done."


" S'ok. So I stood up right, and he started to just punch and kick the hell out of me. It hurt, and I can still feel…his feet…hear his-" Duo sobbed openly and buried his face into the first soft thing he came in contact with. Heero's chest.

"Shh…it's ok. I'm here."

Heero ran his hand threw Duo's short hair, wishing, for some odd reason he could take away his pain.

"I'm sorry Heero. I shouldn't have told you man."

"Iie, I'm glad you did."


Heero leaned in and buried his face in the crook of Duo's neck. "Hai."

Duo blushed to his roots.

What's he doing? Not that I mind.

Duo giggled at the thought and Heero raised an eyebrow.



"No, come on tell me."

"Nothing, really!"



"Tell me."


"Why not?"


"No reason."

"Omae o Korosu!"


Heero raised an eyebrow again and Duo laughed harder.

"You look so cute when you do that!" Duo chuckled and clutched his sides. "Oi, stop stop! Mercy!"

Heero rolled his eyes and Duo started to calm down. He smiled at Heero and whipped a sweet tear from his eye.

"Oi, Heero man, are you hungry?"


"Well I am! Wanna help me stand up and get me some food?"

Heero bent down and picked him up, cradling his battered body close.

"I want a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich, some soup, lots of Pocky, maybe some Yan-yan that's always fun to eat, ooooh, can we see if Q-man has any Melty Kiss?"

"It's a wonder you're still breathing Duo Maxwell."

The two boys looked over toward the stairs and saw Samantha standing there, smiling. Duo glanced at his watch.

"Ohayo Sam-chan! Did you fix me up again?"

"Hai, your father really nailed you this time, ne?"

"It was the chain again."

She nodded and walked forward, placing a hand on Heero's arm.

"You'll take care of him?"

He nodded and she smirked.

"Well, now I know."

"Know what?"


"Don't make me put that mouse in your bed again."

"That was you!?! I thought Quatre did it."

"Oh please, Quatre do something mean?"

"Ok I'll give you that."

Duo smiled and pointed toward the kitchen.

"Can we go now? I'm hungry and I want something to eat."

Samantha smiled and nodded, patting Heero on the arm and winking.

"She's acting weird."

"Sam? Naw, why ya say that?"

Heero shrugged and Duo winced.

"Could you watch it? I have been through the ringer tonight."

Heero nodded and the two went into the kitchen.


Heero poured the hot chocolate into a cup and handed it to Duo. Duo smiled and sipped at the cup happily.

"Food now!"

Heero held out a can of soup and Duo cringed.


"I'm not making that for you. It'll kill you quicker than-"

Heero stopped himself and winced as Duo suddenly found the table fascinating.

"Gomen Duo-"

"It's ok Heero. Really."


"Just make the sandwich, ok?"

Heero found himself stuck between comforting the boy or just making what he wanted and getting out of the uncomfortable situation.

/But you don't like him remember?/

Iie! He's nice, I can trust him. He won't stop being my friend.

/No! You can't trust him./

I more than trust him…

/Don't EVEN go there!/

I think…no I know…


Itooshii Duo-kun…


Duo's voice brought Heero out of his daydream.


He moved forward to comfort him, tripping and spilling Duo's hot chocolate all over him. It burned his skin and he peeled off his shirt without even thinking about it. Duo's sharp gasp reminded him why felt rather on edge.

"HEERO! Man, do you work out?" Duo poked a strong-arm muscle.


"You know I thing you could take my dad! *giggle* But I wouldn't want you too."


"Oh nothing. Let's just eat hm? If you won't make the sandwich I will! I'll flop down on the floor and crawl on my hands and knees and make them on the floor."


"Uh huh. You HAVE to have one too."

"Iie, no thank you."

"But you have to Hee-chan!"


"*blush*, um yeah. Hee-chan. You're my friend right?"

Heero eyed the once longhaired boy. He wants friends just as much as I do. I can trust him. He sat next to Duo and pulled him into a hug.

"I'm your friend Duo, and I always will be."


"Why is it that you never belive anyone when they say such things?"

"Because when I do I always get let down."

Heero smiled at him, a rare, true smile.

"Me too."

"Well, I mean I can understand you not having friends. You're so antisocial! And negative…woo!"

Heero growled and Duo laughed heartily.


Duo stuck out his pinky.


Heero took his pinky and beamed inside. I have a real friend…


"Alright, alright."


Quatre watched silently from the doorway.

Way to go Duo…


"What where you thinking!?!?!"

"Listen rat-tail, don't talk to me-"

Wu Fei grabbed Relena's arm and twisted it, making her fall to her knees. She grimaced and her crowd of friends ran forward to try and help her. Wu Fei's growl stopped them.

"He's in bad shape, so bad Yuy had to carry him around the house for a week, that's why he's been out of school. This is your fault woman, and don't think I'll forget it. Neither will Quatre, Trowa, or Heero.

None of us feel any remorse toward you. I for one hate you. If you EVER do that to Duo again, I won't stop at twisting your arm. He could have died."

Wu Fei flung her away from him and turned toward Trowa, who had tried to stop him, to no avail.

"Was that really necessary?" Trowa asked as Wu Fei walked toward him.

All he got was a nod as Wu Fei bent to pick up his books.

"TROWA! WU FEI! Come on your guys!"

The two looked up at Duo, who was standing slightly supported by Heero, on the front steps of the school.

"Hey Wu-man?"

"What Maxwell?"

Duo gave him a brief hug.

"Thank you."

He smiled and returned to Heero's supporting right side.


" I can't wait to show you Heero! I think you'll really like it!"

Duo pulled him toward the small shabby shack and smiled at Heero's reluctance.

"Oh, for the last and final time! I don't bite!"


"Yeah yeah."

Duo had gotten used Heero's small show of emotion.

He shrugged it off and tried his best to show the cobalt eyed boy how much their friendship was to him.

Duo threw open the door and showed Heero his small band house.

"See? Quatre plays key board, I play guitar, and Wu-man plays the drums."

He picked up a worn guitar case and pulled out a black guitar. He hung it over himself and started to pluck and tune the strings.

"Wow, my C is wa~y out, wanna flip that switch there?"

Heero leaned over and flipped a small switch, nearly screaming at the annoying sound that came out.

"Heero, dude you ok? I know the tuner isn't that fun to listen to, but it's not THAT bad."

"Heero's just got a thing with his ears."

The two looked up at the doorway and saw Quatre and Trowa standing there, smiling.

"Really, gotta remember that."

Duo strummed his strings and plopped down next to Heero. He smiled and leaned his head on his shoulder.

"Quatre, here to practice?"

"We can't, Wu Fei's not here."

"I could try."

They turned toward Trowa and Quatre smiled brightly.

"You can play the drums Tro-kun?" Duo elbowed Quatre and winked. Quatre blushed.

"Hai, and Heero can sing."

"No I can't."

"Yes you can."

"No I can't."



"Can you Heero?"

The two stopped arguing and Heero turned toward Duo.


"Aa! This is great! We need a singer!"

"Nani Duo?"

"I can't sing worth crap, Wu-man sounds like a drowned cat, and Quatre…"

"I know…"

"See? This'll be fun!"

"What will?"


Wu Fei stumbled through the door and sat down on an empty storage crate.

"What's wrong Wu Fei?"

Wu Fei's bottom lip was bleeding, and his hair was falling out of his tight ponytail.

"Wu Fei? What-"

"Relena's wanna-be boyfriend."


Duo cursed and kicked the stand his music sat on. Paper fluttered to the floor. Duo watched in fascination, as things seemed to become hazy, gray like in manner.


"GET OUT OF HERE!" Quatre yelled and shoved the others out the door, quickly following.

The five dashed out of the shack and Duo cursed loudly.

"My guitar! I forgot it!"

"Don't Duo, it's too late!"

"I gotta get it."

Duo started to race back in, but Heero grabbed his wrist and held tight.

"It's too late. Let it go."

"K'so. Not my guitar."

Flames engulfed the small building and Duo sank to his knees.

"How did, this happen?"

"Easy braid boy," said a bulky figure walking around from the other side of a cluster of trees, "I did it."

"Ja-ku! What did we do to you?"

"Un Tenma, what did we do?"

Wu Fei leaned against Duo and Quatre glared from behind Trowa.

"Why, everything bakas! You insulted Relena-san, and I take great offense at that."

Duo growled and pushed Wu Fei toward Heero, marching forward and squarely punching Tenma in the jaw.

"Why you-"

"You arrogant bastered! I worked an ENTIRE summer for that guitar! I worked my ass off. I mowed lawns, scrubbed pots and pans, cleaned a lot of things I don't wanna remember cleaning, and basically pinned away for it! And YOU destroyed that in one self-righteous move. Who do you think your are? What makes you so incredibly special that I don't deserve to walk down the same street as you? Or sit at the same table? Or say what I want? I've NEVER in my life treated others like that, NEVER. What are you jealous or something?" Tenma smiled evilly at him.

"Why would I be jealous of a rat like you? You wanna know why your dad beats you? Because you're worthless and he knows it. He knows it, your mother knows it, I know it, and the only one that doesn't is you. Isn't that odd?"


Duo dived on top of the bulky figure and punched his repeatedly.

"Duo! Stop!"

Quatre and Wu Fei strained to pull Duo off, to hold him back, but they weren't strong enough. He shook free from their grasp and pounced on the boy again, hitting him, tears mixing with blood. Heero, finally pulling the Duo off and off to the side, calmed Duo down enough to control him.

"Duo, it's ok! Don't listen to what they have to say! It's not true."

"I've been `not listening' to what they say most my life Heero, and it's never worked. Maybe they're right. Maybe I am just a castaway."

Duo shook free of Heero's possessive grasp and ran toward his house.

Heero chased after him as it started to rain. His sneakers became soaked in muddy water, but he didn't care. He had to help Duo that was the only thing that mattered to him right then.

He saw through a watery haze that Duo had run into his house, the one place Heero could never follow. His heart ached for his friend. It ached for the pain Duo felt, the hardships that he had had to suffer, and the words that heartless people had thrown his way. But most of all, it ached for the chance to give Duo all those things he didn't have.

"I love you Duo. I really…really do."

"So have you seen him Heero?"
A feeble shake of the head was all the unhappy blond boy got.



"Gomen Trowa, it's just that-"

"I know Quatre-koi, I know."

Trowa pulled the blond into a comforting embrace and tried to sooth the tense muscles in Quatre's back. Heero hadn't even noticed when the two of them had become more than friendly. He didn't really care either. He'd never seen Trowa so happy, and as his brother it was his job to be happy for him. But sometimes when he saw the flushed look on Quatre's face when Trowa held him, he felt a twinge in his stomach that made a dull ache appear. He made up his mind then and there. Without a second though, Heero turned around and headed back for Duo's house.


He gently pried open Duo's window, nudging a stick into the panel so it wouldn't close. He threw his legs of the edge and entered the darkened room. He heard Duo's slow and even breathing and knew his love was asleep. He walked over to another window and pulled a black blanket down that was hung to black out the sun. Duo groaned and pulled a pillow over his head, ignoring who ever was in his room. Heero pulled the pillow off and sat on Duo's chest smacking his face a few times to wake him up.

"Arg…cut it out dad…I'm up."


"Gomen Heero, I thought you where my dad. HEERO?!?!?"

Duo's eyes snapped open and pierced Heero with sharp violet eyes.

"What the fuck do you want? Go the hell away!"


"I mean it Heero! I don't care if you're because Quatre's worried, or Wu Fei's upset, I don't fucking care! I'm so tired of it all Heero! Just let me die here ok?"


"GO THE FUCK AWAY!!! Is that REALLY so hard to understand??!?!"

Heero pulled Duo up by the collar of his nightshirt and glared into his eyes.


Duo's eyes widened.

Heero covered his mouth with Duo's ravishing the taste of him. He was all that Heero wanted, all his dreams where filled with. Duo tried to push Heero away, but the Japanese boy held tightly to his waist. I'm not letting go Duo…not ever again.


Oh fuck! I'm so screwed! If my dad just comes in here and sees me making out with another guy I'm so dead. But Heero's so warm…and it feels so…right. Aw what the hell, only live once!

Duo gently started to kiss the boy back. He felt Heero hands slid down and rest on his thighs as he leaned forward. He gasped softly as Heero pushed his down at the bed and wrapped a strong arm around his neck. Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's waist and the two continued to kiss silently.



A large man jumped across the room and threw Duo into a wall. Heero glared at the man.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"Dad, please, just leave him alone. It was me! All me! Please…don't hurt him."

"I'll teach this pretty boy to keep away from you, and then I'll teach YOU to stay straight."

"You won't touch him." Duo's father turned and looked Heero over. He looked like he was in good shape for his age, and he almost looked strong enough to do some damage.


"What is it pretty boy? Afraid I'll hurt your sex toy? That's all he is to you right? Why else would you sneak in here this way?"

"Dad please-"

Duo whimpered as he was kicked strongly in the ribs.

"Stop it!"

"Aww, do you actually care if I do this?"

Duo's father pulled Duo to his feet by his hair and slammed Duo against the wall again. Heero snapped.

He pinned the larger man to the floor and punched him a couple times in the jaw. He reached into his shoe and pulled out a small dagger, small enough to not be noticed, big enough to scare the shit out of you it was pressed to your throat.

"You listen. I was trained at some of the best reinforcement centers in the world. So I know what the fuck I'm doing. Understand?"

The large man only nodded.

"And I could KILL you and cut you into pieces so small that NO ONE would find you."

A nod.

"But I won't. Because Duo doesn't want me too. I love Duo, I love him more than anything, and it REALLY pisses me off when you hurt him. I've seen that boy put up with more shit because you decided to be a bad father than I've ever wanted too. He's got more courage, righteousness, and heart than you'll ever have. Do you understand?"


"Good. I want you to fucking remember him. ALWAYS. And I want you to remember him when you're out of luck, money, and life. He's gonna be saved of all this from now on." Heero said as he cut a line down his right cheek.

"You try and find us, and not even God could save your ass." Heero picked up the braided boy and carried him out of the house.


Dear Quatre,

Yo man! How goes it? How are you and the scarecrow doing? Guess what Q-man! Heero saved my ass and we booked it outta town. And you know what? He loves me! Isn't that great? Aa, thought so! I've never known what it was like to have someone totally love me, and I think I kinda like it. I WOULD tell you where we were so we could meet somewhere, but Hee-chan (isn't that the best nickname? He hates it, and that's why I use it! Hehe!^_^) won't let me tell you. Gomen man, but you know how THAT is. Gotta be a good boy if I want any! ^_^

Well, hope you stay good, and I love you man. Not THAT way, but you know. Take care of Wu-man and Trowa for us!

Lots and Lots of Love,
Duo and Heero


Quatre sniffed and whipped at his eyes. He was so happy for Duo. He finally found the love he needed, and maybe he could reclaim the music of his soul. If anyone could help Duo, it was Heero. They where made for each other.


Quatre jumped a foot in the air when Samantha screamed. He rolled his eyes and decided to go back to sleep. It WAS a Saturday. An arm wrapped around his waist and someone nuzzled his ear.

"What was that?"

Trowa's voice tickled his ear and his shivered.

"Oh, Duo just left his calling card. A little white mouse named Butter."