His eyes
By: Ember
From Duo's POV!
Do you ever feel like you're being watched? Like the whole world is watching you and only you? Waiting…just waiting for you to screw up?

I do.

I've felt that way most of my life. I used to think it was my imagination, but I know I was wrong. Not only is it NOT my imagination, but it's so real it scares me.

I've always been one to draw attention to myself, always been the one that goes out of the way to be the funny guy. Or death, whichever mood I was in first.

No one has ever really understood me, and I guess that's why I called myself Shinigami. I thought, `Hey, no one understands death, maybe we're in the same boat.' So people would laugh, and I would laugh and then I'd go to my room pull out my gun and stare at it. Stare at the one thing that kept me in this life, the one thing that kept me from being the normal teenager that I always wanted to be.

But he, oh no. He was different. He didn't laugh at my jokes, or laugh when I tried to promote a simple smile or smirk from him. He saw threw me, saw me. And that's when I fell, and hard. His eyes where like ice, but I saw threw him too. He was scared just like me.

Heero, I would say, why don't you talk?

And he would `hn' and go about his business of cleaning his gun or typing on his laptop.

Heero, I would say, what do you want to do when it's all over with?

And he would look at me with those eyes and I knew.


How could such a beautiful creature like you want to die? Why would you, of all people, want to stop your sweet breath from giving life to death? Why?

And when I looked in his eyes I knew.

He was scared.

And I was scared.

A match, I must say, made in heaven.

So when I found him one night alone after a mission, I wasn't afraid of what I had to say.

I pulled him close, watched his eyes widen, and whispered all my fears, my hopes, my emotions. He looked at me and nodded. That's all, just a nod. I smiled. He…well, *tried* to smile, and I laughed.

Laughed so loud and so long he looked at me as though I was insane.

Duo, he said, why don't you talk?

I mummered a `hn' and kissed his soft lips.

Duo, he asked, what do you want to do when it's all over with?

I blinked at him, smiled and leaned close.