Archwing – AC 206

A personal shuttle float lifelessly in space near the Jupiter and newly constructed L25 colony clusters. Two passengers sat in the cockpit, discussing their plans for the future.

"Well I think the colonies aren't enough. I say earth too."

"No you moron, Oz tried to pull that off too and look where it got them. Where're staying with the original plan."


The two sat in silence for a few minuets, before the one with long brown hair spoke up.

"What if we took over just a portion of it?"

The one with curly blond hair shook his head at his companion.

"No Maibee, you know the boss would kill us."

"I know Alec-koi, but what if-"


The one with brown hair sagged against her partner's chest, and cuddled him closely.

"Remind me why we're doing this?"

"Because we don't have enough money to tie the knot and He said he'd give us 15% of everything we made."

Maibee nodded and looked out over the vast wastes of scrap metal and the like. It was always so cold near Jupiter. A faint light shimmered into her eyes for a minuet and she squinted.

"Alec! Look, it's there!"

Her lover sat forward in his seat.

"Alright, we'll have the money in no time!"


He stirred the combination of eggs and sausage with cynical precision. The heat stung his eyes and he turned down the temperature on the stove. He flung his long braid, longer now from growing it out for the past eleven years, over his shoulder and sighed. Breakfast at the Maxwell-Yuy household.

"Ohayo koi, what's for breakfast?"

An arm snaked across his waist and a head leaned on his shoulder.

"What else? What's the only thing I'm talented enough to make?"

A husky chuckle echoed in his ears and he smiled.

"Of course, at least I'm talented to make breakfast. I mean, the kitchen explodes every time you try!"

There was a sharp tug on his braid and he eeped before smacking the other figure on the arm with his wooden spoon.

"Go on, it'll be done in a minute. You're so pushy sometimes."


"Well you are! And loud, and not nice when you come home and the dinner isn't made, and you *REALLY* hate it when I fiddle with the dials in your truck on your stereo, and-"

He was thrown over a shoulder and carried into the living room and pushed onto the couch.

"Don't make me punish you again Duo…"

"Oh? Have I been a bad boy?"

"Hai, very bad."

"Then I think I need to be corrected…"

Their lips lingered centimeters apart before the phone rang. They jumped apart and Duo growled.

"This better be an emergency."

"Let it ring."

"Heero! What if it's important?"

"Then I guess they'll just have to-"

Duo kissed him, pushed him back onto the couch and hoped up to answer the phone.

"Hello? Ohayo Quatre-man what's…are you kidding me?…Man that's not a funny joke…you can't possibly be serious!…You are?…But why now?…*sob* YOU'RE LYING!"

Duo threw down the phone and raced into the bedroom. Heero, perplexed about the situation, picked up the phone.


"Heero! Thank God, is Duo gonna be alright?"

"I don't know, what did you say to upset him."

"Heero-sama, they found it."

"Found what?"

"They found it, they found Wing Gundam."

"What?!?!?! Who found it?"

"Colony Terrorists, some guy that calls himself Kami."

"K'so! I thought we destroyed all the Gundams."

"Hai, we did, well kinda. In the last battle between Oz and White Fang, Lady Une pushed Trieze out of the way of Barge's beam Cannon. When she went to Mr. Trieze's Gundam Tallgeese, she left the Wing. It floated around in space until it reached Jupiter's orbit and started to orbit the planet, kinda like another moon. We didn't know about it until this Kami guy made an announcement that he found it and he intended to start another war unless we gave him what he wanted."

"Which is?"

"To rule the colonies, Heero. He wants absolute dictatorship."

Heero leaned heavily against the counter. Why now? Why now when his life was finally whole, and when he finally felt like a person? What about him and Duo, what where they going to do now?

"Are you sure."

He heard a bitter laugh on the other end, something out of Quatre's character.

"No, April Fools. Of course I'm sure! God damnit why do you think I'd make something like this up?"

"Gomen Quatre, I didn't mean it like that."

"I know Heero, it's just that I finally got everything in my life organized, and now this has to start up again. What are we going to do?"