In Between Days
By: Elsie K. Molko

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone I used in this story line. Too many people and it's confusing, so, let's just say it's pure fiction, of course, and leave it at that.

Warning: Some lemon scenes, but it's all innocent, really...er...some OOCness, I guess. Oh, and the fact that I dislike Relena reflects.

Pairings: (2x1 insinuation) 1x2, 3x4. Poor Wu's all alone...

Dedications: She-chan, thank you so much Anya for allowing me the use of your fictional Kingdom, Lubia. You're always a source of inspiration.

Authors Notes: This is an AU of Anya's AU. Lubia is a Kingdom she made up with Brian Molko of Placebo and my character, Elsie ruling over it. In Lubia, there are other guests appearances by members from the bands The Cure and Savage Garden, here there'll be tiny cameos. However, my story concentrates on the g-bois and royal couple. I've turned it around to bring the characters of Lubia into the Gundam Wing universe.

And please please excuse all the mistakes. I'm sure there is plenty.


Chapter 1.

At first glance, neither one of the Gundam pilots could decided if whether the figure before them, graciously greeting them into their Kingdom, was the Prince or Princess.

Relena had suggested they stay at her estate in between missions on Earth, but Heero had out right opposed. Not admitting defeat, but not wanting to sound annoying, although not for lack of trying, she insisted they stay at a supporting pacifist kingdom, sister to that of the Sanq.

"I hope your journey out here was not of an inconvenience. A lot people become troubled while trying to reach the Palace."

"Oh, not at all, Your Majesty. We're just very thankful for your cordial hospitality." The polite blonde chirped in after coming out of the shock from being greeted by the nasally voiced, leather mini skirt clad Royal.

"None of that, Quatre. Just Brian, please." 'Oh, *he's* the Prince.' Quatre smiled in return with a nod.

The clinking of heels echoed to their left from a darkened hall. All five boys tensed and turned their heads towards the distraction, hand hovering over weapons.

"Ah, our guests have arrived. Darling, why was I not notified?"

"I was just made aware of their presence myself, dear." He flashed a grin at her pouting face before turning back to his guests.

"Gentlemen, may I present to you my wife, Princess Elsie of Lubia." He strolled over to his wife and pecked her cheek. The Princess slightly bowed her head forward, receiving the same form of greeting from each of the pilots.

The Royal couple perfectly complimented each other. The Prince, petite with chin length black hair and wide green/blue eyes. His lips full and naturally forming his lower lip with a pout. Accompanying his leather skirt, with matching fishnets, he wore a black short sleeved shirt, tightly outlining his frame. The Princess, darkly dressed her slightly taller frame in a pair of black leather pants tucked in 4 inch heeled knee high side laced boots. A silk blood red robe hung snuggly down her shoulders and chest, securely tied at her slim waist where it opened widely, flowing red sheets of material down her sides, trailing down the floor. Opposite to her husband, her hair highlighted by golden streaks ran down reaching the small of her back like a curtain. Her almond shaped amber brown eyes lit up as she surveyed her young guests, licking her fully pouted ruby lips, further accentuated from the contrast of her fair complex.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Princess. My name is Quatre Winner. This is Trowa Barton," He said and shyly smiled at the tall pilot when singling him out. "Heero Yuy, Chang Wufei-"

"Yeah, but you can call him 'Wu'. He just loves that!" The braided pilot laughed as he received a deathly glare from the Chinese pilot. "And I'm Duo. Duo Maxwell." He grinned and placed a kiss upon the Princess' hand. She laughed in turn and winked at him.

"Well." She clasped her hands together under her chin. "I'm sure you're all tired and eager to get to your accommodations for the night. If you will, please follow me and I'll show you to them." She smiled and picked her robe up a little at each side and turned the opposite direction from the hall she'd emerged from, disappearing into another, just as opaque hall.

"Don't worry, just listen to the sound of her heels." Brian grinned fondly. "The path will illuminate as soon as you enter the hall. It's motion sensitive except to us. Makes it easier for us to move around when we need total obscurity. We can if needed, voice activate the lights to turn on, though."

"Interesting." Quatre paused thinking about the obvious technology surrounding the entire estate as far as they'd seen. "You won't be joining us, then?"

"No, I'm sorry. I have some matters to attend to. Elsie will take care of you." He excused himself and crossed them, disappearing into the darkness his wife had once appeared from. The echoes of heels were becoming fainter and the boys decided to follow before losing all sound of it.

Once entering the grand hall, the walls lit up with medireview candle holders mounted apart every five feet. The hall was simple with the occasional long antique mahogany console and painting on the walls. The floor lit up their reflection against the cold gray marble, the ceiling seemed to meet at a peak in the middle. The entire palace radiated and eerie medireview feel, but with obvious technological enhancements. It was like being in a *real* castle. Duo soon expected to run into a skeletal knight's armor and almost visibly paled as they crossed one. The further they moved down the hall, the more lights lit their passage. They caught the end of red material flapping in the air at a corner. They sped up their pace to catch up and save the awe over the Palace for a later time.

"This is the South Wing. Brian and I reside in the West." Her voice pounded through the large hall as they came to stand near her. "There are more than enough rooms in this wing or each of you. However," She grinned and continued. "they have been accommodated for the probability of you pairing up. I understand you feeling a little more secure in each other's familiar presence in such an unfamiliar surrounding." She winked and Duo decided he liked this Princess a whole lot more than Relena.

"There are com units in every room, may you need anything. As well as in every end of a hall." She pointed to the rectangular pads on the end of the wall. "In case you get lost." She turned to them knowingly. "Though, I thoroughly doubt you will." She smiled.

"Next to your bed's com unit you'll find a list of all the extensions and codes you'll need for security and outside lines and to reach Brian or myself throughout the Palace, also for the kitchen and servants." She rested her hands on her hips and thought for a minute.

"They might take a while." She giggled. "But they'll eventually answer." She regained composure and tried to conceal a smirk. "Brian and I usually keep to ourselves as best we can."

"Well, it's nice to finally meet unspoiled royalty." Duo murmured hoping she hadn't heard.

"Ah. So you know Relena even better than I'd mused." Elsie snorted. "We're all spoiled. Some of us just know how to appreciate it and treat people respectfully regardless of our status. It doesn't make us 'better' just, fortunate, I guess" She frowned slightly and opened the door nearest to her left with a voice command. Instantly the large wooden door opened with a low whoosh.

"This wing is complete with a practice/training room, indoor swimming pool and small library, aside from your chambers." She moved them into the practice/training room. Facilitated with full exercise equipment, sparring gear and a wall sporting various hand combat weapons. Staffs, swords, knives, nunchakus, throwing stars, spike sets...

"Pretty, ne?" Her finger traced the length of a wall mounted sword almost seductively.

"I thought this was a pacifism following nation?"

"Oy, Heero. We believe in pacifism and support all of Relena's ideals. Or rather, her families ideals." She whispered the last bit to herself, but it was not lost on the pilots who eyed her suspiciously.

"We also believe in being defensive if the need should arise. We would never instigate an assault, but we wouldn't leave ourselves open. That's how the Sanq Kingdom got destroyed in the first place. We are not a weak nation." Wufei's interest perked up and he intently listened to the Princess as she continued to explain about Lubia's beliefs and form of government. As of the moment they had rule over all of Lubia without any outside organization interference. They were keeping quiet and to themselves and had nothing to do with Oz. They wished to remain neutral as much as possible during the war. Regardless, they were still viewed as a threat.

"Well," The Princess took a breath to collect herself and continue her role as hostess. "The door to the left next to the mirrored wall leads into the steam room and showers." She pointed a perfectly manicured black nail polished finger to the door on the opposite wall. "This one leads you into the indoor swimming pool." Elsie walked through the door, it also opening instantly with her voice command.

They stepped into the room whose roof was made out of what appeared to be glass. The longest wall too was of glass, peering out to a marvelous view of a garden. The Princess walked out through another door and lead them back out to the grand hall.

"The room over there," She pointed to a wooden door further up from where they entered the hall. "Is this wing's library. The main library is located in the North Wing. You can access it and any other wing through the courtyard, which is where we were first standing when we met. It's the center of the palace and will lead you anywhere. You can find the outdoor pool and gardens through there as well." She made another turn, right, into another smaller hall. "Down through here are your chambers. Please feel free to choose as to your liking." As they began to head towards the appointed direction, her voice stilled them.

"All though..." She trailed off and they turned to face her. She grinned and looked directly at Duo. "I recommend the room far to the left for Shinigami." She winked and turned with a flap of robe. Her heels echoing in their ears before abating all together.

Duo shrugged and went up to where she'd directed. His eyes opened wide. He was in love. Black. Everywhere. Black carpet, black walls, black adorned mahogany four-post bed. Little trims of blood red could easily be distinguished for accent among the black. He stared up at the ceiling, also glass, and stood dumbstruck for a second, gazing up at the spectacular starry sky. He squealed, dropped his duffle and proceeded to jump onto the biggest bed he'd ever seen. Black satin covered every inch. He rubbed his cheek against the soft shiny fabric of tons of pillows gathered on the bed and almost instantly fell into much needed sleep with a purr.

As the first hints of dawn arrived, an almost whisper of automated motor was heard as a curtain of black stretched across the ceiling from the walls, screening the glass roof, protecting it's occupant from the devastating prominent rays of light that would have soon filled the room. Duo tossed in his sleep hugging a pillow closer to his chest. He'd never felt more secure in his life. On any other occasion, as a trained Gundam pilot, the slightest of movement or sound would have woken him to full alert. But so content in a nightmare free rest, he indulged, not making any indications to have been disturbed by the hiss of motor concealing him from light. The Perfect Soldier on the other hand....

Heero shot straight up, gun in hand, pointing directly at the source of sound. Assessing no threats, he took a moment to comprehend the automated shield over the roof from the sun. He grunted, apparently, impressed. Heero tucked his gun back under the dark blue pillow and stared at the opposite wall, wishing he could see through it, and on to Duo.

Wufei, apparently not as patient as Heero in attesting to any threat, flicked a bowie knife in the general direction the noise aspired from, hitting a little black box in a corner near the ceiling. The movement ceased and he realized he now had half his ceiling covered, and half beginning to filter the sun's bright morning rays. He moaned and ducked his head under a white pillow.

Trowa's visible eye opened at the faintest hint of movement above. His eyebrow quirked up, he too impressed. Then, his eye closed and he snuggled closer to the blonde who's arms he encircled.


Chapter 2

An almost soft nasally voice pulled him out of his subconscious state. With a squeal like cry and stretch of limbs, Duo blinked and concentrated on what was being said, apparently over the com unit. At least, he thought it was over the com unit, he was pretty sure the voice wasn't in his head and that he was the only one in the room. He sat up trying to clear the haze and blindly reached for a light on the bedside table.

"...also apologize for not warning you before hand about the automated shielding cloak." Duo could hear Elsie giggling in the background. Brian cleared his throat and continued. "The kitchen is open 24 hours. However, Elsie and I will be having breakfast in twenty minutes. We'd be honored if our new guests would join. Once again, excuse us for the morning interruption." And the com link went dead.

Duo decided to try and get in a quick shower before he went down for breakfast. Then he realized he had no idea where to go for it.

Heero and Wufei thought the same thing from each of their positions in the training room. Wufei was on a blue mat practicing his martial arts daily routine, while Heero on a black bench made his 112th sit up, hardly breaking a sweat.

Quatre popped his head out from under the covers and crawled over Trowa's body. He pouted a little and kissed his lips allowing his lover to taste himself.

"He said twenty minutes, right?" Trowa nodded and proceeded to flip the blonde over onto his back.


The five pilots found themselves in the courtyard wondering where to go from there. They turned to the familiar sound of high heels clinking on marble nearing.

All expecting Elsie, where a little taken aback when a slightly tousled hair Brian came into view. He was dressed in a pair of red silk pajama bottoms, matching heeled slippers and shirtless. His neck was wrapped with a black leather collar; the word -Princess- embedded in red rhinestone.

"Good morning, loves. Everyone sleep well?" They nodded. "Elsie will be out in just a short while." He smiled fondly. "She's not a very good morning person."

"That makes two of us. Can I please have some caffeine?" Duo whined.

"Of course, right this way." They followed Brian out of the courtyard and into a beautiful garden. He motioned for them to take seats around a large round breakfast table. The legs where made of rod iron and had big claws at the end, the tabletop was glass. All around were chairs, framed with the same rod iron and wicker on the seats and backrest. Dark green cushions tied on to make them more comfortable than they appeared. The center of the table was full of pastries and other breakfast delights, along with a big silver tea set and coffee.

Duo happily filled a cup of coffee and helped himself to an incredible amount of sugar. The pilots sat comfortably and waited for the Princess to join before beginning.

"Aww. Why haven't you started without me?" This morning she was attired in black vinyl boots, covering up to right above the knee. She looked a little more causal in a denim mini skirt and plain little white tee.

Brian eloquently shrugged and sat up, pulling a chair for his wife to sit in beside him. He gave her a desiccating kiss and sat back down.

"So, did you all leave your Gundams in the lake? I've always wanted to see one up close." The pilots froze and before anyone could stop him, Duo jumped in.

"Nah, Princess, only Heero's and mine. The rest are camouflaged in your forest. Oww! Heero!" Duo rubbed the sore spot on his shin. Elsie laughed.

"Play nice, Heero. You didn't have to kick him, we're certainly not a threat."

"Yeah, I trust them." Duo shrugged. "C'mon, you think your stalker-er- I mean Relena would send her `Hee-chan'." He rolled his eyes. "Into enemy territory?" Duo as usual, remained unphased by the death glare that showed a hint of fury, and a hint of...hurt. Fury won out and Heero tugged non-too-gently the always tempting braid.

Elsie sent Brian a secretive smile at the gesture and continued to sip on her coffee. She felt a hand rise up her mid thigh. A glimpse from the corner of her eye revealed her husband slightly leaning over closely. Brian stood up and she immediately missed the weight and heat of him on her flesh. She stood up as well and began to try and make up excuses for their abrupt departure.

"...because we have to go, um..."

"Fuck, hurry up." Brian turned and left.

"Uh, yeah, what he said. Help yourselves to anything, see ya!" She sprinted after Brian and out of the garden.

"Hmm. Guess they hadn't had the morning sex yet." Duo laughed.

Heero snorted. "This would be brunch for them. I was...'exploring' the Palace earlier this morning, before the breakfast announcement and heard various noises from their wing." He smirked as the other pilots stared at him.


Trowa, Quatre and Wufei decided to do some of their own exploration through out the Palace. Wufei had found what Elsie called their main library. The room was covered in books from wall to wall, floor to high vaulted glass ceiling. In the center of the room was a round glass fire place, surrounded by enormous plush brown leather chairs, pillows and knitted cashmere quilts neatly folded over the arms. His eyes glazed over as he took in the enormity of the room. He wet his lips and began to read the engraved plaque labels separating sections by genres.

Quatre and Trowa found themselves in what appeared to be `the music room'. Every instrument known to man happily displayed for them to play. Trowa, smiled.

After watching three vid disks on the theater size screen, Duo finally convinced Heero to take a walk with him in the gardens. They walked silently, enjoying the warmth from the sun kissing their exposed flesh and allowing their senses to become intoxicated with the scenery and fragrance of this outdoors. They followed a terracotta brick path they took from the courtyard. Suddenly, Heero halted.

"Did you hea-" There it was again. A low, cooing sound. Heero and Duo crouched down on the grass taking cover by a shrub, and slowly, suspiciously, inched their way closer to the sound.

"You don't have to hide. We heard your footsteps coming down the path before you heard us." The boys startled and they heard Elsie laugh.

"So much for our stealth." Heero muttered. "We were not, *hiding*."

"Yeah, we just heard something...strange."

Elsie moved aside to let them see Brian. Legs crossed, sitting under a big shady tree, staring into a bundle in his arms, making faces at it. Then, there was the sound again. A little coo, followed by a giggle.

"Duo, Heero, meet Katya, our daughter."

Duo's jaw dropped and he plopped down next to Brian to get a better view. He stared down at the little tiny being making keen noises as her daddy continued to facially entertain her. Blonde wisps of hair falling over her green/blue almond shaped eyes. Her skin fair and pale as both parents, with hints of lingering newborn baby pink.

"Could I...um." Duo completely transfixed by the new presence barely formed the sentence he wanted.

"Hold her? Sure." Elsie finished the thought out for him.

Duo held his arms out and for the first time Brian acknowledged their presence. He stiffened at first and then reluctantly relinquished his protective hold on his little princess.

"Koi, she couldn't be safer." Elsie reassured him and sat beside her husband, resting her head on his shoulder.

"We bring her out here in the afternoons so she can get fresh air. She's spent the majority of her short life in her nursery." The Princess smiled sadly as she spoke.

"Our lives are in constant danger as it is, being viewed as a threat. Now to have an heir, well, it puts her in direct danger as well." Brian's tone was angry.

"She's been kept a secret. Once we were aware of my pregnancy, we discharged most of our servants and staff, leaving the only few we trust. Relena doesn't even know." Elsie looked up at Heero, squinting at the sun shining irritably behind him. She smiled at the look on his face as he looked down on Duo and Duo's reaction to her child.

"You see Heero, we are certainly not the enemy. My daughter will either spend a grand portion of her life locked in a Palace, isolated and sheltered from the rest of the world." Elsie's features turned into an unbecoming frown as she listened to the tone and words her husband used. "Or we'll have to send her away. Away from us, away from her identity." His voice came out smaller, broken towards the end.

"We need an end to this war."

"And that's exactly what we're going to do. End it." Duo's features had clouded as he listened to Brian. His voice now dripped with fierce determination. He gazed up at Heero, for the first time tearing his eyes away from the little being snuggled in his arms, lulled asleep by her parent's voices.

Heero met his gaze intently and gave a short nod. He turned away, around the tree and back to the path they'd come up from.

Duo turned Katya over to her daddy and flicked his index finger gently over her small nose, causing her to smile in her sleep. He thanked the royal pair for making them part of this preciously kept secret.

"You should go catch up with him, Duo-kun." Elsie nodded in Heero's direction.

"Hai." He glomped her, winked at Brian and followed to catch up with spandex boy.

"Elsie." She turned her gaze from Duo's retreating back to Brian's beautiful face.

"Stop playing `Emma'." He warned. She stuck her tongue out at him. [1]


"Hee~eero! Heero!" Duo panted. "Wait up, man!" Heero didn't stop, but slowed his pace enough for Duo to catch up.

"Sheesh. So far I've counted four different mazes, and got lost in one. I'm sure we'll encounter more. How big is this place, anyway?" He took a deep breath and his heart rate began to stabilize.

"Entering fifth." Heero informed softly. Duo looked at him strangely and stopped him with a halting hand on his shoulder. So much for his heart rate's stability. Heero's features were soft and gentle and adorably confused, and nearly took his breath away.

"Hey." He whispered. "What's wrong?" Heero started to walk again, slower than before. Duo went along beside him, knuckles softly brushing against the other's. Heero decidedly took his hand in his and continued to walk through the maze and into the next, silently.

"You looked so." Heero sighed heavily and continued. "Duo, you deserve to look like that more often. I..I want you to." Duo's brows furrowed.

"Well, yeah. It'd be cool to have a little wonder like that. You know, maybe after I outgrow being a kid myself." He chuckled lightly.

"No, yeah, but, that's not what I meant." Heero squeezed his hand, tightening his grip. " I want to give that to you. *I* want to be part of that wonder. With you, I mean."

"Nani?" Heero rolled his eyes. The boy was either dense or oblivious. For months he'd been hitting on him and no result. He finally gave up and decided on a less subtle approach. He leaned in and gently kissed Duo's lips, sucking on the lower one between his own.

`Oh.' Duo thought. `Ohh...' He smiled into the kiss and eagerly retuned it. He parted and tugged Heero's hand pulling them into shrubs, not caring about the path and just wanting to reach the palace, and his room.

They entered complete darkness. Heero felt Duo fumble with one of the key pads next to the door, then three candles ignited. Duo closed the door and walked over to the communications console next to the bed.

"Elsie showed me something about this room." After a moment of fiddling with what she'd taught him, he heard the hiss of the motor for the ceiling's cloak activate.

"She said we could manually close and open the shield, but this room is special. It has extra adjustments." He thumbed another command and the three candles flickered off, leaving them in the dark. He reached over and deeply kissed the other boy. After a moment, Heero noticed the round spots surrounding them. He looked up and found the cloak punctured with thousands of little openings, emanating sunlight, filling the room like lasers. Like one giant flat disco ball.

"Cool, huh?" Duo giggled and pushed him onto the bed, pouncing on top.


Chapter 3

The com link chirped and roused them from their light slumber.

"Hi! Sorry to interrupt." Duo could hear the grin that was undoubtedly etched on Elsie's face. "But we thought you two would like to know that we'll be having dinner served in 'bout..." There was a long pause. "Ten minutes!" She laughed and continued. "Gomen, um, what was I saying? Oh yeah, dinner. Fifteen minutes, yeah. Meet the rest of the boys in the courtyard, they know where to go from there. Bye."

Duo laughed and decided that yes, he liked her a *whole* lot more than Relena. Ick. Scary to think they were distant cousins or something, but when he asked, the Princess had visibly paled and scrunched her face in horror, indicating otherwise.


After the servants brought out the main course, they had dessert. This was the first time the pilots had been introduced to the four men who cared for the Palace. The shortest one, pale skin, blonde ash hair that seemed to be growing out of a darker shade, was the cook. He seemed very proud of the chocolate cake he'd baked as their dessert. He kept stealing secretive glances towards the taller blonde who was a little darker, with a golden complexion. The other two servants were also tall, dark haired men. The taller of the two seemed lanky, highly pronounced cheekbones and short-cropped hair. The last one, a bit shorter, had shoulder length black hair and a cute almost pointy nose and very full lips.

In the two days the boys had been there, they had not encountered any of them. Breakfast and lunch had both been set out prior to their arrival. After the quick introduction, the foursome retreated back into a room, presumed to be the kitchen where every now and then you could hear the screeching of "Daniel, don't touch that!" From the cook.

Elsie looked amused and Brian deep in thought. In fact, he'd been uncharacteristically quiet throughout the entire dinner, leaving his wife to take over the hosting and conversation with mostly Duo and Quatre with an every now and then comment from Heero, surprising three pilots.

They decided to retire into the grand sitting room near the dinning area. Brian excused himself hesitantly before taking in his wife's gaze for reassurance. After a few minutes he reentered with his arms full. Everyone stopped talking, Duo and Elsie, that is.

"Quatre, Trowa, Wu-bear," Elsie smiled slyly at the scowling Chinese boy while Duo tried to keep his laughter minimal. "We'd like for you to meet our daughter, Katya."

Strangely enough, Wufei was the first to stand from his seating position and take a closer inspection. Brian shifted her so he could get a better view and brought down the blanket covering her torso to reveal her hands curled and tucked into the cuffs of the little baby blue sweater she wore. She had tiny diapers on and a pair of matching booties.

"Hmm. Perfect chibi onna." He mused. Her green/blue eyes opened and she smiled, swinging her little curled fist at his face and striking his nose before bursting into a fit of giggles. Duo cracked up, along with Elsie. Heero smirked and the two remaining pilots took an intake of breath which shortly rushed out as they saw the tiny smile make it's way over Wufei's lips.

"Would you like to hold her, Wufei?" Brian offered, now less protective about his little princess around the boys after the afternoon spent in the garden with two of the pilots.

Wufei thought about it for a moment and then nodded. He lifted Katya off from her daddy and sat down to immediately be huddled in-between Quatre and Duo who started to play with her. Trowa stood near Quatre examining the little princess from over his shoulder and fighting the urge to take her away from Wufei so he could carry her too. Heero smiled down at her, towering over the others and did just that. He scooped her up in his arms and gave her forehead a butterfly kiss.

"Hi, Princess." He whispered. Everyone's jaw dropped, save Duo who smiled brilliantly.


Chapter 4

As the Princess neared the outdoor Olympic sized swimming pool, she could hear the laughter and splashes. Duo waved her over and the other pilots turned their heads to wave too. She entered the little pool house and reemerged in a black two piece bathing suit. She dipped into the pool and swam under water from one end to the other coming up for air a few times, then flipping and swimming back to the other end. She emerged panting softly and smiled at the boys.

Heero and Duo were dunking each other, Duo splashing the most, purposely sending the water into Wufei's general direction. Quatre and Trowa remained quietly on the steps at the shallow end talking among themselves.

The Princess swam closer to the splashes and dunk a poor unsuspecting Wufei, throwing Duo into a fit of uncontrollable laughter which she contagiously joined. Wufei surfaced and glared, causing them to laugh harder.

"Hey, Duo." She stopped laughing, trying to gather her thoughts. Her cheeks hurt from laughing so hard and she was red. Duo just a few shades lighter. "Duo," She laughed again from the hardship of trying to remain serious, but it wasn't happening. Dunking Wufei hadn't been that funny, but the sheer silliness of just laughing made her laugh more. Finally, she straightened her shoulders and took a deep breath.

"Duo, you know, there's a real nice collection of water guns in the pool house." That shut him up from his laughter. His eyes widened and gleamed.

"Where?!" He was out of the pool and heading towards the pool house before she had time to blink.

"In a big basket under the bathroom sin-" He was inside the house before she could finish the sentence. Somehow he had managed to drag Heero along with him. The boy was good, she mused.

"They have been acting so strangely lately. Specially Heero." Wufei snorted.

"I think it's sweet. About time, too!" Quatre smiled and looked at the door which Heero and Duo had disappeared into. He laughed as Trowa tickled his sides.

"What are you babbling about, Winner?" Elsie laughed and threw herself into the water swimming to the pool's edge where Wufei had escaped to.

After a moment Wufei's head shot up. "Oh!" Then his eyes widen.

"Ack! Not in my pool!" Elsie jumped out of the pool and reached over for a stack of napkins on one of the pool lounges that'd been laid beside a tray of snacks for the boys. She hurried over and pressed them into Wufei's face to clog the little stream of blood running down.

Assuring herself the pool water was blood free, she jumped back in and cracked up.

"Not funny!" Wufei sounded nasally and irritated and as he continued to curse, a squirt of water hit him right in the eye.

"MAXWELL!" The nasally threat made everyone burst into hysterical laughter. Duo continued to squirt at the poor boy with his Warpstream Hydro Rocket. Heero jumped in the pool, making a minimal splash and tossed a couple of water guns in Trowa and Quatre's direction. He then gave one to Wufei for self defense keeping a big Super Soaker Super Charger for himself.

"Heero! You're s'pose to be on my side!" Heero grinned and shrugged at his lover.

"Your Highness." He smiled and handed Elsie a dark blue medium sized handgun with the letters P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S engraved in dark black bold print. She squealed.

"You found it! I've been looking all over for this, thanks! Brian had taken it away." She pouted.

"And with good reason, too. You were driving everyone mad and ruined one of my favorite tees." Elsie smiled mischievously at her husband as he made his way nearer and carefully avoided the boys' water works, also in search of his own weapon. Brian crouched down and opened a fake rock Elsie had been unaware of. He took out a big black water gun with the words 'Nancy Boy' plastered in perfect red cursive. Elsie's jaw dropped.

"So that's where you hid it!" Brian stuck his tongue out at her and filled it with water from the pool. They stared each other down and then attacked.

Heero and Quatre had ganged up on Trowa who was aided by Duo, who then left him to further torment Wufei.


Chapter 5

"Unh, pool hair!" Duo whined as he shivered despite the huge fluffy black towel wrapped around his shoulders. He fingered his hard brittle braid with his pruned fingers. They walked up to courtyard where they were all going to split up to change and meet two hours later for dinner.

"Don't worry, Duo-kun. I made sure one of the boys stocked your room with extra conditioner. You can sink into a nice warm bath and maybe even have Heero assist." Elsie flashed him with a cheeky grin. In front of them, Heero stopped abruptly almost causing them to collided. He slowly turned, everyone expecting a death glare.

"Hn. Good idea." He grabbed Duo by the waist lifting him up and swinging his light body over his shoulder. He bounded in the direction of their room, once again leaving the other pilots to pick their jaws off the floor.

Brian entwined his fingers with Elsie's and headed towards their wing. She looked back at Duo and Heero not doubting for a second that Duo could easily flip out from Heero's grasp and turn the tables on him, but thinking about it, his position wasn't all that bad. He seemed to be enjoying the view of Heero's ass and the sneaking of a couple pinches.


Duo closed his eyes as he leaned back against the hard solid form of Heero's chest. Heero's fingers worked his scalp gently. The bubbles ticked his chest as the water moved around due to Heero's ministrations. He contently sighed as he felt the therapeutic fingers thread down, separating his long hair. After Heero assured himself all knots had been worked out, he gently sunk Duo's head into the bath water.

"It smells really good." Duo dazedly murmured as he resurfaced. Heero nodded.

"It'll be better once it's dry." Stepping out of the tub, they toweled themselves off and Duo's hair as best they could. He moved to the wall unit drier and in a few minutes had perfectly dry and straight tendrils. Heero grabbed some massage oil bottles and they headed back into the bedroom.

Lying down in the expansive mattress they began to explore each other's bodies. Heero's hands caressed Duo's chest, pausing to simultaneously flick his thumbs over Duo's nipples lightly. Duo's mouth got a hold of his neck and alternated between nibbles and licks. Coming down and biting over Heero's shoulder, then trailing back up his neck with burning kisses. Duo bit down on his chin eliciting a deep growl from the form above. Heero's mouth found his own, biting, sucking, invading the warm cavern. His hands reached out and squeezed the perfect ass, causing Heero's erection to grind into his own.

They parted their kiss and Heero moved downwards leaving a trail of hot kisses down Duo's chest. He stopped at Duo's naval, swirling his tongue around before biting down on the orifice, gently pulling flesh between his teeth.

Duo began to squirm and brought his hands to push Heero further toward his aching erection. Heero devastatingly teased the head of his cock with tongue swirls before taking it down his throat. One handedly Heero uncapped the massage oil bottle. His other hand on Duo's hip, forcing the squirming boy down. Satisfied with Duo's stillness for the moment, he removed the hand and slicked his fingers with the strawberry scented oil.

He continued to suck Duo down, taking his cock partially out to kiss cold air before devouring it back into his mouth. Wriggling one slick finger inside Duo's awaiting entrance, he applied more suction to his cock in an attempt to direct Duo away from the preliminary minor discomfort. After a moment, Duo lightly raised and moved his hips towards the wondering finger. The finger became two, and firmly increased pressure. Almost instantly, Duo felt a wave of pleasure when they hit their mark. He pressed further onto the hand wanting more of the continues pressure on his prostate. He gripped the sides of the bed sheet feeling a third finger. Along with the stimulus on his cock, he went into a frenzy of pleasure feeling the orgasm approach. Then, it was gone. He almost cried out in frustration, but only managed to let out a whimper.

Heero pushed himself back up onto Duo's body and kissed him desperately. He brought down the massage oil bottle, lathering his cock before penetrating. He began with slow rhythmic thrusts. One hand slightly elevating Duo's hips. Duo's legs coiled around Heero's waist, his cock caught between the friction of their torsos caused with every speeding thrust.

Duo began unleashing violent tremors as his pleasure augmented. He buried his face into Heero's shoulder and neck juncture, his teeth ripping the flesh and lapping the trickles of blood. His eyes rolled back into his head and he shut his lids tightly. The undulating pleasure coursed through him, his body clenching around Heero's.

Heero felt the burning tension within from head to toe as Duo clamped down around him. He plunged in harder, faster as he too began to tremble with voluptuous pleasure. Falling beside Duo, they held each other, continuing to burn kisses on one another, swelling their lips further before submitting to a loss of consciousness.


Everyone save Duo and Heero sat around the dinning room table quietly as two of the male servants brought out the main course.

"Are you sure we shouldn't wait for them to come down? At least check up on them?" Quatre's voice broke through the clinks of platters replacing soup bowls.

"Don't worry about them, Quatre. We're sure they rather be left undisturbed at the moment." He hesitantly nodded in agreement with Brian.

They all dug into the main course and continued with idle chatter. Brian's head began to swim dizzily. He frowned taking another sip from his only second glass of wine. He shouldn't be so drowsy, he was sure of his tolerance for alcohol being much greater and this was merely wine. In confusion he turned his head up to look across to the other head of the table finding Elsie's head also begin to droop as she dropped her silverware. He looked around the room, the pilots having the same effect. Just as Brian's head tilted backwards he heard the slurred sound from Wufei.



Chapter 6

After several hours of rest, Duo and Heero reluctantly left their bed and dressed. Walking down the hall hand in hand they turned into the East Wing heading towards the dinning room, hoping everyone would still be there.

They stopped dead on their tracks as they heard the muffled cries. Both pulling out weapons and cautiously making their way into the dinning room. They discovered their three fellow pilots gagged and tied to their chairs and took into account the two empty spaces on each head of the long rectangular table.

"Katya!" Duo screamed and raced out of the dinning room in search of the nursery, leaving Heero behind to attend to their friends.

"K'so, what happened?" Heero hurriedly moved to untie and ungag the other boys.

"We don't know. One minute we're eating, we begin to feel drowsy and the next we all wake up tied and gag, the Prince and Princess gone." Quatre began to explain as he paced after making sure his koi was alright. Trowa doing the same to him.

"She was crying her little heart out when I found her. Fuck, how long have you guys been out of it?" Duo reentered, his arms carrying a sniffling baby. He walked while gently rocking her in his arms at the same time.

Three pilots looked at each other and shrugged. Duo blew the hair out of his face with an exasperating breath, causing Katya to giggle between sniffles.Despite the current situation, he couldn't help himself from smiling down at her.

"We were drugged by either our food or drink." Wufei informed. All thinking in the same wave, made a bee line for the kitchen. On entering, they found the four servants sprawled on the floor also tied and gagged. They each helped one out of their predicament, save Duo who continued to cradle the chibi princess.

After everyone came to the conclusion the drug had been administered through the soup, they watched security footage of the cook accepting it in a delivery and from there after not sabotaging it in any form himself. They sped forward on the vid in hope of identifying the culprit of the royal couple's capture. To their disappointment the cameras had been tampered with and as soon as everyone gathered at the dinning table the vid went blank. Other security footage throughout the Palace had been no help at all, either.

"Guys, we have to find them, I know. But in the mean time, what are we going to do about her?" Duo repositioned Katya from his arms so her head rested on his shoulder.

"Incase anything were to happen to the Masters, we are to call the child's godmother and entrust her with the little princess' care." The tall blonde spoke up.

At hearing of another stranger involving, Duo stiffened slightly, wrapping both arms around the chibi body softly snoring and drooling on him. Noticing his koi's reaction, Heero laid a hand on his other shoulder and gently squeezed.

"It's best for Kat. We certainly can't care for her. Anyway, we need to find her parents." Duo nodded and rested his cheek above the baby's head.

"Well, then we'll contact Lady Anya." The blonde finalized.


Chapter 7

A loud 'bang' nearly made the five pilots jump out of their skins. Almost immediately the click of three safeties going off and a sword being unsheathed was heard. Four pilots guarded the small blonde who was attempting to feed the chibi princess. Duo, followed by Heero had been before Quatre for the past hour and still the child refused to drink the baby formula. Duo had spent most of the night walking the uncontrollable baby from one end of her parent's wing to the other, rocking her in his arms. Feeling the tension radiate from the pilots, her sobs that had settled into sniffles were once again growing. The unexpected commotion upsetting her further. For a moment they all remained still in the garden where they were having breakfast.

Emerging from the courtyard, one of the servants accompanied a young lady. She was petite, brown curls of hair draping over her shoulders. She moved through the courtyard unconscious to the weapons pointing towards her. Bare silver nail polished feet lightly padding on the marble floor. She had on a comfortable fitting pair of black corduroys fastened with a silver spiky belt around her waist. A matching silver linking chain cuff wrapped her right arm beneath the sleeve of the light blue tee she sported with the letters -A-N-G-S-T- spelled in silver studs.

"May I present, Lady Anya." The servant with the dark shoulder length hair introduced with a bow. Then made a hasty exit.

She smiled at them and ignored the weapons still trained on her person. She held out her arms for the blonde to deposit the sniffling bundle.

"So, you're the Gundam pilots." Anya mused as she carefully shifted the baby in her arms.

"There there Kit Kat...shh." Slowly the child settled to the sway of Anya's arms and quieted.

"Has she had her bottle?"

"No, she's not accepting the formula." Duo helpfully informed as he lowered and put his weapon away, showing example for the others to follow.

"Of course not, dears. She's accustomed to breast milk." Anya smirked as each of the pilots made a face of utter disgust.

"Could one of you please check with one of the boys for any previously pumped milk Elsie might have had stored?" Heero gave a short nod and silently volunteered. Shortly after exiting the breakfast garden he returned with a bottle much like the one they had previously been trying to feed Katya with.

"Thank you...um?" Anya took the offered bottle from him.

"Heero. I'm Heero, Duo," He pointed to the boy. "Trowa, Wufei, and Quatre."

"I wish I could say it's a pleasure, but under the circumstances...." She trailed off and shrugged.

"Could you please explain to me what exactly happened?"

The boys filled her in as best they could while she fed Katya, who seemed to have downed the bottle in seconds. Anya was lightly rubbing her back up and down until she coaxed a little hiccupped burp.

"I'm going to put this little one down and get myself settled in. I'd like to meet with you later to further discuss the matter." They nodded and she left.

"Do we trust her?" Duo spoke what'd been on everyone's own mind.

"We really have no reason not to." Quatre replied sounding like he was trying to convince himself more than the others. "She *is* her godmother. Brian and Elsie trust her, it's going to have to be enough for us."


The nursery room, unlike most of the rooms with glass ceilings, had a light blue painted ceiling with clouds stenciled on. The walls were of a pale washed brown/yellow tone with intricately stenciled ivy vines framing each wall. One of the walls, the one opposite to he baby's crib had a mural of a secret garden; all kinds of colored flowers and vines seemed to entangle and jungle around a small brown painted door reaching three feet from the floor. All the baby furniture was of the same mahogany wood themed throughout most of the Palace.

The Gundam pilots found Anya singing a low melodic lullaby to Kat while sitting in a lotus position. She braced her elbow cradling Katya's head on her knees as she rocked her back and forth on the antique rocking chair.

"Excuse us please, but could we ask you some questions?" Quatre politely interrupted.

"Sure, shoot." Realizing who she was talking to she quickly quipped in. "Well, not literally, anyway."

"Don't worry, you only have to watch out for literal paraphrasing around Heero." Duo chuckled and moved closer to her and the baby chancing a backwards glance at his lover and winked.

"Could you tell us of anyone in particular who'd want to harm them?" Choosing to ignore his lover's comment Heero questioned.

Anya took in a deep breath. "Sure, I can think of plenty."

"Oz?" Trowa simply inquired.

"I don't know. Do you think Oz would go to the trouble of passively having them drugged and then abducted while leaving the Gundam pilots tied up? You know their style better, you tell me."

They all took her reasoning into consideration. Oz would have been aggressive and made a lot of noise. They would have probably even made a public display of their capture by now.

"Too premeditated. This." Anya took a minute to think. "This wreaks Jori." They all looked at her expectantly.

"Jori, she's...Well, evil would be my choice of adjective." She laughed. "She's done this before. Kidnap Brian, I mean. I can try and locate her current holding, but it might take a while. I'll have to contact some sources."

And so, they began to formulate a plan. Anya handed the baby into Duo's care and she ran off to do her part.

"We can't leave her alone with the baby unprotected." Duo took her place in the rocking chair. "One of us has to stay." They all agreed and four pilots came to the same conclusion.

"Oh no! Don't even think about it! Stop looking at me. I will NOT get stuck with that...onna!"

"Aw, c'mon, Wu. You get to stay and play with the baby too." Duo reasoned.


"Wufei," Quatre gently intervened. "You're our most strategic choice."



Four Gundams took off in the night to a destination unknown. A scowling, cursing Chinese pilot was left behind.


Chapter 8

"So, who do you think the 'big bad' is this time, Bri-pie?" Elsie and Brian had woken in a darkened closed off circular cell.

"Judging by the cuffs?" Brian looked down at the leather incased cuff encircled over one wrist linking the other end over one of Elsie's. "Jori." He said definitively. Elsie groaned.

"She never gives up, does she?" He shook his head in response.

"I'm surprised she hasn't come in for a round of whipping." He looked at the door expecting his capturer to walk in any minute.

"Think she'd let me stay and watch?" Elsie laughed and Brian took her mouth firmly between his teeth.

"We're cuffed and huddled on a tiny cot. The least we should do is make the best of it, ne?" She giggled and Brian attacked her neck.


Four Gundams touched down in a mist filled clearing near an ocean shore.

"Who lives on a creepy secluded island, anyway?" For dramatic emphasis, a bolt of lightning struck. It illuminated to grand and dark gothic Castle poised on a cliff side. Duo gulped.

"We better get moving. "

"Yeah, Q. The faster we get this over with, the faster we can get the hell out of here." They made their way upward toward the Castle keeping hidden within the shadows and surrounding mist.

"Let's go over what we're suppose to do again."

"Simple infiltration, Duo." Trowa provided.

"Yeah, yeah. Dip into the icky moat, find sub dungeon entrance, do the rescue thing. Simple, sure." Duo pulled at his wetsuit's cap securing any stray strands of hair. There was no way he was going to damage his beautiful locks with mucky moat water.

"Er...there aren't any creatures in there we should be concerned with, right?" Duo asked as they came face with the darkness of the night water surface.

"You mean aside form the baby alligators Anya's informant warned us about? No, don't think so." Heero responded, ever so helpful. "Oh, and the eels." He added. Duo groaned.

Reaching surface of the sub dungeon, the boys climbed on to the stone steps leading to a series of holding cells full of various torture devices. They found an exit and headed into a large inner castle room.

"Ok, maybe we should split up from here." Duo reasoned as he unfastened the wetsuit's cap, allowing his trapped braid to flow over his shoulder freely.


"Heero, we're better off splitting up. Better chance of finding them faster." Duo tried reassuring him.

"I know, koi. I just don't like it." They confirmed to let each other know via wrist communicators as soon as one of them found the couple. They then quickly departed, each in one direction to scour the castle.

Duo walked down a dark hall keeping close to the walls. He almost yelped as he felt the sharp tug of his braid.

"Heero! I thought I told yo-. Oh, hi!" He cheerfully waved at the monkey staring back at him.

"Can I please have my hair back now?" He tried to pry the end of his braid from the monkey's grasp.

"Hey, dammit! Leggo!"


Mean while, back at the Lubia Palace....

"Onna, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Think about it, Wuffie."

"It's WufEI!"

"Whatever." Anya continued. "The point is, you're projecting your anger and resentment towards your mother onto the female populace in general and....."


Heero entered yet another tower. Climbing to the top, he carefully pried his head over the little viewing glass on the door. He let out a breath of relief when he made out the two figures huddle on a small cot. He placed a black palm held device on the door's key pad and moved away from it. After a hiss and a burst of smoke, he moved back and kicked the door open.

"Heero, good to see ya!" Brian greeted and began to hazardously put his clothes back on assisting Elsie on doing the same. With a snort, Heero turned and waited outside the door. He notified his fellow pilots and set to rendezvous back in the sub dungeon. The couple emerged momentarily.

"Please lead the way out." Elsie asked politely and smiled at him. As they began to descend the tower stairs, Brian and Elsie kept tripping over each other.

"Shit. It'd be a lot easier if we weren't handcuffed." He puffed out an exasperated breath. Heero turned and stopped them. He reach out for their wrist and pulled apart, causing the little chain link to snap.

"Ooh. He bends metal. What a turn on." Elsie quipped while licking her lips and Brian laughed.



Trowa and Quatre were both waiting when Heero arrived with the Prince and Princess.

"Nice to see you again, Your Majesties." Quatre grinned.

"Where's Duo?" Heero asked concern tingeing his voice. As the other pilots shrugged an answer, a little panic began to strike within him. Growling he turned and was about to go in search of his koi, when a very disheveled Duo walked in. He whimpered and pet his braid consolingly. They all curiously look at him.

"I don't want to talk about it." He snapped. "Stupid monkey."

"K, could we please get out of here now?" Elsie began to whine shifting her weight from one foot to another.

"And where do you think you're going, *Princess*?" The voice spat out the title repugnantly. They all turned around to face a small figure covered in black leather. Strands of shoulder length purple hair tucked inside a sparkly feathered boa. It wrapped around Mistress Jori's neck, running down side the long coat she wore. Stiletto heeled boots clinked on the stone floor as she moved inside the dungeon. Guns whipped out and trained on her. A blur of brown fur crossed the room and they saw a monkey settle on to her shoulder.

"Ack! Keep it away! Keep it away!" Duo hid behind Heero, clutching his braid protectively in one hand and training his weapon on the creature with the other.

"Aww, did my little pet scare you?" Jori smiled evilly. "You have pretty hair. I think I'll keep you."


Chapter 9

"Oh Jori, give it up. You're surrounded by Gundam pilots." Jori looked mildly surprised at Elsie's comment.

"Wonderful." Jori giggled. "Then they know what Gundanium is." She pulled out a detonator from within her sleeve. She pressed her thumb to the trigger. They heard a loud shutting throughout the Castle.

"Now every window and exit has been successfully blocked by layer of Gundanium." With one swift movement Jori took hold of Princess Elsie, pinning her arms down with one arm and her body. She put her other arm around Elsie's neck in a choke hold. Laughing manically, she took her hostage and quickly disappeared behind the dungeon's only door.

"Elsie!" Brian yelled. "Shit." He stomped his foot down on the hard stone floor. Duo ran to the door confirming their entrapment.

"We have to go after them. What are we going to do?" Brian impatiently began to bite on his finger nails.

"Will she harm Elsie?" Heero asked.

"Um...I'm not sure. I hope not." Brian brought his hand down and shuddered at the memories of the last time Jori had caught him. Hours of listening to Britney Spears as a form of torture. He almost whimpered at the thought.


"Jori, please let me go!" Elsie whined and protested as the Mistress lead her through inner secret Castle passages.

"Not a chance." Jori giggled. They reached her chambers and she let Elsie loose inside.

"First, we need to dress up!" Jori swept across the room pulling various articles of clothing from everywhere.

After a short while, Jori appeared from behind her changing screen. Silver glittered platform sandals tied across her ankles. She wore a pair of skin tight silver vinyl short shorts with a matching sleeveless top. She had great white wings with silver glitter sprinkled around tied over her shoulders.

Elsie stood, grudgingly, in a black leotard like leather cat women suit with a tail swinging behind. Half her face was covered in a pointy eared mask allowing her pony tailed hair to flow through a hole in the back.

"Now!" Jori giddily pronounced. "We are ready for the hunt!" She pulled on an articulately cursing Elsie by the tail.


After an hour of unproductiveness, the Gundam pilots and Brian decided to chance their odds and use some of the explosives they carried on one side of a dungeon wall. They successfully broke through and broke up in two groups in hopes of finding Elsie and Jori faster. Heero with Duo, Brian with Quatre and Trowa.

Heero and Duo wound down another corridor of the massive Castle. Heero caught movement from the corner of his eye and signaled for Duo to be more on guard. As they warily continued down the corridor they made out a figure in the dark. As they peered closer, they discovered Elsie dressed in the cat costume tied to the wall in manacles. Her head thrashed from side to side, her screams muffed by a gag.

"It's ok, Princess. We'll get you out in a sec." Duo stepped closer towards her and her eyes widened. Her thrashing becoming more insistent.

"Geez, Els. Calm down." Duo stepped forward just a foot away from her. He felt it when his legs triggered the invisible fish line. He quickly spun around and found Heero encaged within a laser square forming a three feet radius. Jori appeared from a dark corner laughing. Duo trained his weapon on her.

"Aww." She pouted. "It's not polite to point. If you want to save your pretty's flesh from scorching, then I suggest you lowering that." She referred to his gun.

"Duo, no! Get Elsie and get out of here!" Heero yelled at Duo from his confines. He stepped closer to the laser beam bars and bolted back as his shoulder grazed one. Tearing through his black wetsuit, the beam burned his skin. He bit back an agonizing cry decreasing it to a keen hiss.

Duo automatically felt pained watching Heero hurt and slowly lowered his gun. "Sorry, Hee-chan." He whispered.

"Goodie!" Jori clapped her hands and took Duo's gun away.


"I know she's got traps all over the place, so careful where you tread." Brian warned Quatre and Trowa as they made their way in and out of chambers. They had come across Jori's personal chambers and the disaster of clothes spawn all over the place. Brian found remnants of Elsie's clothing and clutched at them. He could sense the trap they were heading into.

"I wish we had more light." Quatre whispered as he waved the little flashlight around. Just as he was about to comment further, he felt himself fall continuously into nothingness.

"Quatre!" Trowa yelled after him before he followed.

Brian stared down at the trapped door Quatre had triggered and fallen through. Trowa had jumped right after him.

"Great." Brian sighed.


"Duo, why the hell did you surrender?" Heero was furious with his partner's actions. After Jori took his weapon away, she used Elsie once again as a hostage while pointing it back at Duo. She'd locked all three of them in separate cells in another dungeon. Heero was now yelling at Duo through the bars separating their cells, while Elsie quietly watched from hers across from them.

"Heero, stop yelling. It isn't helping." Duo slouched down into his bunk and faced a wall away from Heero.

"Dammit, Duo." Heero hit the bars open palmed.

"You want to know why?" Duo snapped whirling around to face Heero still poised at their adjoining cell bars. "Because it hurt to see you trapped in that thing! Because I love you and didn't want to see you do something stupid like try to run through them and burn to a crisp. That's why." Duo turned back to his former position facing the wall.

"Oh." Heero slid down to the floor, his hands wrapped around the bars slowing his decent preventing him from ungracefully falling flat on his ass. His body slumped and he more than ever wanted to reach out to Duo. This was not how their first words of love were to be proclaimed. He had it all perfectly planned out in his mind. This was wrong, all wrong. He hit his head against the cold bars pressing his forehead onto them as his head bowed lower.

"I'm sorry." He whispered softly. He felt a gentle caress on his cheek and looked up to find Duo kneeled in front of him.

"It's ok, Hee-chan. I'm sorry too." Duo brought Heero's face close to the bars as best his hands could manage through the tight squeeze. Their lips met awkwardly and they kissed. They parted briefly and moved back against the wall. They sat as comfortably as they possibly could. Their hands squeezed through the bards and met, entwining their fingers. As Duo rested his head back and began to drift into a light slumber, he heard the soft whisper.

"I love you too, koi." Duo's eyes fluttered open and he smiled at Heero giving his hand a tight squeeze.

"Aww!" Elsie sniffled from across them, ruining their moment. They glared and she sheepishly smiled.

"Sorry." She turned around and curled up on her bunk. She sighed. She missed her Bri-pie.


Chapter 10

"I'm lonely-eee....I'm lonely-eee...." Brian singed whisperingly to himself. He pouted as he carefully turned into a room. Jori appeared as a bright spot light enveloped him. Brian squinted trying to make her out. As his eyes adjusted he saw her lazily sprawled over a thrown like chair.

"Brian, Brian, so nice of you to join me." She leered.

"Where's Elsie? What have you done to her?" He demanded. Jori pouted in disappointment.

"What makes you think I've done anything to your Princess. I only want you, Brian." She purred his name.

"So why take her to begin with?" He was becoming more frustrated by the second.

"She ruined my plans the last time by saving you. I figured I'd take care of her this time. I didn't plan on those boys to ruin everything again!" She slammed her fists down on the chair.

"Fine, you have me. Let them all go." Jori's laugh rang in his ears.

"Oh, Brian. The selfless hero are we now?" She stood up from her chair and walked to him.

"You are so *cute*." She giggled and patted his head. Brian rolled his eyes. He'd had enough. He pulled Jori close to him and held her arms above her head. He slammed her against the wall, his body pressing up against hers, trapping.

"You're sick."

"I know." She grinned, not feeling the least bit uncomfortable in her current position.

He slammed her hard against the wall bringing her hands down to her sides. Brian brought the ends of her wings around front. He tied them around her pinning her arms within them, making her immobile.

"Oh, Brian." She moaned. "Kinky." He snorted and pushed her off the wall.

"Where is she?" He asked calmly. Jori sighed in defeat. Her game wasn't fun anymore. She'd just have to plan better next time.

"I'll lead you, I suppose." She began to awkwardly make her way through the Castle. She tripped a couple of times as the wings blocked her field of vision. Finally she reached a large metal door and motioned for Brian to open. Inside, he found Heero and Duo. They immediately stood and moved to their cell block doors.

"Where's Elsie?"

"She's right over there." Duo pointed to the cell across from his. Elsie was still curled up in the same position on her bunk, lifeless.

"Princess, sweetie." Brian coaxed as he neared the cell while keeping a watchful eye on Jori. Elsie didn't stir.

"What the hell did you do to her?!" He turned accusingly at Jori who nonchalantly shrugged.

"What are the key codes, Jori?" He pointed to the little key pads on each cell door. Jori sighed and relented.

"For the two over there," She tilted her head towards Duo and Heero's cells. " Four, seven, two, three, nine, eight, five. The second is: one, four, two, nine, seven, eight." Brian moved to each cell immediately freeing the boys then turned to Elsie's.

"As for your Princess'," Jori retorted mockingly. "Fourteen, sixteen, twenty-two." Brian entered Elsie's cell and bent down near her. Her breathing was erratic and her face paler than usual.

While Heero secured Jori into his previous cell and changed the key code numbers, Duo moved next to Brian inside Elsie's cell. Brian cradled her in his lap, his fingers brushing strands of escaped hair from the pony tail.

"What did you do to her?" Duo's eyes flashed with venom as he looked at Jori questioningly.

"Oh, I just supplied her with a little dose of Ketamine." Jori giggled. "She'll wake up in about in hour or so from her trip." Brian growled and cursed. Duo helped him pick Elsie up, trying their best to keep her still. They left the dungeon behind, Heero bringing up their rear.

"Hey!" They heard Jori scream. "You can't leave me here!"

"She's right." Duo regretfully admitted.

"She's smart enough. It'll take her a while, but she'll crack her own system's codes." Brian reassured. "Let's find Quatre and Trowa and get the bloody hell away from here." He kissed Elsie's forehead and cradled her in his arms.


"But Brian! I *did* see them! I was flying and hoping from cloud to cloud and hundreds of Robert Smith's and Simon Gallup's surrounded me. Then we went on cloud rides and some of them let me play with their hair!" Elsie said ecstatically. She had woken up an hour later and they still hadn't found Quatre and Trowa. "I'm not crazy. I *really* saw them." She insisted.

"Of course not, dear. I know you're not crazy, but it wasn't real." Brian tried to soothe.

"Yes it was!" She protested. Brian hugged her and took her hand in his.

"Ok, honey."

"Don't patronize." She took her hand away. Then she added. "The Robert's had a nice collection of lipsticks..." Brian laughed taking her hand again.

"Nicer than mine, love?" He asked and she nodded and teasingly smiled.

Heero and Duo followed them into a dark room. Heero found a switch and the room lit up. Ten doors faced them and everyone groaned. One by one they began to test each door. Two opened revealing various collections of Jori's costumes and torture toys.

Duo began picking locks rather than try to break security codes for the key pads. On his third attempt at a door, it clicked open. He found both Trowa and Quatre in a white padded cell.

"Finally!" Quatre jumped to his feet and both he and Trowa ran out of the room.

"Let's just get to the Gundams." Trowa said.

"We're trapped, though. All exits sealed, remember?" Duo reminded them.

"Do any of you have explosives left?" Heero asked them. They all shook their heads negatively. Duo brightened up, though.

"It's ok, guys. We just need a few supplies." They began to scavenge through the Castle and soon enough, Duo had sufficient provisions. He rigged up a small bomb capable of minimal explosion, but good enough to break through a Castle exterior wall.

He set it for a minute and they all ran into another room. They heard the explosion as well as felt it. Soon they were able to pass through the rubble of destruction and reach the crumbling wall.

"Heh. Guess it was a bigger boom than I'd expected." Duo grinned goofily at them. Heero smirked and took hold of his hand as they slipped through the large opening. They all ran till they spotted the Gundams standing intimidating in the clearing.

"I call Duo!" Elsie yelled and she grabbed Duo's arm and raced with him towards Deathscythe.

"Damn." Brian muttered. He knew riding back with Duo would be the most fun.

"You can ride with me, Brian." Heero offered and Brian smiled. They climbed into Wing's cockpit together and watched as Deathscythe took off before everyone else.


Back at the Palace, Wufei continued to blow his nose into tissues and sniffled.

"But...*sniffle*...She never thought I was good enough!" He crumbled the tissue into his palm and reached out for another one.

"It's ok, Wufei. It wasn't your fault." Anya ran her hand soothingly down his back. He nodded and sniffled.

"They've all paired up now and left me all aloooone!" He began to wail again and buried his face into Anya's shoulder.

"Wu, Anya!? We're baaack!" Duo's voice rang from just outside the nursery. Wufei jumped off Anya and rushed into the nursery's bathroom, locking the door behind him.

"Hi Bri!" Anya greeted as Brian was first to come through the door. He quickly passed by Anya kissing her on the cheek and rushed over to the crib across the room. The Gundam pilots and Elsie soon followed in.

"Anya!" Elsie grinned at her friend and they hugged. "Thanks for taking care of the chibi one for us."

"Anytime." Anya smiled back. "Um..Els? What's up with the cat outfit?" She laughed eyeing Elsie's attire. Elsie glared at her and moved passed her to Brian who looked over the crib, watching their baby sleep.

"Where's Wu?" Questioned Duo.

"Um...I dunno..." Anya twirled a curly lock around her index finger.

"I'm right here Max-Duo." They all turned to find him coolly leaning against the bathroom door frame.

"Hey, man! Do I have a story for you! First, there was this wicked monkey...."


A couple of days later....

"It's really a shame you'll be leaving us now." Brian sadly stated as the five Gundam pilots readied to depart.

"You are all welcome here anytime. I do hope you'll come back." Elsie shifted Katya from one shoulder to the other.

"We'll be back." Duo grinned. "You can count on it."

"When we end this, we'll be back, Princess."

"Thank you, Heero." She hugged the boy and kissed his cheek. "Live, ok?" She whispered and pulled out of the embrace. He nodded and softly smiled.

Duo was next and glomped her careful not to jar the baby.

"I got this for Kat." He handed her a tiny squirt gun with the word 'Kitty' scribbled on. Brian laughed and took it from him.

"Thanks. She's going to love this." Elsie took it away from Brian.

"I'll just keep it safe for her till she can use it." Elsie and Brian began fighting over possession of the gun. Someone cleared their throat and they stopped. They sheepishly smiled at Anya and the boys. Brian made a quick grab and held it behind his back.

Wufei came up to Anya and shyly gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you, Anya." He said quietly.

"If you ever need to talk, you know how to reach me." She hugged the boy and he returned the embrace without protest, rendering everyone speechless. As they pulled apart, he mildly blushed and ducked his head.

Everyone said their last goodbyes and five Gundams flew across the setting Lubian sun with promises of ensuring peace.


The End.


finally, it's over...well, not quite. anyway, who got all the Placebo references? ::grins:: thanks everyone! i hope you enjoyed! please send me your C&C! ^_^


*[1] `Emma`, by Jane Austin. A girl obsessed with trying to find love for all her friends, but usually making matters worse. It's one of my favorite novels. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, a 90's version would be something like, the movie Clueless. Emma would be Cher, Alyshia Silverstone.