Close to Me
By: Elsie K. Molko
Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not belong to me. I'm only borrowing them for a little bit of fictional fun.
Pairing: 2x1...later.
Warning: NC-17



Geez. Anyone get the number of that Gundam that hit me? Probably 05. I knew Wufei never liked me much. Oy. My head hurts. I'm lucky enough to remember to stifle a pained groan in case my assailant is around. No need to attract attention to myself by giving away that I'm conscious.

Ok, time to assess the situation. I know that I'm in a sitting position. My head is bowed down, chin touching my chest. My hands are tied together behind me. My ankles tied, each to a leg of the chair I'm on. I inwardly sigh. Knotted rope. There are just no good bad guys out there anymore. C'mon, I'm a ex-Gundam pilot. Some little rope is not going to restrain the God of Death.

Before making any grand gestures to untie myself, I let my senses tell me about my surroundings. I hear the faint tapping of rain hitting above. I feel moisture coming from my left where I'm sure there has to be a window. I can even faintly smell and taste the air of rain seeping through it. Straining my ears I isolate certain sounds. The beat of my heart, my steady breathing. There's a fan somewhere in front of me. I can hear the paddles cutting through the air, sending a light breeze my way. I can't feel or hear any other sign of life so I must be alone. Can't disregard the possibility of cameras, though. Nothing filters through my lids, everything is dark. I crack them open a tiny bit and it's only the moon light that shines through the window.

What to do, what to do? I play with the knotted rope a little. Trace my fingers over the knots, learning their weave. In a minute or so, I'm free. I open my eyes completely and don't hesitate a second. I scan the room as I untie my ankles. Locate an exit and I've formulated my plan so far. I don't know how I got here, or who brought me, but instinct says to get the hell out. Ask questions later.

I open the door and step out onto a balcony. There are stairs leading down and I take them three at a time. I realize I'm standing in an apartment complex. What kind of a kidnapper takes you back to his own home?

I run into a couple of other apartment doors. I'm risking a great deal by seeking out others. Anyone could be in on it with my kidnapper. But I need to find a phone. I need to reach Heero and the others. The rain is soaking me. My bangs are plastered down onto my face. I wipe them away with a grunt and keep moving further away from the place I woke up in.

I see a light coming from within another apartment. I stick to the walls and shadows and peer into the window. There's an elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair, watching TV. Probably some soap opera. There's a little girl by her feet on the floor playing with her dolls. Looks innocent and safe enough. I knock on their door. I'm getting desperate now. I'm conscious, yes, but I can feel my muscles tire from the little run to get here. I'm weak from whatever knock out drug I was given. I need shelter, I need to hide in case they find out I'm gone and come after me. I knock again, harder.

Another woman appears opening the door. I hadn't seen her through the window. She's talking to me, asking me what I want. For a second I panic. My vocal cords don't seem to want to function properly. I think she takes pity on my horrified face and the drowned rat appearance that she lets me in. I breathe out a sigh of relief and she walks into her kitchen. She returns with a glass of water and I give her a grateful smile. After sipping the water slowly, I can manage a few hoarse words. I frustratingly sigh and drink more water. I'm finally able to talk without much strain to my larynx, though my voice is thick and hoarse. I explain I need to use her phone. No need to freak her out by telling her that I'm an escaped kidnapped victim.

In her kitchen, I use her phone and crouch down into a little corner. I have to make sure I'm out of view from the window. Can't let the wrong people spot me, now can I? I dial the numbers without ever registering them. My fingers move over the digits at their own accord. I hear a familiar grunt of a greeting and sigh once again with relief. The little things that you usually find annoying can be such comfort at times.

"Heero!" Damn my voice. I don't sound like myself at all.

"Yes, what is it?" He sounds so exasperated. I must be real good to aggravate him this much without him even knowing it's me. Almost makes me want to laugh.

"Heero you baka. It's me, Duo!"

"Duo? Who is this? Is this some kind of sick joke?"

"Hee-chan!" I whine as best I can. My throat aches and I don't have time to waste. "Heero, listen to me. I don't know what's going on, but I know I need help. I'm at-" I realize I have no clue where I'm at. I look around to ask the lady who let me in but I can only see the elderly woman and the little girl.

"Um...hold on a sec, Heero." The elderly woman is transfixed with her TV and doesn't pay much heed to my `psst'. The little girl, thankfully, does. She looks at me and smiles. I wave and smile back. I ask if she knows the address to here, wherever `here' is. She stands up proudly and recites her address, apartment number and all. I smile and say thank you then relate the address to Heero. He hangs up without another word. I sigh and lean back against the wall after hanging up the phone. Mr. Perfect Soldier better get his perfect ass here soon.


The lady who opened the door for me came back out after a few minutes with some towels. I dried off as best I could. We sat in silence for a little while till the wails of police cars broke through. I could faintly hear a few helicopters outside as well. Oy. What had Heero done, call in the entire Preventer's force?

That's what we are doing now. Five years after the war, there was nothing else for a couple of lost soldiers to do. Quatre and Trowa got married two years ago and live for each other now, with Quatre heading his father's company. His now. Wufei, Heero and I had nothing better to do. We live together in a cozy three bedroom townhouse near headquarters.

I still don't know how that came about. It was just a mutual understanding of sorts. None of us were capable of tolerating others, as much as that maybe of a shock coming from such a people person as myself. But it's worked out so far. We understand each other. I was a little taken aback at first by how domestic Heero was. It's quite amusing actually, to catch him dusting and cooking. But I've never eaten better in my life, so I'm not about to start complaining.

The door to the apartment burst open and the place fills with Preventer uniforms. I frown and stand up from my little corner. A few recognize me and speak into their wrist com units. They swarm me and question me endlessly. The entire time all I can think about is where the fuck is Heero.

In response to my thought, the crowd around me parts like the red sea and I look up to meet blazing sapphires piercing at me. He drops the eye contact and roams over my body, up and down. Accessing injuries, I suppose. He stops mid way and I look down to my wrists. They are an ugly red from the rope burn I gave myself while trying to escape. Funny, I hadn't really paid attention to them until now. Dammit, they hurt. I know I'm starting to pout. I look back up to meet his gaze and I'm startled by the anger and rage that has visibly taken over his entire person. His posture, his eyes, he looks about ready to kill. Kinda sexy, really. Fuck. There I go again. I'm not suppose to go there. Heero is not sexy. Why do I have to keep reminding myself of this everyday?

He walks over to me, pulls a blanket out of somewhere and wraps it around my shoulders. I hadn't even been aware of the cold. The warmth surrounding me now in contrast to the cold air a moment ago makes me shiver. My clothes and hair are still very wet and the open door sends in a draft of cold air.

We still don't have a need for an exchange of words. He just looks at me. I can literally feel the anger and rage come off of him as he hugs me briefly. Maybe making sure that I'm really there. It's a nice assurance for me that he really is. His eyes soften and he keeps an arm around me. It lowers to the small of my back and he guides me out.

"We're done here." He tells the other officers that were questioning me. They all nod and there's not a peep of protest. I walk out, Heero glued to me and we get into the back of a squad car. I recognize the black head of hair and tight pony tail belonging to the driver.

"Maxwell." Wufei greets. It's a lighter tone from the one he usually reserves for me. He starts the engine and we begin to move. I'm still not sure where we are or where we're going.

I feel a gentle squeeze at my side and find myself tightly pressed against the side of Heero's solid form. His head is bent down and buried in my damp hair. I feel a slight shake and I know it's not coming from me.

"Hey." I swallow with difficulty as my voice is still hoarse. "Hey, I'm ok." He nods a little and tightens his embrace. I don't know what else to do but return it just as fiercely. I'm really confused now. What happened? How long have I been gone? And why is Heero so emotional?

I've noticed a great change over the last five years. He's become more human. More so than anyone I know. He cares about himself and his friends. I know he loves me at some level. I'm his roommate, his best friend, his partner. But I've never seen him like this. It feels kind of nice to know I'm the one who's getting him so easily worked up. I immediately feel a twinge of guilt for thinking it's any kind of power. He's obviously been worried. I mean, if our places had been reversed, I know I would have been frantic. Then again, I'm in love with him.


I'm almost deeply sated into a nice dreamless sleep when I feel the car come to a lurching stop. I glimpse from my cozy position on Heero's chest and recognize the inside garage parking of HQ.

"Why are we here? I want to go home." I ask Heero as he opens the door and helps me out.

"You're here to see Sally."

"But the EMT guy looked me over before and I'm fine."

"I want you to see Sally." I sigh. There's just no use arguing with him when he's set on something. I see Wufei smirk and stick my tongue out at him.

Sally says I'm dehydrated and now I'm in one of the cold infirmary beds attached to an IV drop. I keep glaring at Heero, but he's too busy interrogating Sally to notice. I guess he's finally satisfied and lets her go. Wu's outside, I'm sure he'll be thrilled to have a little off duty time with Sally. I chuckle. Some people can be so blind.

"What are you grinning at?" Hmph. I glare at Mr. Perfect He glares back and wins our little contest.

"Heero! I want to go hoooome!" He smiles a little sympathetically and moves to sit next to me.

"Sally said you only need to be on the IV for an hour." I sat back on the little bed, resigned.

"Can I play twenty questions now?" He gives me a short nod and I continue. "How long have I been er.. kidnapped?"

"Since your phone call? Forty-three hours and twenty-one minutes." I bet if I ask he'd be able to give me the seconds and nanoseconds. I can't help but snicker to myself.

"Ok. When did you realize I was missing?"

"When you didn't come back home from your run. It had been three hours since you'd left when I called in Headquarters." Well, I have to give him credit for noticing I was missing so soon. I run every night for an hour. It became a habit of mine after the war. Something quiet for me to do on my own. Gives me time to think about the day. I'm not the type that likes to go to the gym and work out. Running keeps me in shape well enough.

Starting to think back, I remember taking a different route from my usual that day. It was a darker more isolated path. One minute I'm thinking about Heero's spandex, the next I'm waking up tied up.

"Do we know who it was?"

"No, but we have a team combing through the place you woke up in." I nod absently. Whoever took me is still out there.

"Sally says you were given some very strong sedatives. Every time you started to come back to consciousness, they'd drug you again. That's probably why you don't remember much and why your muscles ache. Lucky for us they got careless and you were able to escape." I nod. I figured as much.

When we got home all I could think about was a long bath and sleep. Heero helped me out of my running shoes and sweatpants. I was still in the clothes from when I'd been captured.

I come out of my bath and towel dry my hair. He helps me braid it silently. Loose wet hair as long as mine is a real pain in the ass to sleep with.

"Here. I thought these might help you sleep." I don't think I really need help for it, but I take the little blue pills from him anyway.

"Thanks." He tucks me in and sits next to me. I'm trying really hard to keep my eyes open but my lids are so very heavy. I hardly register his hand gently brushing through my bangs and the butterfly kiss on my forehead.


The first thing that hits me when I wake up is the smell of fresh coffee and strawberry pancakes. My favorite. I open my eyes and rub them with the back of my hand as I sit up in bed, yawning. The chair I usually keep in a corner of the room for reading is pulled up to the side of my bed and there's a rumpled blanket on it. Did he stay with me all night?

I scamper out of my room in my boxers and realize it's really cold. I pick up a blanket off the living room sofa and wrap it around my shoulders.

"What are you doing out of bed?" Ack! He always sneaks up on me like that. One day I swear I'm gonna go into cardiac arrest.

I slowly turn around and flash him with my best dazzling smile. Of course, he doesn't buy it and raises one of those cute little eyebrows.

"Well, Hee-chan." I tease. "It's your fault those pancakes smell so good."

"Go back to bed and I'll bring you breakfast." His hands are on his hips and he's in commando mode. It takes every ounce of self control to keep me from pouncing on him right here and now. I quickly run out and head back to my room. I jump on the bed and snuggle into the comforter. Ah, still warm. I notice the blanket on the chair and stretch an arm towards it. Pulling it close to my face I inhale and it's him. I sigh deeply at the musky exotic fragrance and put it down next to my pillow.

Heero walks in and places a big tray next to me on the bed. Five strawberry pancakes drenched in butter and syrup just the way I like it. A bowl of fresh sliced strawberries next to it, some toast and a cup of black coffee. He's so perfect.

"How are you feeling?" He sits down in the chair, plopping his bare feet on my bed and stares at me. I swallow a mouth full of pancakes and wipe the dribble of syrup from the corner of my mouth then suck my fingers.

"M'ok. I feel a lot more rested. Thanks." I smile and dig back into my breakfast.

"Good. I took the day off and you have permission for a leave of absence for as long as you'd like."

"Actually." I sip some of my coffee. "I wanted to go in today."

"You'll do no such thing." I open my mouth to protest and he shoves a strawberry into my mouth. His fingers briefly brush my lower lip. Clouded by the phantom touch lingering on my lips I almost forget to chew and swallow.


It's been a week since I escaped and from the `strawberry incident' as I like to call it. We spent most of that day lounging around the house. We both went into work the next day and we know a lot more about my kidnapper. Maybe not enough to exactly identify him, but enough to tie him to two other victims. Various hair strands were found, including some of my own, in little plastic envelopes. The guys in the lab were able to match the samples to two previous murder victims which at the time had no connection. Said victims each had long hair and were male. At least now my mind is at ease from my capture being about some kind of personal vendetta against me. I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I look down at my coffee table with pictures of the two deceased. I've brought home most of the files. Sometimes I think better here at home, alone, out of the office. Some people tend to...distract me over there. Speaking of which, Heero is still at HQ with the team that went over the apartment. He's been working harder on this than anyone.

I sigh and stretch my limbs. Maybe a little jog might help me clear my mind. I grab my running shoes, check my gun's clip and secure it into my back holster. I don't repeat mistakes, and I'm sticking to areas I know this time.

As I'm running a street lamp flickers and at the same time I get this hazy flashback. //I'm sitting in a dark room tied to a chair and a light flashes on. My head hurts and it drops back. There's a man next to the light. He comes near me and whispers in my ear. He brings to a view a syringe I hadn't seen him holding. He injects it into my arm.

"I'll be back, my sweet." The voice is condescending and creepy making me shiver. The drug is starting to kick in because everything goes black again. I blink rapidly and try to keep awake but it's too much for me. Everything goes black once more.//

I'm breathing hard and I hadn't realized I was running so fast. I'm trying to run away from the memory, but it keeps playing in my head over and over. His breath next to my ear, his voice. I stop in mid run and bend my head in between my knees. I think I'm either going to puke or pass out. I take deep breaths and compose myself. I shove the memory into a corner of my mind for later analysis. Now is not the time to breakdown. I got out. He can't hurt me. But he can hurt others and I have to stop him. Heero and I both will.

Heero. I sigh. He's been so incredible this past week. Like everything we do means ten times as much as it did before. I start to walk back home again with a little smile on my face. He always seems to put one on me without even having to be present. It's probably been a little over an hour that I've been gone. I hope he's not worried if he got home and I wasn't there. I didn't even leave a note.

I skip up the front steps to our door, walk though it and close the door behind me. "Heero? You home?"

He runs out of his bedroom, phone in hand. "Nevermind." He talks into the cordless phone then presses the off button, throwing it to the side and literally flies over the sofa. He tackles me so hard I lose momentum and fall backwards.

After the initial shock wave of pain and seeing stars as I hit the cold hard wooden floor passes, my lower back adjust to having my holster dig into the skin. Heero is on top of me, legs entwined, arms still around me, face inches away. His breath is warm and soft, caressing my cheek. He's looking into my eyes with such tenderness it makes me ache. I lick my lips unconsciously and raise my head the couple of inches it takes for our lips to join. I press mine over his ever so softly, giving him time to pull away. He doesn't. His closed lips press harder against mine and I lower my head back till it softly hits the floor. He grows bolder parting his lips and his tongue shyly dips out over my lips. He delicately tastes them, feels their texture. I open my mouth and our tongues meet, coaxing each other. He lets out a little sigh of content and I can't help but smile.

He pulls back, breath coming a little too fast for the Perfect Soldier and he smiles back at me. A smile I don't think he's ever reserved for anyone but me.

"I thought that-" The words get caught up in his throat and the smile is replaced by a very unbecoming frown.

"Shh." I tighten my arms around his waist and he leans down, resting his head in the crook of my neck. His breath tickles and I have to suppress a moan. "I'm fine. I just needed time to think, so I went for a little run. I even took my gun." I flip him over to his back and straddle his stomach. I take my gun and the holster out. "See." I grin wickedly and bend down to kiss him again. This time a little less tender, more hungrily. We pull apart and his fingers weave through my hair.

"I want...I've wanted this for a long time." I can't believe he's saying this to me. So much time wasted. I'm such and idiot. We both are. I say Wu is blind. I can't help but laugh out loud at our idiocy and he blushes, turns his face away.

"No, no, Heero." I let my fingers trace over the perfect bone structure of his face, "I wasn't laughing at you." I lean down and kiss a perfect eyebrow. "I was laughing because we've both obviously wanted the same thing for a while, but neither had the guts to come right out and say it. Or show it." He's looking at me again, eyes full of intensity. I kiss those perfect lips and drown in them.

He sits up, our lips still locked and I wrap my arms around his neck, legs around his waist. He lifts us both up off the floor as I rain small kisses all over his face. I notice he brings us to my bedroom and he sits on the bed. I'm still wrapped around him and have no intention of moving. His body feels so good and hot against mine. Maybe I should move, that way I could remove our clothes. I want to feel him skin to skin. Just the thought makes me groan.

"Heero." I exhale his name. We kiss again but I need to think clearly for a second, which this does not help me do. I break the kiss and look into his eyes. "I'm not going to be able to stop soon." I'm giving you a way out if you don't want this, me, go now Heero.

"Who said I wanted you to stop?" He has no idea how happy I am to hear that. He lies back on the bed, bringing me with him on top. Our erections painfully rub against each other's through the material of our clothes and I decide it's time to take care of that obstacle.

I remove both our shirts and he helps me with our pants. His hips raise high and I slip his jeans off of them. Apparently he goes commando in other places. I grin and I know I probably look like a kid in a candy store. I sure as hell feel like one. One big `Heero Pop' all for me, which I'm about to blow.

I entwine our fingers together and push his arms back so our hands stay around his shoulders. I kiss him, deeply, wanting, and slide my tongue down his torso till I find my destination. I lick the head of his cock skillfully and I'm rewarded with the sexiest moan I've ever heard. I'll do anything to hear that again. My tongue continues to lavish his cock and his fingers painfully grip mine tighter. I let up a little on the teasing and take him completely into my mouth. The moans, the groans, the pants, I think I could live just to hear them.

I let him out of my mouth and breathe heavily on him. He squirms and bucks up, hits nothing but air. I take a tentative lick once again eliciting more moans.

"Duo." It's breathless, but a warning all the same. I can't believe how fun it is to drive Heero Yuy into a helpless withering very much aroused mass. But helpless he's not. He uses one arm to pull me up and devours my mouth with his. We pull apart and I reach over to my bedside table drawer. I've had a couple of sleepovers in my time, I've got the proper items. It just occurs to me that in all the time we've lived together, I've never seen Heero have anyone over.

"Heero?" I pull out a condom and a white tube from my drawer and set them aside on the bed. "Have you ever had anyone inside of you?" I whisper into his ear before swabbing the rim with my tongue. He grunts a little and I pull back to look at his eyes.

"I've never wanted anyone else but you." He says it so softly, so tenderly and honestly that it almost makes me want to cry. No one's ever said something like that before. I can't remember ever having anyone look at me the way he does. Never had anyone want me so purely.

I lower myself to his lips and take the lower one inside my mouth and suck it lightly. His arms wrap around me and pull me closer. I'm straddling his thighs now and our bare cocks come into contact. I shut my eyes tightly from the sensory overload.

"I love you." I say softly. He smiles, that special smile only for me and nods.

"I love you, too." He has no idea how long I've waited to hear those words drop from his lips.

For a person once so deficit of love, not emotions because he's always had plenty, but love. For him to actually learn to love someone when he never had the fortune of knowing what it was, or being on the receiving end, speaks volumes for what an incredible person he is. And he loves me. Me. I think I'm going to burst from the sheer joy of knowledge.

I want to show him just how much I love him. I don't think I'll ever be able to demonstrate just how much. Our bodies are probably not capable...then again, he is the Perfect Soldier. I grin. His perfect ass is mine.

I move my hand down and stroke his cock, wrapping his thickness in my hand. He starts bucking into the strokes and cries out with those sinfully delicious moans.

"Relax, koi." I kiss his forehead and his temples. Thick strands of brown hair are sticking to the side of his face with sweat. I lick the gathered perspiration from his upper lip and taste the saltiness. I let go of his cock and bring my braid around to my front. I tease him by brushing the end over his chest, stroking each nipple and then give it to him. He lets the band go and unweaves the ends with his fingers till the weight is enough for the hair to unravel itself. My hair falls over us, tickling his cock and lower abdomen.

I raise myself off of him and sit back on my heels on the bed between his spread legs. For a moment I just admire the view. He's all sweaty and aroused and oh so delicious.

"Duo. Please." And begging. I think I could just cum right now. I lift his legs high up so they go over my shoulders to get him used to the position. I grab the lube and squeeze some out over my fingers. With one hand my fingers penetrate him and with the other I rip open the foil packet and slide the condom on.

I wrap my hand over his cock again as my other stretches him. He's panting and begging for more. I let go of his cock and take my lubed fingers out of him. I spread more lubricant over my own cock and spread his cheeks further apart as I enter him. He hisses in pain as I fill into him further. I bring my torso over his and push his legs more into his chest, his ankles lock around my neck. I bite down on a tan nipple and begin to move inside of him. Slow thrusts at first, in and out, rotating just right. His pain reduces and the pleasure takes over his body and he starts to meet each of my thrust with pelvic ones of his own. He encourages for our pace to increase and our mouth connect in a similar battle. We swallow each other's moans of pleasure as I release within him and he bathes our torsos almost simultaneously.

I gently pull out, dispose of the condom and lap his stomach and chest clean of spunk. He shivers slightly and I bring a blanket over us, conserving out shared warmth. We wrap possessive arms around each other and I fall asleep to the sound of his heart beat.


Waking up to the smell of pancakes is one thing. Waking up to the smell of sex and Heero is another. Both entice my appetite, both mouthwatering, one more so than the other.

Our positions changed sometime during the night. I'm on my back now and Heero is half on top of me. One of his hands buried deep into my hair, the other across my stomach possessively. I smile and look down at his face using my shoulder as a pillow. His lips are slightly parted invitingly. I try to bend my head down to taste them but I can't quite reach. With frustration I let my head fall back onto my pillow and settle for stroking his back with one hand. Up and down, tracing his spine from the neck to the small of his back. I let my fingers sly lower, over the perfect cleft on his ass and bring them back up again.

He snuggles into me tightening his hold around me and nuzzles my neck. I can feel his semi hard cock against my side and I squirm just a bit to rub it against me. I groan as teeth sink into the flesh of my neck and suck, marking me. Moving my head back to the side I allow him more access. I stop my slow caresses on his back and bring both my hands to cup and grasp, squeezing his bottom. I move him completely over me and he spreads his legs, setting one knee on either side of me. We join our lips and he grinds our erections together, causing us to muffle our moans in each other's mouths.

"Mmm. Good morning to you too." I chuckle as we break our kiss. His face stays inches from mine and I bring one of my hands to gently stroke his cheek. I run my fingers through his dark hair, pulling locks back that just fall right back into place. He takes my hand and kisses each knuckle before taking my index finger into his mouth, nipping lightly then sucking. He lets go of it and reaches down to take my mouth into a fervent kiss. My head whirls and I don't think I'll be able to hold back much longer and decide to take the initiative.

Peeking my head over his shoulder as he starts to leave another mark on my neck, I spot the end of a white tube on the other side of the bed. I untangle an arm from our bodies to reach for it. My fingers scoot it closer and I finally grasp it. I yelp out in pleasure and surprise as Heero takes one of my nipples between his teeth then licks and kisses it soothingly. I gather my wits going back to the task at hand and pop the cap off the tube. I push him gently so he sits back on his knees over me and squeeze out lubricant onto my hand. I message it onto his cock and he leans down into me with each stroke until he meets my lips and takes on the exquisite task of thoroughly exploring my mouth.

He growls as I become impatient and tug lightly at him, guiding him to my waiting entrance. I don't even bother with a condom, he's never been with anyone else before. I want to feel him inside me, feel him completely, no layers.

We reverse positions and I spread my legs out while he sits between them. I grab his ass once more and roughly impel him into me. I cry out in the sheer pleasure of him filling me and in the pain of having not been filled in so long. My head tilts back and burrows into the pillow. It feels so heavenly to finally have him that I don't take much notice to the pain. It fades away in comparison to the pleasure. My back arches as he begins to thrust inside of me, pulling out till I'm only left with the tip of his cock teasing me and then he pounds into me again and again, making me whole.

My eyes roll back into my head and I let them shut tight. I grip onto any part of him I can reach; arms, waist, ass. I'm sure I'll leave bruises on his perfect skin but I need to touch him. I can't let him go. I need him deeper inside. I clamp my legs around his waist and beg him to fuck me harder. I exhaust and climax in a starry display of blinding white behind my closed lids as my body uncoils in ecstasy. I feel him fill me with sweet heat and he growls out a singular pronoun as he collapses atop me. "Mine". And I am. All his and he's mine.

I wrap my arms around him, keeping him inside of me. We just lay contently, collecting our breaths till he lifts his head up and kisses me.

"We have to get up soon or we'll be late." We have a very important and personal case we're working on, after all. I groan softly. I had been able to forget about everything for these last couple of hours since my run. It's nice not to have anything to think about save how good Heero feels. I sigh audibly and nod. Letting go of him he pulls out of me gently, kissing me as he does so. I sit up and carefully scoot out of the bed.

At my, 'our' now I hope, bedroom door I pause and turn back to look at him. "Well." I grin. "We can't be late." I tilt my head towards the bathroom and outstretch a hand. Heero gets out of bed and I admire how his muscles pull and contract for the task. I lick my lips unconsciously and he smirks. He reaches me, joins my hand with his and entwines our fingers.


I'm on my third cup of coffee sitting at my desk reading over the previous victims' autopsy reports. I've been putting off whether to tell Heero or not about my flashback. I should tell him, it might be vital to the case later on. But I don't want to upset this balance we've just luckily stumbled on. I concentrate on the reports again and shudder. I could be here. A written and neatly typed report about how I would have been raped, maimed and murdered. I absently finger the end of my braid and close my eyes. The memory of waking up while my capturer was still there plays over and over again. I open my eyes and push away from my desk. I need to tell Heero. Maybe by vocalizing my account I'll be able to trigger something unconsciously that I'm not paying attention to as I play the scene in my head.

I walk to the conference room and linger at the opened door. Heero's standing slightly bent over the conference table, reading. Both of his arms are outstretched gripping either side of the table. I get an image of fucking him on it in that position and slightly flush. As if reading my mind, he turns his head and looks at me smirking. It turns into a gentler smile and he beckons me to his side.

I stand next to him, close enough to smell the lingering fresh soap fragrance from our shower together this morning. He nonchalantly places his hand over three of my fingers and gives me a little squeeze.

"We've been able to match descriptions from two witnesses for one suspect where each of the victims had been seen last." I nod.

"Good. Do we have a face, then?"

"We're being faxed a composite shortly." I nod again not knowing what else to do. I don't know how to bring up my flashback.

"What's wrong?" What, am I that readable? Hmph.

"I need to tell you about something I remembered." He gestures for me to sit down in his chair and I do. He grabs another and does so as well, never letting go of my hand.

I tell him everything and he stays quiet for a bit. I tug a little at his tight and painfully formed grip on my hand. It seems to have an effect on him and he loosens his hold, but doesn't let go. He smiles a bit sheepishly, which makes me want to kiss him, but I retrain my urges. For now

The chirp of an incoming fax startles me and we both stare as the paper begins to run through the machine. Heero lets go of my hand and walks to the fax, blocking my view. He holds the paper up, studying the face on it before coming back to me and laying it on the table before me.

I look at the paper and search deep within the recesses of my mind. I go back to that room and try to clear the haze out of my eyes as the bright light shines on me. I need to focus on the person next the blinding light and watch as he comes near me. My eyes sting, but I focus. Focus on the narrow jaw structure and fair skin, the pale almost white blonde hair and eerie slits of eyes with seeping green.

It's too much and I close the memory off. I open my eyes and find myself encircled in Heero's arms. I'm shaking and breathing hard. I pull back from him and look over his shoulder to the black and white sketch on the table.

"It's him." I whisper to Heero. He draws back a little and looks at me questionably. I nod reassuringly to him that I'm fine. He picks the composite up from the table and gets to work.


"No." I state simply and the entire room turns to look at me. Wufei looks from me then to Heero and then back to me.

We've been tracking Shawn Harris, for that is my capturer's name, for almost a month now and somehow he keeps slipping past us. Now the entire team that has been involved with the case is gathered in the conference room as Heero proposes a new plan of action, leading to put himself as bait. I, of course, do not concur.

"Duo, can we speak out in the hall for a minute?" It's more of a demand than a request from the tone used. I calmly raise and leave. Heero joins me momentarily in the hall outside the conference door.

"Koi, you know it's the most effect course of action to take."

"No." I won't concede, dammit.

"I'm going through with it whether you like it or not. So you can either be there to back me up, or not." Damn him.

"Hee-chan!" I feel like stomping my foot. "There has to be another way." I look down at my shoes. I know there really isn't and that this is what we would do with any other case, but this is different.

"Duo, look at me." I look up through my lashes and fallen bangs. He cups my face with one hand and brushes the stray hairs with the other. "I'll be ok. As long as you're there to back me up, I know I'll be ok. I trust you. You need to trust me." Damn him again. I'm crumbling, and he knows I am too.

"Aww, don't pout." He chuckles and kisses me, pulling my pouting lower lip within his.

"Ahem." We pull apart and I laugh at Wufei who looks very uncomfortable.

"Oh, I'm sorry Wu. Didn't mean to leave you out. You want some kissie kissie too?" I lean towards him and he backs away, horrified. Heero chuckles as he holds me up right from falling to the floor because I'm laughing so hard.


I hate this. No matter how many times either of us has gone undercover, I hate it. What I hate even more is that I'm stuck in this stupid `non-descriptive' black SUV with Wu in the driver's seat while I sit in the back watching my lover put himself in danger and do nothing about it.

Heero's ingenious idea, of course, was for him to dress the victim's part and lure Mr. Harris to him. He's safe by all accounts. We have our people stationed all around out of view and Heero is more than capable of taking care of himself. So, I sit here watching Heero in a long wig matching the color of my hair which would be rather amusing under any other circumstance. He's got a pair of tight faded blue jeans and a tight white tee-shirt contouring to his every muscle.

He slowly walks down an area where we've had glimpses of Harris spend time. Yet, somehow the guy seems to allude us. He blends in too well. We don't want to blow our cover so we hold before making any serious bust that would draw attention and have the chance of catching the wrong person.

The one thing we know is that Harris' psychosis, his obsession for a new play toy will pull him out and drive him to strike again. He will stalk and pounce because the psychotic hunger is bound to consume him. He needs to sedate his addiction at any cost. That's what we're counting on. That he'll attack Heero and not some poor helpless person on the other side of town who we can't protect. But we've done our job correctly. Heero has prostrated himself as the willing helpless victim for the past few nights like he does everything else, perfectly.

I see movement from the corner of my eyes and sink lower into my seat out of habit. I'm positive the black tints will make it impossible for any bit of the interior of the car to be seen. I grip my gun tightly at my side and watch as the obscured shape takes the form of a person.

"Heero." I whisper into my com unit. Heero has the receiving end in his ear. "He's on the move. Your 6 o'clock." He doesn't reply, I don't need him too.

I hold my breath as the dark figure steps closer to my koi. Stealthy son of a bitch. No wonder I didn't realize I was being stalked before being captured. He catches up to Heero, a couple of yards away from him, close enough for Heero to sense him. I tense as he moves for the attack and sneaks up on Heero. Harris pulls at Heero's `hair' and presses a cloth to his face with the other. It doesn't take longer than a second for Heero to react. Harris' grip on the hair loosens as the wig comes off and Heero takes his other hand and flips him over onto his back then proceeds to beat the shit out of him.

Wu gets out of the car along with our other stationed undercover officers and they all try to restrain the Perfect Soldier. I stand still for second before climbing out of the car and standing by the open door.

"Heero!" I shout at him, not in a reprimanding tone but loud and forceful enough for him to get it together. He stops struggling against Wufei and the others and they slowly let go of him.

He walks over to me and crushes my body in a fierce embrace.

"You ok, koi?" He nods and I hold him. There's a tightness in my chest so overwhelming I think I'm going to explode. "I'm never letting go." I tell him.

"Good." He whispers back, smiling against the skin on my neck where he has buried his face. I cling to him, holding him against me tighter. No, I'm never letting go. Not now that he's this close to me.