Title: Mirrors of Shadows
Author: Ellyr
Rating: Will eventually become PG-13ish
Pairings: currently 2+5, 3+4, will develop into 2+1
Archive: At the moment, nowhere. If you're interested, please contact me.
Spoilers: None, really...this is AU.
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine. It belongs to Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu, and anyone else I may have missed.

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Thanks to my wonderful beta readers for helping me out with this!

* * *

There was a leak somewhere in the station.

The slow, ponderous dripping of the water echoed through the claustrophobic tunnels of Zhan's framework with maddening regularity. The sound penetrated even into the nightmare ridden sleep of the Japanese boy curled up in his lifeless cell on Block 209, every muscle in his body tensed to the point of pain with some innate wariness. His eyes moved restlessly beneath their tightly closed lids in a silent struggle to cling to unconsciousness before finally snapping open, cobalt eyes staring intently into the gloom as if expecting an attack. An attack that didn't come.

Because nothing ever came, except for when the Scientists wanted something to.

He rose silently to his feet and paced the length of his cell, the soft padding of his feet forming a sort of counter tune to the dripping of the water. Funny how such a soft noise could be so loud when there was nothing else to hear... He paused in mid stride, head slightly cocked, listening. Some other sound was coming, heavy and rhythmic, like the treading of boots. He waited for a moment, just to be sure.

Yes. Someone was coming.

He faced the door of his prison squarely, shoulders thrown back and his eyes blazing in defiance.

The heavy gundanium panel swept upward with a faint whoosh to reveal the OZ soldiers in their stiff, formal uniforms, guns out and ready to be fired if he tried to escape. One of them jerked his head shortly at him; he stepped out into the dimly lit corridor and let himself be shoved along roughly, the soldier's gunpoint digging into his back. Not that that was necessary. There was no point in trying to run. Simply because there was nowhere to run to.

So he let himself be strapped down onto table with the blinding white lights glaring down on him, exposing him to the cruel instruments being driven into his body. His forced his mind away from what was happening, up into some other place where there was only darkness.

It was better that way.

For now.

* * *

Bright green streams of data flashed across the dark computer screen and reflected onto the pilot's face, giving him a strange, almost deathly appearance. That was the only clearly visible part of him, everything else was hidden in shadow. His bright violet eyes moved rapidly as he stared at the screen, his lips moving rapidly as he tried to absorb the flood of information being presented to him.

"Anything interesting?"

Duo jerked slightly at the sound of Wufei's voice, his concentration shattered. "No; nothing we didn't know already. Nothing we can use." He started to turn away, his statement one of intense disappointment, when a tiny red flicker in the bottom corner caught his eye.


Wufei leaned against the door frame and watched his braided partner's fingers fly across the keyboard to bring up new data, this time in bright red. Duo narrowed his eyes thoughtfully at the screen as the long lines of code flashed by in their complex and rather obscure symbols. It was clearly one used in matters of especially high security as opposed to just basic transfers of information, indicating the presence of something important.

Duo slipped a CD into the computers drive and made quick work of downloading what he'd found, slipping it back into his black priest's outfit when he was done. He turned to Wufei with a grin.

"I think we found something. Something big."


~End Prologue