Alright, I know I have a fic to finish, but I finished this poem out on my birthday the other day, while I was sitting there in one of my usual dazed thinking moods, ehhe..have a lot of those. Anywho..I finish the fic, or try to soon, but here is the poem..if you can't figure out the POV in the end..then roody poo on you..=P -.-; That was stupid I know


Duo's Angel


What do they contain
Those things called tears
Are they full if happiness?
Or filled with fears?

They roll down your cheeks
Like the rain from the sky
Are they caused by the heart below?
Or the head way up high?

As those tears had fallen
So heavily with the rain
Perhaps those tears could be
The relief of my pain..

And now as I stand here
Looking down upon thee
My mind could bot help, but to wander to the past
As more of those heavy tears had fallen free

As I had let my mind wander
Back into that troubling, treacherous past
I began to regret all the things that I did or did not say
I guess I just expected him to last

Things that shouldn't have been
Had most always been said
Though things that I should have
Could never be shed

I wish that I could have shown you
Or even told you before that fateful day,
Perhaps it would have precented the outcome
And nae would you give off a star's ray

Now when someone asks me
What my tears are made of
I simply tell them..
"My pain..My love.."

Though don't worry my Angel
As I'm certain a pure white dove
Has carried this message to you
With all of my love

I will be joining you soon
As said by this knife
For now at this time..
Shinigami will take his 'own' life..




Sad..but interesting..-.-; If you want the other version, the one subtracted of the Gundam stuff into an actual poem..or so I hope..tell meh..will ya? Dun wanna get any OTness in these lists..