This is actually supposed to be a five part fic, but I've only really got two parts of it done.

Title: Reflections
Author: Dyuo's Angel
Part: 2/5
Pairings: 1 + 2 Implied
Archived: Ask first please? But right now I'm at http://www.geocities.com/duolover86/welcome.htm
Warnings: Vulgarity here and there.



Happines. Love. What are these feelings? An Angel of Death shouldn't have these feelings. I guess The Angel of Death flew away with Perfection's Soldier the day the end of the war finally came. They're such wonderful feelings though, compared to the cold, dark lonliness that once loomed over and consumed me in it's painful grasp.

There was once a constant presence of pain, though that pain has since faded by the end of the war. Though only one person can and has made that comfort possible for me. I don't quite know how it started, but only when things began to form.

The day we met was quite interesting indeed. I can't believe I mistook him for a criminal when I should have shot Relena. Though once she finally gave in, I guess it was for the better I didn't. I mean she did get the battles to stop! Wasn't for that I woulda shot her myself. No matter, though. That day I did shoot Heero once. Though when those prussians caught me, I may have threatened, but I don't believe I coulda shot him again.

Time passed and suicide attempts were taken before he had shown compassion for me again. He told me to hit him, but failed to mention he would be hitting me back. When he went to catch me, though, it felt more like he was hugging me before I was tossed over Trowa's shoulder. The rest of the moment was all a blur.

Y'know, I musta bugged him a hundred times flat over when he was gonna be with Relena. Never expected it to be like this in the end, that's for damn certain. Though I am happy that it did come down to this moment in the end.

The war as a pretty miserable thing, wasn't it? All those people dieing for the wrong reasons. All those that had fallen into the clutches of Shinigami. Makes me wonder how the five of us surveved the damn thing. I guess it made it more possible since we had eachother, though. The only thing a person needs to survive the cold world is a family and friends, right? Wouldn't the same thing go during a war?

A family. Most people believe a family can only exist by blood line. I'm here to tell ya, however, that the five of us are a family. All of us hold bonds to eachother stronger than a friendship. We're family, until the end. End of discussion.

Mirrors. They can show you the damndest things if you look at them right. Espicially the colored pools that not only reflect yourself, but those of which you stare into. Prussian mirrors. Amazing what things of the soul a set of prussian windows may reflect, eh Hee-chan?


~ Owari ~


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