This is actually supposed to be a five part fic, but I've only really got two parts of it done.

Title: Reflections
Author: Dyuo's Angel
Part: 1/5
Pairings: 1 + 2 Implied
Archived: Ask first please? But right now I'm at http://www.geocities.com/duolover86/welcome.htm
Warnings: Vulgarity here and there.



The war. It was a dark period of time. Hard to believe it was all I used to think of. Well, aside two particular people that always made their presence known to my blinded eyes and dreaf ears. I killed many that I did not mean nor want to. Millions that had families elsewhere, heart broken now for the loss of their loved ones.The pain and regret tearing at my soul has made certain now, one the shell has been discarded for one, that I feel each bullet that had been used.

Two people had always made themselves known through the period by which I was locked away by the Perfect Soldier. I seeped out once in a while, though ultimately his pain has been forced upon me. One of these two entities is of course none other than the vice-foreign minister herself, Relena Peacecraft.

Yes, Miss Peacecraft stalked me to the edge of the galaxy. Even now I don't understand as to why I could never place a bullet into her head, or perhaps that was the reason? I conquered over the Perfect Soldier to keep him from killing the one person that could bring an end to the war. Somehow she has stopped the fighting, allowing weary soldiers to return to what's left of their homes. I may not have had a home to return to, but I did manage to create one with the second presence that casted itself into my life and soul alike. Death.

Yes, Death himself followed me from one location to the next, yet always feared taking me into his comforting arms. I guess he never realized how vulnerable I was when he drew closer to me. Death does have a form even now, or rather the form had taken the name to himself. He lives with me now in the form of Duo Maxwell. The Angel of Death. He helped me create this place so warm I'm proud to call home.

The day I met him he stamed me straight in the eyes, and never faltered once. He shot me once, though I knew he couldn't again. Ever since that day, he stuck to me as a plague, though I never realized how wonderful it was to be embraced by Death until that fateful day. I know how I felt, yet he did not. Refretfully I knocked him out for fear we both couldn't make it. His arms had fallen about me when I caught him. I'm not sure if he felt it, but the warmth was great. I never knew for certain until then we were meant to be.

He helps me through my pain now as I do his. Not just the pain caused by the war, but those formed to previous things. My training compared to his losses. The Maxwell Church, along with Solo. His Mother even before that. This is the first stretch of my life I could ever consider myself happy since that little girl. However, in part I've the war and Relena alike to thank for his presence. All this I see and know by the memories dwelling within the prussian pools, reflected to me by a pair of cobalt mirrors.


~ Owari ~


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