What is it?
Is it the ability to accomplish a mission
To do it with such force..
That no one can figure out who..
Just who killed them?

Is it..
Knowing every detail
Knowing what to do in each situation
Of a certain subject of life
And accomplishing by whatever means possible

Is it..
The ability to complete a mission..
To do it with such force..
And to do it without fear..
The fear of losing a life..

Is it..
Nothing at all..?
Without the strength that powers it..?

What is perfection..
Without the perfect soul..
To complete the first..
To form..Perfection..

Eh..it was stupid I know..five minute type thing..Anywho..it's 1+2 anyways..intended to be..so gomen-nasai to SDDI and DUOML..-.-; I end now before I get myself in deeper