Title: Ghost of Duo
Rating: I dun know..PG13 maybe?
Warnings: Angst..death..shounen Ai
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Ghost of Duo
Duo's Angel

The spiritual form drew ever so closer to the boy, that now sat upon his knees, pressing back against his feet as all he did was slump there. Brows rose slightly for a brief moment, though his head didn't raise. No..not while those prussian hues were locked onto the mission. Scanning each word once again. The point in which no one had signed it..much less added the address in which it had come from..location..nothing.

Once this braided spirit had finally reached it's destination before the Soldier of Perfection, two thin arms crossed over his chest slowly..brows rising with just the hint of sadness in what normally could be found as his signature grin. "Hello Heero..don't be surprised. I figure either one..you were just so shaken to check the message for errors..or two..just so glad you didn't care either way. But you can't hide yourself here, Heero..not your soul..so I guess I'm right."

Though the youth's form could only shake briefly. Still..his muscles felt as puddy..as if they couldn't even hold his body even in a sitting position..much less raise his head, which in turn lead to the lowering of Shinigami. The delicate touch of a hand pressing beneath the Soldier's chin..raising it slightly from it's place..just so he could try and sputter the words. "I..I'm so..so sorry..I l-love you Duo..so sorry.." And with that..he could only do but one thing, to collapse against the other boi..to try and release his sobs.

"Come with me Heero..before both of us are turned to suffer what you just saw..before you wake." A brief touch of a smirk touched a this lips..his head shifting to shake slightly, "This is all the time I have..I'm being called..and to commit suicide would only pull you further from me."

"Let's go.." Was all that one could say. Though he couldn't move..which he noted quickly by the strains he put against himself. "I..I can't..can't move.." Though by the next moment, he felt those same two arms shift more so about his body..and soon, lifting him from position.

"Then I'll just hafta carry ya.." Thus..to those words, he'd carried the boi off into the light, towards not only the people they'd killed in the past..but most certainly those that'd been watching over them all..centuries into the past. "We've just been re-born..."


To this day..no one knows precicely what had killed Heero that night, nor from whom had sent the message, though resources had indicated one person that stood above them all, and certainly had a serious jealousy problem, yet..was never anticipating the undescribable death of Heero Yuy. Though..it is seriously believed that in honesty..that he went home with his heart that stormy night.


Ya like? Stupid ending? o.o I thought it was kinda fun myself..adding the bit of a realistic ending to it. ::Shrugs slightly:: Ah well..C&C a must! I mean it now..-.-; I may stop writing if I can't get even a decent amount of reviews..