Rating- Eh..PG?
Warnings- Bit of torture on Heero's side.
Dun own GW..but I wish Duo's little ass was mine. >=D Though doesn't everyone?

Ghost of Duo
Part 3
Version done by Duo's lil Angel

Alone in this world, yes, this had easily been carried over into the dream world of this pilot. Alone he stood in what seemed just to be a desolate, empty room. However, whereas a room would normally be boxed in, the floor seemed unending of it's stretching out in each direction. Two words had soon carried out over the silence, of what smelt as stale air, "Why love..". Those two words..had been carried over to this lone wolf's form, sounding off those invisible walls..in an unending echo to him.

A light chill seemed to run through his spine. Indeed in the real world there never seemed to have been an end of the bariers about this cold form..but now, he soon found even those to have left him somewhere along the line. "Heero.." This time though..as the chill traced the track of his spine, he recognized more of whom it belonged to. Then soon..his own voice carried through.."I'm sorry." What the hell..were all that could float through his mind, aside the fear..and the pain that seemed to began forming.

A bright light had soon appeared from nowhere, blinding Heero for just the fraction of a second, and once his sight had redeemed himself..the recent memories of the murder he performed. Replaying it did..over and over before his eyes. The shock in those cobalt pools after reading over the print out of the mission..the first mistake he'd made.

His hand rose slowly from his side. Palm had been pressed firmly to his chest..digits of five gripping gently at the area of his heart. "What..what is this.." Certainly, this was something he'd never felt before. Then again, those walls had always been there to protect him, to keep him fighting..focused upon the missions that held no end. Then..finally, the pain seemed to shoot through his body, faster then what a bolt of lightning could ever perform. His legs fell suddenly weak..sending him to kneel into the ground.

Something seemed to jerk his head back, as not memories..but visions of the future seemed to flash before him. First..scenes of two kids. Growing quite well together..bonds of unending love. Hell, even the addition of marriage..spreading onwards, showing the two comforting eachother..time and time again. All the way up until a specific point..until just one single stone covered the graves of two once pilot's..two that had lived until their bodies could no longer function.

Then soon..all that rewound back until one point..the painful memory of a death of one braided boy. This soon..on..into the stone set future this boy would now have. Filled with nightmares, from the very one he had now. Further on to show the aches..all the pains that he had to look forward to. The darkness of lonliness he had to contain. But then..when he'd felt he'd been pushed to the brink of pain..the most he'd ever had to endure yet..a single sheet of paper seemed to replicate itself all around him..everywhere he turned..big sheets of paper, reminding him of the task that had been sent to him.

And at long last..one figure had began to darken, taking form right before his eyes. Pain stricken eyes were those prussians as this form took shape even further as it seemed to be approaching him. What better of a way..for a ghost to get the clear message through to a person..then to take over his dreams.

Owari..for now of course!

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