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Ghost of Duo
By: Duo's Angel

The rain was relentless, as the figure, just as relentless and cold it seemed, had shifted the mud into the hole. Though if one had taken notice more carefully of the boy, they'd notice that it wasn't the cold droplets of rain that poured so heavily down against him, but heated drops, forming from his eyes, yet falling just as heavily as the rain. Though despite the tears that had actually managed to break through that stone etched face, that was precicely what it was, made of stone.

The rain though gave an advantage in shuffling the dirt back into the hole..then finally shifting the dirt more flat over the self-made grave, leaving only one more detail. He dropped the shovel for the moment, the form normally so stealth..a bit clumsy of his works, to step towards the nearby tree, retracting the wooden cross. Each hand latched onto a side..then pressing it deeply into the dirt to mark off the grave. And around the center post itself, dangling but a few inches from the ground..tied in place? A crucifix, complete with a chain, the one that had once adorned the braided American pilot.

The second mistake this man could have made, was to step back into that house for the night. For a moment, as he'd stood within the door, flashes seemed to hit him. Though with a shake of his head, he sent them away for now, pressing the old wooden door shut behind him. He stepped further in, lips parting slightly for the soft mutter that had come of such dreaded memories. Perhaps the third..and biggest mistake for his (hidden) guilty form, was to lay himself down along the couch, in hopes that by morning it would all be better, and end out as a normal kill..as if Duo was nothing more then another soldier getting in his way. Though once he finally came to sleep..was when the fun could begin for the spirit that hung up above, his form seeming as though it was drenched with "unfinished business".

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