Alright, I know I posted this once to a bunch of lists, but it's been so long I figured I may as well do it again before posting the other parts. I applogize for taking so long with the second part, but I've had a few..well..technical difficulties..::Sideglances the cpu with a bit of a dent in it..that's working better then ever he might add!:: ^_^ Annnywhoo..I hope ya enjoy..second part is here as well, then hopefully the third by the end of the night..depending..perhaps the grand finale as well! If I can think of how I want this to end..but here we are.



Ghost of Duo
By: Duo's Angel

The rain had poured down relentlessly, causing the two pilots to seek shelter within the abandoned household. Whom was to tell whether or not it was currently owned, however the two didn't care. A crack of lightning, soon followed by the noise of a booming thunder. Indeed it was a storm, and unfortunately..the best weather for such an incident. "Looks like we're stuck here for the night..'cause I sure as hell don't feel like getting my ass soaked! Brr.." The soft words had come, as light taps indicated he was walking about.

"Then we stay." Had soon, in return been the almost harsh words of the stoic soldier, breaking through that air quite coldly. Perhaps..this was the manner in which he needed to act, in order to run through this..to go through it. Soon he began to search the place..for such an object to perform the task at hand. Though once the object had been withdrawn..a soft gasp had managed to be casted towards his ear..the few steps of a body stumbling back into the wall. Investigation gave notice that he'd mistakingly left such an order out on the table..before previously checking this place out.

How much it killed him..standing there within the doorway..watching the widened eyes of the Angel of Death..'his' Angel of Death. Back pressed into the wall..fingers crumpling the paper up slowly. "Heero..?" "I'm sorry..Duo.." And as the soldier had stepped forward, accepting the form of his once..the one that he does..and the one that he always would..love..the object had been dropped to the floor. In turn..lips had met velveteen lips..for the last time.

Heero's right hand rose slowly..gripping beneath his chin..prussians trying to display as much compassion as would allow to do so. To show him..indeed he was sorry. His left arm clung tighter to the body, as the head had been yanked to the side..twisting it into such an unnatural position..the form had immediately slumped against him. "Please..wait for me..I'm sorry.." And with a bolt of lightening..to the statement that had been left across Duo's face..managed to cause the Soldier of Perfection to stumble back..and as the pounding of thunder came..the Angel of Death hit the floor..

Owari..for now