Title: All Perfections must come to an end
Author: Dyuo's Angel
Type: Poem
Archive: http://www.geocities.com/duolover86/welcome.htm
Notes: Heero's Point of View if you can't figure it out, mention of death

All Perfections Must Come to an End
By: Dyuo's Angel


Ever since the war began
I've been known as the Perfect Soldier
Even after all these years hath passed
Since the final shot was fired
Everyone has used those words to taunt me
To haunt my everlasting soul
But let me tell you now
"All" perfections
Must come to an end..

Everyone throughout time
Has claimed to have learned life's lessons
The hard way
This lesson came to me
Not really hard of nature
But it brought with it
An intense amount of pain
As I have never felt before now
I speak these words in honest hope
That you learn well of this lesson

Before the end of the war
Just wne my found comrades and I
Were sent to this Earth
We held no knowledge of eachother
Thus intensifying my surprise
When I first met him
I never believed in love until then
Until I stumbled over a braided baka
If I knew then what I know now
I would have enjoyed every moment I could with him

All perfections must come to an end
As all life must end in death
You cannot evade the end of a perfection
As you cannot evade the spirit of Shinigami
Through the war
I thought I could evade that spirit
But he found me wherever I hid
And each time he did
He brought forth this wonderful sensation
A sensation known as love

At the end of that war
I finally gave in to that spirit
I allowed Shinigami to take me in
To wrap those arms of death around me
As we grew old together
I remained to be known as Perfection's Soldier
Even as my body gew weak and old
But our bonds could only grow stronger
Sure we had a few fights
But we only grew closer in the end

The bonds of our heart
Could only be described as perfection
But now with that perfect feeling
Is a great pain of loss
A pain of loss, sorrow, and regret as one
But our souls are bound together
As I feel his presence grow near
All perfections do come to an end
Yet now that I think on mine
I believe mine may have just began

Shinigami may have lost his life
But the presence of his soul still warms my heart
Do not think perfection of any form
Will be an eternal feeling
Perhaps love is a contradiction to that fact
If it is honest, true, and deep
My bonds with Shinigami are for eternal
So perhaps I was wrong in a sense
Most perfections must come to an end
Such as perfection's soldier
But never the gift of true love..