Author: DuoN0Baka
Title: ??? ((cant think of one...))
Warnings: deathfic I guess Its kinda sad... I cried... but Im a big sap.

errr... tell me if you hate it? Its my first fic.

::All I have to do is make it to the stairs and Im home free:: Kome thought as her eyes darted around the dark room.

::Almost there... almost there...:: She had reached the foot of the stairs. ::whew... I though I was gonna get-::

"AIEEE!" she dropped her sandwich and spun around as a hand landed on her shoulder. "Dad! Are you trying to give me a heart attack or somethin??? Geez! Why do you always sneak up on me like that!? and look... oh my poor sandwich..." The man who she had been yelling at stood there in the dark with his arms crossed.

She looked at him and then shrugged reaching down and cleaning up her sandwich. "Great... what a waste of food..." She walked back to the kitchen and threw it in the dog dish. She walked back into the main room and stood in front of her father, who stood silently regarding her.

"Dad? You gonna say something or can I go to my room now?" She looked up and immediately wished she hadn't as she met the coldest blue eyes she had ever seen. She met his stare head on determined not to look away. She nearly jumped out of her skin when he started to speak.

"You remind me of a friend I've had on my mind lately. I guess I could say he’s been haunting me."

"Haunting you?"

"Aa. Kome, Why are you awake? Its 3:30 in the morning and you have school tomorrow."

Kome had dreading this so she dodged it with another question "Who do I remind you of?" This seemed to surprise him because, for the first time she could remember, he broke the gaze. He stared at his feet for a few minutes with his arms still crossed. "Dad?"

"A friend of your mother and I. He died shortly after you were born."

"Oh." He continued to stare at his shoes and she fidgeted nervously. He moved to a chair and sat down.

"He was a lot like you. He liked to talk. He was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. He was slightly vain. He loved his hair. He was so beautiful that he was always bothered, by men and women. He loved hugs. He always hugged everyone." He smirked slightly and she got the impression the he wasn’t talking to her anymore, but to himself.

"Was he bi?" He looked up at her as if surprised she were still there. "I mean, because he sounds bi."

"Hai, He was. He was very insecure though. He didn’t seem that way to others, but I knew him better then anyone." He took a deep ragged breath. "He was my best friend." He reached his hand to his neck and fingered the cross he always wore.

"He was insecure because people only saw his beauty. They never saw his mind. He had a wonderful mind." He sat there looking at the cross for a few minutes in silence.

"Dad? Did he hug you too?" Kome asked, if only to break the sullen silence that had drifted over the room.

He smiled slightly. "Hai. He would jump in my lap just to get a hug. I always pushed him away though. No matter how much I wanted to hug him. It was conditioned into me that boys don’t hug boys ever."

"Conditioned?" He glanced at her then proceeded, ignoring the question.

"I wish now that I had hugged him more. I can only remember a very few times that I did. Those where usually when he got hurt. He got hurt a lot. By people, and other things he did. Whenever He got hurt he always showed up at our doorstep. Your mother and I let him live here for a few years one time. I wish he had stayed, But he said He needed space. He moved to a colony in L2 and lived there. We got together for all the holidays and things... but... I missed him." He stopped there and took a few more ragged breaths.

Kome felt terrible inside. She had never seen her father show such emotion. He would only occasionally smirk and sometimes she got an actual smile out of him, but usually he was distant from her and her mother.

"Dad?" she whispered.

He looked down at where she had sat on the floor and then away again. "The day you were born we had him on the phone with us. He said he was on his way to the hospital but he never showed up. I knew he was having trouble with drugs..." He took another deep breath and balled his hands into fists.

"He held you. A week after you were born we got a hotel room on the colony he was on and showed up at his front door with you." He reached up and wiped tears from his eyes, shocking Kome who had believed her father didn’t know how to cry.

"I handed him to you. He held you. you were so tiny... you fit in both of his hands like this." He held out his hands to demonstrate, cupping them slightly.

"He had his hair down that day and you two looked so beautiful together... I wish I had had a camera. He smiled...." He stopped, biting his lip.

"He smiled and said... 'I never thought I'd live to see the day that you two had a baby.'" He stopped seemingly unable to continue.

"He killed Himself that night. He shaved off all his hair before he did it. It had been down past his knees..." His voice caught, "I Had to go clean up his apartment with your uncle Wufei when the funeral was over... There... There was hair... everywhere." His voice broke there and he leaned his head in his hands and sobbed openly.

"We knew him twelve years..."

Kome had tears running down her own face. "Daddy?"

He reached down and pulled her into a hug sobbing onto her shoulder. "I love you Kome. I want you to know that."

She hugged him back tightly. "I love you too Daddy."

After a while He let her go. "Go to bed Kome..."

"Alright." She got up and walked to the stairs then turned back and looked at the figure sitting in the dark. "Daddy? Did you ever tell him?"

He looked up at her and whispered in a broken voice "No... but I wish to God I did... every time I sleep... I see him... He tells me he's sad and asks for a hug."



Based on the true story of Larry Dale Whitmer That my mom told me
tonight... I just kinda... changed the charaters. Sad that this really
happened isn't it?