All right it's my first fic that I'm posting without help from anybody. It's also the only fic I've written that has been entered on a computer with access to the internet. Please be gentle!
Warnings:Violence, death, and it's really twisted.
Disclaimer:Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, I don't own gundam wing, and I'm not doing this for money.

Note: Would you believe I wrote this in church? I'm not kidding!

It's untitled. I'd love suggestions.

Untitled by Duoette. (By the way, how do I change the FROM part of the posting to something other than my E-mail?)


<No!! No!! NONONONONONONONOOOOOOOOOO!!!> Duo's mind exploded into thousands of gibbering pieces as he watched Heero embrace Relena. <No. He's mine. He's mine DAMMIT!!> From his hiding place he watched as Heero betrayed him with Relena, and a plan began to form.


Heero walked into the apartment he shared with his lover Duo.

"Hey, I'm back." Duo handed him a beer and he chugged it back.

"Did you have fun?" Duo was giving him a really odd look.

"Yeah, sure." He shrugged and began to type on his laptop, but in about twenty minutes he began to feel dizzy and tired. He fought it, but in fifteen more minutes, the 4mg. Of Rohypnol that Duo had slipped into his beer had taken full effect.


When he woke up completely, he was chained to the four posts of his bed, very well chained, and (cough) completely naked. Duo's face can into focus above him.

"Uh, Duo? Is this a set-up for one of those kinky sex things you've been trying to get me to do?" Duo smiled a feral grin.

" I saw you today Hee-chan," his violet eyes blazed.

"Uh oh. Now Duo, don't do anything drastic." Heero sweatdropped.

"It's not drastic. I've planned it." Duo brandished Heero's Colt. 45. He put it up under Heero's chin, pointing right at his brain. "I am Shinigami! I am death and you are mine Heero Yuy, mine for all eternity!" BANG. Now Duo straddled the corpse of his lover, put the gun to his own head and joined Heero forever.


I know, I know, it's lame and twisted, but please send your input. I promise not to write any more fics like this.
Duo:<muttering> You hand better not. Or next time it will be *you* with the gun at your head.
Duoette: <Backs away nervously> Heh Heh. It's OK Duo. I- I promise.