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Warnings:Shonen ai, Duo torture, swears. Implied NCS.
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Duo bounced into the room, braid swinging.

"Hey Everybody!" The four pilots at the table winced at the volume and pitch of his greeting. Wufei moaned, Heero glared, Trowa took another asprin, and Quatre blinked, trying to make the world stop spinning. Last night, Duo had suggested a drinking game, and predictably, he was the only one without a hangover.

"Kill him." Moaned Wufei. "For the love of God, someone please kill him."

"What's wrong with you Wu-Wu?"

"Ahhhhhhh!" Wufei an screaming from the room. BANG. "ITAI!!" Duo flopped into the -now vacant- chair.

"So! What's new?"

"You have a mission." Heero handed Duo an envelope. "But I don't understand it."

"That's OK." He said cheerfully. "G had all these secret code-name things." He tore it open and scanned it quickly. His face paled, and his eyes widened. He attempted to swallow.

"What's the matter?" Quatre asked the three stricken Duos floating around him.

"N-nothing." He stood up. "But I've got to go buy some stuff. I'll be back when I've finished the mission." He walked from the room, but the statement on his face was that of a condemned man, and he left his cross on the table.

* * *

The man stumbled from the bar, and turned hard eyes on the group of people before him. A pert blonde in a green minidress was the first to approach him, but he shook his head. This group of boys and girls were the same prostitutes who hung here every night. He wanted something different, something exotic, something...

"Delicious." A husky voice floated out of an alley, its promise more than fulfilled by the body following after. Black leather pants left little to the imagination, but a siver chain was twisted around each leg, from hip to black ankle boots. A black and violet silk top was embroidered in silver at the wrists, neck, and hem. Full siver lips, with a hint of purple, curved upward enticingly. Silvery-purple eyeshadow over liquid violet eyes. The only contrast to the colors was the delicate alabaster skin, and the long chestnut braid, which hung teasingly behind his back. Even his nails were black with red-violet tips, and a silver shimmer. He beckoned to the man, who felt almost pulled to this boy's side.

"Such beauty." Murmured the man. "What is your name, enchanting creature?"

"Call me... Shallen." There was a flash of something in the amythestine orbs, but it was gone before the man noticed. "I am here to serve you. What might your pleasure be?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

* * *

Duo gripped the basin for dear life as he retched. Agian. And again. Finally, the dry heaves stopped. He leaned against the bathtub, exhausted, but his mind would not let him rest. It played back the scenes from last night. He clenched his eyes shut, willing the flow of images to stop. But instead, other scenes came, scenes from a long time ago. Images of blood, and pain, so many of them. He levered himself up and stared at te wretch in the mirror. Eyeshadow and kohl streaked the pale face. His complexion was almost grey, with a green tinge. The blood-shot eyes seemed overly large, his skin was tightly stretched over its bones. He closed his eyes, as another wave of memories engulfed him.

CRASH!!! He stared in shock. He had broken the mirror. He looked at his fist. It was dripping blood.

<Oh. I must have punched it.> He thought dazedly, mesmerized by the steady drip of blood from his hand. Finally, the blood slowed, then stopped. He cleaned himself off and stepped into the adjoining bedroom. He changed into normal clothes, stuffing everything else into a duffel bag. He then stepped over the corpse, and left the building.

* * *

"Do you have any fours?"

"Go fish." The pilots were playing- you guessed it- Go Fish. SLAM. They all looked up to see a much subdued Duo Maxwell enter the house. He looked extremely pale, but the only visible wounds were some minor cuts on his right hand.

"Ninmu karyou" he stated, borrowing a phrase from Heero. He headed towards his room.

"Duo!" He turned around.


"Are you alright?"

"Sure, Quatre. I'm fine." But his eyes didn't focus. It was if he wasn't really seeing the others. Without another word, he headed to his room.

* * *

Duo was playing with his food. The others looked on as he distractedly moved his food around, not once taking a bite.

"Duo? Don't you like the ravioli?" Quatre ventured.

Duo sighed and pushed his plate away. "I'm sure it's great, Quatre. I'm just not hungry."

"Call 911. He's dying." Wufei was totally serious. A sudden beeping interrupted whatever excuse Duo was about to make.

"You have another mission, Duo. All it says is, 'Officer Kent Lockler. Same'." They looked to see his reaction. He swallowed once, hard, then pushed his chair back. He didn't say anything, just left the room. The four pilots left at the table could only stare in silence, worried at their friend's strange behavior.

* * *

Officer Lockler was prowling the streets. He was frustrated. He wanted something...something... active, something passionate, something...

"Feral." Startled at hearing his thoughts spoken aloud, he spun, then froze at the vision before him. Black leather pants adorned slim hips. A red metallic net shirt and smiling silver lips invited him to do his worst. The light from the streetlight shone on him, highlighting the long brown braid. It gave it a red tint, as if it had been dipped in blood.

"Exactly." Tonight was looking better every second.

"It shows." The boy sauntered forward, hips swing faintly, the movement echoed by the braid. He reached up and captured the officer's mouth in a passionate kiss. Then he bit down. Hard. The man backed up and wiped a hand across his mouth, smiling at the sight of the blood. Just what he was looking for. The boy smiled and took the hand, licking and sucking the blood off. They adjourned to a nearby hotel.

* * *

<Looks like your making this a habit, Maxwell.> He stared at his reflection in the mirror, wiping off a trace of vomit. Not that there had been anything in his stomach. He glanced at the dead man on the bed. He knew dozens of pressure points that would kill a person, or even cause excruciating pain. He needed information from these men. But they only really let down their guard after he'd fucked them. Then he could torture them. Officer Kent had been very helpful. Duo now knew who his next target was. But he had to go shopping.

* * *

Lieutenant Ralsh Quen left the bar in disgust, heading out into the crisp night air. He was in search of pleasure. But not with one of those groping swine. He wanted something more...refined, something tasteful, something...

"Elegant." He turned to the young boy standing next to him, his composed statement never once betraying his surprise. He took in the lithe legs encased in black velvet, a pale blue satin top, and silver lips. Wide violet eyes promised pleasure without uncouthness. A long chestnut braid added a touch of the exotic. Just enough to be fascinating.

"Perhaps that is what I seek," he admitted. "But what is your name?"


"Such an exquisite name fits your ethereal beauty. Does it mean anything?"

"It means 'silver', I believe."

"Silver. Such an," he raised a brow, "elegant metal. It suits you."

"My thanks. I think, perhaps, that I have what you are looking for.

The officer moved closer and purred, "I think you are what I'm looking for."

* * *

<Yep, definitely a habit.> Duo tried to summon up a grin, but he found that those muscles no longer seemed to work. He wiped the bile from his lips. <Another night, another dead informant.> He felt very empty. Except when he felt full of pain and fear. He shouldered a bag and headed back to the safehouse. This one was the last informant. He could go home and rest up. Not that he had a home. Not that he could sleep. Or eat, for that matter. He sighed and headed back to face the other pilots.

* * *

When Duo stepped into the safehouse, the other pilots could scarcely recognize him. His face was gaunt, his sunken holes in his head. His skin had a grayish cast to it. And he wasn't smiling. And he didn't respond to the stares and questions of the other pilots. He just kept walking. Down the hall and into his room, locking the door behind him. He leaned against it and let out a slow breath.

<Safe. I'm safe. Safe and alone.> He shuddered at the sudden onslaught of memories. He slid to the floor, cradling his head and rocking back and forth. His tears burned like fire on his ice-cold cheeks. Duo sobbed quietly, so that the others wouldn't hear him.

* * *

The four Gundam pilots held a conference. They were very worried about Duo.

"He hasn't left his room all day." Wufei began.

"That means he hasn't eaten or drunk anything. He looked thin when he came back, now he must be turning into a skeleton." Trowa noted.

"I'm afraid he might have. He doesn't answer when you call." Quatre pressed against Trowa for reassurance. He couldn't feel anything from the braided pilot.

CRASH!!! The pilots ran into the next room. Duo stood staring at the shards of a lamp at his feet. His hands were streaming blood.

"Duo, what happened?!"

"It started to talk to me." He whimpered and brought his hands up to his temples. "It was yelling at me! It won't stop! Make it STOP!!" The other pilots were terrified. Mobile dolls they could handle, but a hysterical Duo? Surprisingly, it was Heero who tool Duo's bloody hands and led him gently over to the couch. It was Heero who tore the strips off his tanktop and bandaged Duo's slashes. Quatre whispered to Wufei and Trowa as they left, closing the door behind them. Heero was the only one who could help Duo now.

* * *

Heero hadn't felt this scared in a long time. Duo was having a breakdown. Gods! DUO!! The one constant in all their lives had been his grin and annoyingly cheerful personality. And now he was a broken wreck. Heero was a very thorough person. He knew that something had happened on those missions of Duo's. But what? He'd seen Duo be captured, tortured, and nearly killed multiple times, but his reckless, fun-loving attitude towards life had never changed. What could possibly have shattered such a brave soul? Then Duo looked at him, and Heero almost died.

Duo's violet eyes, normally full of life, cheerfulness, and statement, were blank. Not frozen over like Heero's. or inscrutable like Trowa's, they were blank. Devoid of all life, of all statement, of any spark of a person. They stared as if the world did not exist, as if self did not exist.

<Oh my god! It's like he's not there anymore!> Heero stared in anguish at his friend's face. It was barely recognizable. "Oh gods Duo," he whispered hoarsely, "What the hell happened to you?" No answer came. No statement showed. Heero started to pull Duo to his feet, in the hopes of putting him to bed. But Duo's eyes suddenly filled with pain and a soul-killing fear.

"Don't touch me!" he jerked his hands back. "Please don't touch me." Duo looked at his hands in terror and loathing. "Dirty. So soiled." He bolted, Heero following quickly after. He followed Duo to the bathroom, and held his hair back and head steady as he retched emptily and painfully. When Duo next looked up, the pain and fear had receded a bit.

"I think I should," he swallowed painfully, "talk to you all." Heero nodded silently, and carefully helped him up.

* * *

Duo levered himself into a chair. The other pilots sat down around the table.

"First off, have any of you ever seen something like this?" He rolled up the cuff of his pants on the right leg. Twined around his ankle was a black knotwork tattoo.

"I have," answered Trowa. "There was a mercenary who had one."

"What color?"


"Hm. A novice. " Duo turned to the others. "Anyone else." They shook their heads. "They're not very common. What it means though,. Is that I was once a slave. But not just any type of slave." He ignored the gasps of surprise. "No, I was a worker for the Pavilion."

"Oh!" Quatre exclaimed. Duo turned a tired smile on him.

"Heard of them, have you?" Quatre was a furious red color.

"I- um...a nobleman is supposed to know about many things that- well- yes." Duo patted him hand.

"it's okay Quatre. I was, to be blunt, a prostitute. But I was also a slave." He took a piece of scrap paper and a pencil and drew a stylized triangle. "I have four of these on my left inner thigh. One for each level of training completed. Blue novice, red amateur, purple professional, and silver adept. When you reach silver, you are given a name, tattooed in silver on your right inner thigh. Mine is "Shallen". I reached the highest level." He sighed, and pushed the paper away. "It was hell in that place. But if I never thought about it, then I stopped caring. I was the most lucrative person there. G was my best customer. One day he bought me. he never liked sharing me. At least after he bought me he started to train me as a Gundam pilot. And he stopped "visiting" me. But he just sent me on three undercover missions. I had to pose as a whore and let them-" he cut off with a choked sob. He scrubbed at weary eyes with the back of his hand and stared at the floor. He climbed to his feet. "Now you know." And left the silent room.

* * *

The door opened quietly, the light from the hall falling on the softly sobbing boy. Heero stood above Duo.

"You must all hate me now," whispered Duo hoarsely.




"What, then?" he was calmer now.


"What for?" that came out bitterly.

"For your bravery. For your strength."

"My strength? I'm full of sin, the pollution is seeping from my very soul. It all must be my fault, I deserved the pain and suffering."

"No. You don't deserve any pain and suffering."

Duo stared at his hands in fascination. "Slut. Whore."

"No. Brave. Gundam pilot."

"Ho. Killer."

"No. You are wonderful. And I love you." Duo stared in shock. "If you can bare your soul to us, then I can tell you that I love you." He turned away. "I want you to know that I will never impose on you. We can go back to being friends an I'll never touch you again if you don't want me to. But you deserve to know. How I feel about you." He began to walk out, shoulders slumped.

"Heero." He paused. "I don't want you to leave. Because, you see, I love you too." Now it was Heero's turn to stare in shock, mouth slowly falling open.

* * *

Duo decided that Heero looked odd with his mouth hanging open and took advantage of his surprise. He fastened his lips onto Heero's and molded his body against the other boy's. He ran his tongue around Heero's teeth and then caught up his tongue, pulling it into his own. There was a twinge of pain as old memories threatened to surface, but as he looked at Heero's face, the innocent joy and love he saw shining there forced them to retreat. Heero freed himself reluctantly.

"Are you sure Duo?" he asked worriedly. "This is what you really want?"

"Yes," he pushed closer to the suddenly reluctant Zero pilot. "I want to do this for myself. I want to make you happy." Heero backed up, a strange glint in his eyes. He sat Duo down on the bed before removing both their shirts. As Duo reached for Heero's nipples however, he caught his hands and shook his head.

"This is going to be all for you Duo." Still holding his hands he began to nibble on Duo's neck, slowly, ever so slowly, working his way down. To Duo, this was a virtually new experience. He had never been given pleasure. The most he had hoped for from this was to make Heero happy. What was happening was beyond his wildest dreams. Releasing Duo's hands and allowing them to encircle his back, Heero began to slowly rub his hands back and forth on Duo's thighs, pushing with his palms and trailing with his fingers. Duo's jeans only seemed to emphasize the sensation. Every touch was magical to Duo, sending out waves of pleasure unlike any he had ever known. Heero now knelt between Duo's spread legs, his mobile tongue busy with his bellybutton. Duo peered through half-slitted eyes at the dark-haired angel kneeling there, watching the sensuous ripple of the muscles in Heero's shoulders. Heero's hands slid up Duo's back, then slid back down his chest, pausing ever-so-slightly at his sensitized nipples. AS his tongue busied itself making slow circles and whorls on Duo's pale stomach, Heero's hands slid under Duo's butt, gently easing it slightly up. Duo stood and undid his jeans, sliding them and his boxers off, before sitting again. Heero slowly, teasingly, slid them completely off Duo, then licked up his thigh to the visible evidence of pleasure. But there he stopped short. Smiling wickedly, Heero avoided Duo's arousal, but Duo curled his fingers in Heero's mane, of tangled hair and shoved down. Heero rubbed his cheek on Duo's cock, but then took pity on him and licked the tears of pleasure off of it. Before gently breathing on it in alternating cold and warm breaths. He could see it pulse. Finally, he acknowledged Duo's breathless pleas for mercy and engulfed him whole, then slid his lips slowly along the length. Slowly, back and forth, back and forth. When Duo saw the look of absolute ecstasy on Heero's face, he could no longer retain any vestige of control. He came. Heero swallowed it all with avidity. The second it was over, he reached up and pulled Duo's head down for a kiss. Duo's tongue could taste himself in Heero's mouth. This began to stir him again, although the knowledge that Heero had not attained release darkened his pleasure slightly. He knew what would happen next, and he knew it would hurt like hell. He clung to Heero with desperate intensity, both of them standing now, his new arousal rubbing against the bulge in Heero's jeans. Heero pulled away, eliciting a cry of complaint from Duo, but Heero backed away. He slid gracefully out of his jeans, and tossed his boxers carelessly aside, then stood, waiting for his love's inspection.

Duo stared in wonder. Heero looked like a god. Duo had seen many handsome men, but he would swear that none of them could ever approach Heero. Heero thought his heart would break at the vision before him. Surely, this was some dream, and would fade away into nothing in the next second. He could not be lucky enough for this to be real. But Duo stretched his arms out in plea, and Heero stepped forward, attempting to fuse himself to the God of Death. He reached a hand behind Duo's back and carefully unwound the braid, burying one hand in it. Heero reached for the bottle one the bedside table, handing it to a surprised Duo.

"Duo, I told you, tonight is all for you." Duo stared wonderingly at him. "Ai shiteru, Duo. Itsumo zutto."

"Oh, I love you too Heero!"

"Then take me," he said earnestly, "Make me yours, Duo!" At these words, something healed deep inside of Duo. Some center of pain and fear was purged from his body, replaced by love so strong he felt his heart almost stop at its power. "I want you to have me Duo." Heero whispered against duo's lips. "Take my body and soul, for they are all I have to offer."

"You have given me life, Heero. Life and so much more." But then the two cocks bumped together, painfully reminding the two of urgent business. Duo slid his hands up and down Heero's chest, muffling his sounds of pleasure against his own mouth. Twining his own legs around Heero's, Duo carefully moved him to the bed. He crawled up the muscled, bronzed body, leaving a track of throbbing kisses in his wake, his hair trailing after, tickling Heero. Heero stared up at the god poised above him. The pale heart-shaped face, the luminous violet eyes. All of it framed by the graceful fall of chestnut silk. Duo twirled a lock of hair in his fingers seductively, tickling Heero's chest. Heero licked dry lips as he absorbed the vision rearing above him.

"Duo, finish what you've started!" but Duo only grinned.

"all in good time, koi." He slathered his hand with lubrication, determined not to cause unnecessary pain to Heero. As he inserted one coated finger, he could feel Heero tense and kissed him reassuringly. Heero forced his mind away from the pain, focusing the battle going on between their two mouths. Duo searched around for a short eternity, inserting another finger, and then another, searching for that one spot that -

"Ahhh!" Heero cried, arching his back in an excess of pure pleasure. Duo smirked, and hit the same spot, harder. When he had worked Heero to a state in which he could no longer see or hear, and Duo needed to use his free hand to hold Heero's frantically bucking hips down, Duo coated himself and replaced his fingers on the next thrust. As he pushed himself in, he felt Heero arch back around him, almost ending it right then and there. But Duo frantically restrained himself, and began to find a rhythm, slowly claiming Heero's body as his own territory. He reached both arms around Heero, one hand flattened against Heero's stomach, gripping the Japanese boy to the American one, the other sliding around the boy's stiffened member, slipping in its tears of evident pleasure. Duo could feel the build-up of tensions in Heero's body. As he came over Duo's hand, he tightened, causing Duo to reach his peak a half-moment later. The second he could, Heero flipped around to face his lover, stretching his arms out to him. But Duo shook his head, smiling. He licked his way down Heero's sticky chest, stopping for a never-ending second to suck on his nipples. When he reached his growing target, he paused, looking up at Heero.

"It can't all be for me," he whispered, before sucking on his stomach. He took a deep breath, and engulfed Heero's cock in his own hot mouth. He resolutely shoved his memories aside, and began to suck. Hard. And when Heero came with one hot rush, and Duo heard his scream as he was plunged into a searing core of pleasure, there was no residual bitterness. Duo did not have to force himself to swallow. Instead he had to force down a pang of disappointment when the last of Heero's seed had slipped down his throat. He crawled to lie next to Heero, who took him gently in his arms.

"I love you so much, Duo Maxwell. Scars and all." Heero cradled him tenderly, resting his suddenly heavy head in Duo's hair. Duo's arms crept around his lover, delighting in the knowledge and existence of a lover. And as they slipped off to sleep, secure in each other's arms and sustained by their shared warmth, their two scarred souls bonded together, creating one whole self, shared in two bodies.




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