I wrote this during Spanish and thought I would share it. So. Be kind. But truthful please. Thanks to lil*shinigami for looking over it for me.

Title: I See
Author: Duoette
Disclaimer: Wow. Haven't done this in awhile. Ummm... I don't own, please don't sue.

Heero's POV. About Duo.

Where others see only confidence,
I see the touch of fear.

Where others see only laughter,
I see the single hidden tear.

Where others see only energy,
I see the hollow eyes and ghost of exhaustion.

Where others see only shining hope,
I see despair and desperation.

Where others see only gestures,
I see the twinge of pain.

Where others see your snappy retorts,
I see your hurt at their disdain.

Where others see only the fights you have won,
I see your fear of defeat.

Where others only see you inhale all the food,
I see the times you don't eat.

Where others see only the masks you wear,
I see only you.


Huh. So that's what happens to me when I'm in Spanish. Please give me your opinion. Puh~lease!