Title: Broken Promises
Author: Duoette
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: It's like this, see. Duo's kinda...well...he's a little bit...dead. <hides from enraged fans> I'm sorry, I'm sorry!! It's angsty and dark and not at all happy. <sighs>
Disclaimer: I do not own gundam wing. This is not for money or any real purpose whatsoever.

Broken Promises
by Duoette


All those promises I made him lie broken, stained with his blood. I promised to be there for him, and where was I when he needed me?

With her.

At a stupid reception. I didn't even know he had a mission until Quatre called me.

He'd been captured. They couldn't get him out but thought that I, as the Perfect Soldier, could.

It took me two days to get to him. I hadn't slept or eaten in all that time. Two days.

But I was too late.

Two days. Two days of torture is more than any human should endure.

But he did.

They never could break him. I killed them all.

But two days of blood loss...


I knelt beside him. He was barely conscious. His beautiful eyes opened, their glow dimmed and cloudy as I cradled him.

"H-Hee-chan?" He whispered, his musical voice rough with pain and thin with weakness.

"Hai koi. It's me. We're safe now." He sighed and leaned back against me.

"They told me they would hurt you."

"Shhhhh. It's okay now, love."

"Are you hurt Hee-koi?" He was worried, looking up at me with tear-filled gems. "I'm so sorry Hee-chan, if they hurt you. It's my fault."

"No Duo, never." I bent over him, holding him close. "They never touched me dearheart. You were wonderful. You're perfect. I love you so much." He smiled. Such heart-rending beauty. It was like his heavenly soul shone through him.

"Oh Hee-koi. Ai shiteru, too. Itsumo zutto." And with such a tender smile, he closed his eyes, and I could feel him leave me. All I could do was bow my head over what had once been my love.

"Itsumo zutto, my angel."


I promised I would protect him. I told him that I wouldn't let anything hurt him ever again. But they hurt him and they killed him and I wasn't there. I lied to him when I told him those things, because I broke my promises. The worst part...

He never thought of my broken promises. He was only worried if I'd been hurt. He died with happiness because he knew I loved him.

The only promise I'll never break.

I love you Duo. And I always will.


Duo: <sniffles> That was sad. I didn't like dying but...
Duoette: I was thinking of writing a companion fic from your POV.
Duo: After I'm dead?
Duoette: Yeah...So C&C is craved and tell me if you think the
Companion fic would work. PLEASE!!!!