Title: All Over You (sequel to "Loser")
Author: Duoette
Pairing: 1x2
Warning: I tried to write a little lemon, but it's not great quality. But it's there. You are forthwith warned. Angst, but no death.
Disclaimer: I do not own. Some brilliant people in Japan own Gundam wing. The song "All Over You" is by Live.
Author's Notes: Ok. Yeah. This is for Kyuketsuki. She wanted a sequel. A sappy-happy sequel. She gave me the song,. I hear and obey O Eternal One. Happy Birthday, vampstress!! It may not be happy at the beginning, but it *ends* happy.
//...// = lyrics
<...> = thoughts


//Our love is like water
Pinned down and abused for being strange.//

<Shit. I left my jacket at Duo's.> Heero turned back, retracing his steps through the grimy streets. He carefully ascended the rickety steps and opened the creaky door. The overpowering smell of sex, violence, pain, and despair assaulted him as he crossed the threshold.

"Duo?" he called, not expecting an answer, and not receiving one. <He probably got a fix as soon as I was out the door.> He grabbed his jacket, but paused on his way to the door. It was too quiet. He padded to the bedroom. Duo lay tangled in the sheets. Heero winced at the sight of the livid bruises decorating the fragile boy, and the slight trickle of blood staining the already soiled sheets. <Did I do that to him?> His heart filled in shame. <He's so pale.> Heero walked up to his unmoving lover. That was when he realized something was wrong. He called 911.

//Our love is like no other.//

"Duo? Duo, stay with me!" His voice sounded tiny to his own ears. The sirens sounded distant, and as he rode in the ambulance, the medic's voices seemed to be muffled.

//Than me alone for me all day.//

The doctors took Duo away from him. He waited at the hospital for hours before they told him Duo had overdosed. He was now in a coma. He might never wake up.

//Our love is like water pinned down and abused.//

Heero snuck into the room. He was going to stay by Duo's side forever if need be.


//All over you, all over me.//

When they had first realized their love for each other, everything seemed perfect. Life was like one long vacation. It was perfect.

//The sun, the fields, the sky.//

Heero felt like the universe just wasn't large enough to hold his happiness.

//I've often tried to hold.//

Those early memories were so bright and cheerful. They had been so close, told each other everything.

//The sea, the sun, the fields, the tide.//

Heero would call Duo "Dearheart" and Duo called him "Sassy-ass," "Shnookums," "Ooky-Pookey." "Tenchi," and many, many others.

//Pay me now.//

They were so sappy that they;d even driven Trowa and Quatre away.

//Lay me down, oh yeah.//

They had been in heaven. But then they'd fallen. There was no defining moment, it just seemed that slowly everything began to go wrong.

//Our love is like the water.//

<It hurt, Duo. The stares and whispers. The pointed glares and awkward silences. People treated us as of we were sick and demented. I could see how it hurt you. And then I would snap at you and I could see you bleed inside while you smiled.>

//Pinned down and abused for being strange.//

<And everything went downhill. We fought. And we didn't talk. Shadows appeared under your eyes. And then...>

//Our love is like no other.//

<Did you think I wouldn't notice? I noticed. The pills, and the powders, and the things to inject. You seemed to move away. I felt less important to you.>

//Than me alone for me all day.//

<And I felt filled with anger. Anger at the world for making it so hard for us to live in love. At you, for taking drugs. Bit most of all, at myself, for having this anger and for hurting you.>

//Our love is like angles pinned foen and abused.//

<And now my broken angle is lying here. And its all my fault.>

//All over you, all over me.//

<I don't pretend that its not. It's my fault. I was wrong.>

//The sun, the fields, the sky.//

<You were everything to me. But everything was not enough. Not for you or me.>

//I've often tried to hold.//

<I tried to have too much. To hold too much, live too much. And yet to keep myself distant.>

//The sea , the sun, the fields, the tide.//

<But it all slipped through my fingers, like water on the sand. You slipped through my fingers.>

//Pay me now.//

<I owe you so much, Duo.> he anguished. <So much that I can never repay.>

//Lay me down.//

<So much love and laughter. Joy and smiles beyond number. And this is how I repay you.>

//Pay me now, pay me now.//

<I drive you to such self-mutilation that you are on the brink of death. And such pain. If you wake up, will I have driven you mad with my selfishness?>

//Lay me down, lay me down, lay me down.//

<But please don't die Duo. I promise I'll be better. I have to be better.>


Heero cracked an eye open. He must have fallen asleep. The doctor and nurse seemed to have just finished a check-up on Duo. He hadn't heard them. Hn. He tuned in on their conversation, keeping his eyes closed and his breathing steady. But what he heard made his heart freeze.

"...nothing more we can do for him now. It's all over." That was the doctor.

"Do you think we should tell his friend? I think he'd want to know."

"No. He'll find out soon enough." Their steps faded into the distance of the hallway.

//All over you, all over me.//

Heero flowed to his feet and hovered over the prone figure on the bed. One corner of his mind was screaming in denial.

//All over you, all over me, yeah//

"You can't be dying, Duo! You can't!!! Not now!!

//Pay me now//

"I've just realized how much you mean to me, how much I owe you. If you die, now, I'll never be able to repay you."

//Lay me down, down//

"I know how wrong I was. How I hurt you. And I'm not going to do it anymore."

//Pay me now, pay me now//

"I'm going to live for you now. Live for you the way you lived for me."

//Lay me down, lay me down, lay//

Heero began to cry as Duo remained unresponsive. He closed his eyes as the tears fell. "I've been so wrong Duo! And I'm sorry, so sorry! Just- please don't die!

"Heero? Is it raining?"

//Our love is like water.//

Heero stared in amazement and growing joy at his rousing koi. "DUO! You're alive!"

"Of course I'm alive." He mumbled. "I feel too much like shit to be dead."

//Pinned down and abused for being strange.//

"But I thought- I-" Heero gaped in shock.

//Our love is like no other.//

"You don't think, you fool."

Heero smiled and kissed him. "It's good to have you back."

//Then me alone, hey, hey, hey.//

"Heero?" Duo asked as soon as they separated. "Did you mean everything you said?"



Duo came to wakefulness slowly. He stretched, luxuriating in the feeling of being lazy. But the sound of muffled curses reached his ears, and his curiosity drove him up. He slowly got up, and wrapping a bathrobe around himself, he hobbled towards the voice he had identified as Heero's. When he reached the door of the washroom, he froze in astonishment. Heero had apparently been attempting to do the wash, but something had gone wrong. His jeans and shirt were soaked, clinging deliciously to his body. He was struggling with tangled wet clothing and sheets, his hair wet and straggling everywhere. But best of all, a groups of soapsuds had settled right on his nose! Heero looked up at Duo's stifled laughter.

"Jeez koibito! That's too kawaii to be real!" Heero hurried to his side.

"Duo! Are you sure you should be up?" Duo only laughed and flicked soapsuds away.

"Heero, don't worry. I'm fine." He turned to leave, but Heero embraced him suddenly.

"No, you're not fine. You almost died. You are going to rest." His grip shifted and he picked up the slight boy, carrying him back to the bed. He carefully deposited his braided lover and tucked him in. "You will stay here and rest. Call me if you need anything." As he turned to leave, Duo called out.

"Oh, Heero, could you do something for me?" Heero turned back and hurried to the bedside.

"Yes? What?" Duo beckoned him closer, than threw his arms around Heero's neck and dragged him down beside him.

"Guess." He suggested, before rolling himself over Heero, and straddling him. He grinned wickedly, before molding himself down on Heero. "I do feel so much better." He murmured against the Japanese boy's lips before taking a long and leisurely taste. "But you shouldn't stay in those wet clothes. You'll catch your death." He assisted Heero with shedding the off the offending garments, then pressed himself against the now-naked Heero. "Now isn't that better?" he whispered into one ear.

"Oh, infinitely," gasped Heero in response. "But Duo, are you sure...?"

"Mmmhmm. Having you fuck me is the best medicine created." He wrapped himself around the aroused boy, only to be gently disengaged.

"Duo? This time, I want you inside me." Duo stared at his lover in shock.

"Nani? But you're always on top!"

"I know." Heero said earnestly. "And it's not fair to you. I meant what I said Duo. I'm living for you now. It's your turn." Then he captured Duo's lips in a world-stopping, mountain-leveling kiss. Duo was deeply touched by this gesture. It represented a complete change in Heero's attitude.

"I'm definitely going to take you up on that offer, koi. But first..." Duo worked his way down Heero's damp body, kissing, sucking, nibbling, and licking playfully until Heero quivered with suppressed pleasure. Teasingly, Duo stopped just short of Heero's arousal, and paused to shed his bathrobe. He grinned at the sight before him. Heero was all weak and helpless. The only thing he could do waas beg, but he didn't know what he was begging for. Taking pity on his koi, he wrapped moist lips around Heero's weepy cock. His mobile tongue whipped Heero into a frenzy.

As he distracted Heero, Duo slowly slid one finger into him, rewarded by a hard buck and a moan when he hit the right spot. As he sucked harder, he inserted a second finger, and then a third. And when Heero came, Duo made sure to catch all of it, and not swallow. He quickly spit Heero's seed into his hand and covered his own neglected erection with it. He carefully positioned himself and slid into Heero, causing his koi to get a second hard-on as he hit his prostate repeatedly. He tried to take it slowly, but Heero slammed his hips back against him, causing the pace of Duo's thrusts to accelerate violently.

They reached their peaks at the same moment, screaming each other's names in an ecstasy of oneness. When they regained some energy, Duo kissed Heero softly, murmuring,

"I love you, koi."

"I love you so much Duo. And now everything will be perfect, forever."

And you know what? It was.



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