Laptop Confessions
ch 2

*Beep * * Beep * * Beep *

‘Damn alarm clock’

‘Stupid alarm clock’

In the middle of an almost quite hotel room two hands pop out from underneath their separate covers. Then they immediately go to slap off the incessantly beeping alarm clock. But instead of meeting cold plastic they meet warm hands. Then two boys, still in a dreamy haze begin to intertwine their fingers not realizing what there’re doing.

*Beep *

Both are now of their late night dream haze and their hands a reluctantly ripped apart from each other.

“Wooooo! Heero gomen I wasn’t awake. What the hell was that anyway?!”

“hn” ‘Oh my god were our hands just interlaced?!’

“Ah your normal lengthy response.” ‘Already slipping, neh heero?’ Duo thinks while trying to suppress a rather manic grin that was trying to form.

“Tell me again why we have to get up so damned early” ‘gezz you think I could get more sleep’

“We have to go rendezvous with Quatra, Trowa, and Wufei to find a new safe house so we don’t have to live out of hotels.” ‘He looks so kawaii when he wakes up his hair is all messy and his face is sleepy.’

“Ohhhhhhhh… Ok, now I remember.”

“Baka” ‘But would I want you any other way’

“No need to be mean Heero” Duo pouts and puts on fake hurt puppy dog eyes. “so do you want the shower first?”


“Ok I’ll take that as a no. I’ll be out soon.” Then Duo jumps up and turns towards the shower. “Bahahaha!! The shower is mine.” He flashes Heero one of his infamous manic grins then saunters into the bathroom.


*Heero’s P.O.V *

‘What just happened here?’

‘Were we…. ?’

‘Could Duo…. ?’

‘Nope no way. He was probably dreaming about some girl that he likes and that my hand was hers. I need to stop thinking about this I think I’ll just go back to bed until Duo is finished, I wanted more sleep anyway.’

*end Heero’s P.O.V. *

All is quiet in the room the only sounds that can be heard are Heero’s soft breathing and the sound of water running in the shower.


Heero awoke with a start and the first thing in his mind was ‘Oh god not the peace craft girl should couldn’t have found me again’ A look of fear crossed the “perfect soldier’s” face.

“Heeerroo!” Is heard again however, this one is slightly more muffled.

‘Oh thank god it’s only duo’


“Hey I forgot my New conditioner could you bring it to me. Pleeaasse.” Duo said in his best sweet like caramel candy voice.

“hn baka. Where is it?”

“Ooooo Thanks Heero its in the bag under my bed.” ‘hehehehe this should be interesting wait till he sees what else is in the bag’ Duo fiendishly smirks ‘Ha! I wonder if he’ll like my deathscythe boxers.’

Heero gets up from his bed and walks over to retie the conditioner for Duo. ‘gezzz you think he could ever clean up his stuff . We’ve only been at this hotel and it looks like he’s been living here for weeks….he’s suck a mess….!there’s clothes all over the place!… I would be in love with the messiest boy in the world ….I swear.’

Heero kicks away some of duo’s dirty clothes, then bends down and pulls out the bag from under the bed. ‘damn what else does he have in here there’s a ton of stuff in here’

‘Lets see, black silk boxers…ooooooo….boxers with little deathscythes…where the hell did he get these?…pictures of of me him… Wait!!! Nani?! Why does he have pictures of me and pictures of me and him?!’