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Laptop Confessions

Heero’s P.O.V.
Here I am once again thinking of * him * . How can he have such a hold on me ? I Heero Yuy the “Perfect Soldier” should not have feelings like this, especially for a fellow pilot; That is a boy none the less. I can’t help but look at him. He is so beautiful, with that flowing mane and those crystalline eyes.

My Angel…..

I wonder if he knows what he is to me. No…. how could he. I’ve done my very best to not show any feelings towards him at all, and the “Perfect Soldier” does not fail.

Duo….My dark Angel.

How ironic, how one who always wears black and calls himself the god of death Shinigami could actually be the light of my life. I yearn to unlock my heart to him, but I can’t.

I wonder what he would say if I told him, he would probably be disgusted.

I know I am.

I’m disgusted of myself.

How could I be like this its not right….or is it. No how could it be I’m just some disgusting freak of nature.

I can never tell him. No. Even if this war does end and I live through it , I can’t.

I wouldn’t be able to go on if he rejected me.

No I rather have his friendship I know I don’t treat him well or even really acknowledge him, but I do know that he thinks of me as his friend.

He is my friend, my first and my only.

But who would want to but be friends with someone as cold as me? And yet Duo wants to be my friend he is my friend . He has such a warm and caring heart.

There he is right over there on the other side of the room.

So close and yet so far…..

He’s so cute munching on that candy bar and bouncing to the music playing in his headphones.

Oh….how I long to hold him.

Does he even know I’m here? No I don’t think so.

K’SO!! I wish I could at least tell someone about my feelings, but I have no one to tell. Arrghhh!! This is so frustration. Why cant I just ignore my worries and tell him how I feel. ‘because you could loose him forever if you do’ * Sigh * ‘I know I know’ But damn it, it sure would be nice if I could tell someone how I feel.

Wait…..My laptop, I know it can’t respond, but I can at least get my feelings off my chest.

I get up from my chair and slowly trudge across the plush white carpeting. The carpet feels soft and smooth underneath my bear feet…..Soft like Duo’s hair. No, nothing could be silken and smooth as duo’s lush mane. It seems like an eternity but I finally reach the object of my desire. My Laptop. I sit in the hard straight back chair and immediately star pouring my heart out into the computer.

*Sigh * I do feel a little bit better. I save what I have written and then make sure my mask of “perfect soldier” is in place. Its been a long night and I need my rest and the only way that’s going to happen is if I can get that braided baka to go to sleep. It shouldn’t be much of a problem.

An evil smirk begins to form on my face. ‘I know just what to do…hehehe…..I’ll just walk over here…Ahhhhhhh….. there it is…. The beautiful braid.’ Now standing right behind Duo I gently grab the braid.

Soft so soft…

I hold the braid in my hands for a few seconds and then…..


Immediately a loud “Itaiiiiii!!” is emitted from Duo’s mouth. Then he begins rambling about why I always have to yank his braid, but what he doesn’t know is that I only do it to feel that wonderful silken hair. I tell him to go to bed and then I slowly make my way to my bed getting in not being able to bear looking at the beautiful boy any longer.

Hotel room beds. There to soft for my taste. * Sigh* Just go to sleep. Don’t think anymore.

Sleep….need more sleep…to tired….sleep..
*end Heero’s P.O.V. *

The old hotel room is pretty much quiet. The only sounds in the room are Heero’s shallow breathing and the soft sound of music coming from Duo’s headphones.

*Duo’s P.O.V. *
Damn him. Why the hell does he always have to be so mean ?

‘Arghhhhhhh!!’ Damn Him!

Why out of all the people in the universe would I have to love him. Just my luck…

I would fall for mister stone hearted soldier. How could I fall for some who’s usual response to me is “Hn” or “Omae o Korusu”(I will kill you) !?

Duo no Baka. I really am hopeless.

I can’t really do much about how I feel about him. I could never tell him, I know he would reject me. No doubt there…

And I can’t get rid of these feelings. *Sigh *

Oh well….I can always dream…can’t I ?

Well I guess I better go to bed or mister “perfect soldier” over there is gonna have my ass. (Duo thinks hentai thoughts I think you can come up with some)

Hmmm…..That’s odd Heero left his laptop on. He’s already asleep so I guess I’ll go turn it off for him. I stretch like a cat and then get up and walk over to the laptop.


He even forgot to shut down his programs. He must be really tired or have something really important on his mind. I wonder what the perfect soldier writes ? ‘It’s probably just some report’ I know I shouldn’t pry….but I can’t help myself. I open the word program and begin to read.

“I love Duo Maxwell.”

Oh my God!! ‘Ohmygodohmygodohmygod’ Tears of joy begin to well up in my eyes but then I read the next line.

“But I can never tell him.”

The tears are gone. Crushed. ..

But why Heero ? Why can’t you tell me?

“ I would not be able to face rejection.”

‘But I would never reject you Heero.’

I read the rest of what Heero wrote and my resolve forms. I will get Heero to admit his feelings for me or my names not Duo Maxwell..
*end Duo’s P.O.V.*

With lots of hope and new resolve in his heart, Duo goes to bed and waits for the morning to come so his new mission can start. Getting Heero to admit that he loves him.


Duo-Chan ~_~*