Title: Belle is the Only Word
by: Dragonfriend
Part: 2/??
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing doesn't belong to me. Don't remember who it belongs to, but it ain't me. This is MAJORLY AU (although the names are the same as we've always known and loved) with concepts drawn from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This is the result of listening to Notre-Dame de Paris one time too many… The song "Belle (Is The Only Word)" triggered this story. Enjoy! Hints of 3x4. MAJOR 1x2. Oh, and a few of the scenes in here were MAJORLY drawn from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. God, what we do in our spare time, ne?
//.......// = thoughts


I never knew such desire
Just looking into your eyes
And now the soul in me cries
And now the night is on fire…
---"Your Love Will Kill Me", Notre-Dame de Paris


Heero sighed, pacing in front of his fireplace. What was WRONG with him?! Everywhere he turned, he saw the eyes of that gypsy boy---Duo?---staring at him. The soft blue orbs gazed at him, a bit confused.

Images of the dance now….the tambourine beat…Duo's seductive look…

Dear God…HAD Duo been looking right at him?

//Pull yourself together, man!// Heero chided himself.

He crossed to a long table in the middle of the room. Resting on top of it was a bottle of red wine and a glass. It was rare when Heero allowed himself to consume alcohol. He had been frustrated beyond comprehension today and he needed something to calm him down. Carefully, he uncorked the bottle and watched the red liquid flow into his glass. After setting down the bottle, he absently swished the wine in his glass around before picking up the glass, draping the stem between his middle and ring fingers and cradling the glass delicately in his hand. Carefully, he sipped it, savoring the sweetness of the wine. It burned moving down his throat, but he chose to ignore it. He had to.

He leaned against the table, wineglass in hand, staring at the fireplace. In the smoke of the fire, he saw Duo's lithe body dancing to some unheard music, the sway of his braid as he moved, his eyes flashing with an intriguing fire that both enticed and repelled Heero at the same time… Before he knew what was happening, Heero felt himself walking to the fireplace, staring at the smoke image that was there for his eyes alone. He felt his free hand reach out to grasp the illusion…

It was the heat of the fire that snapped him back to reality. Letting out a frustrated scream, Heero drew his hand away and flung the wineglass into the fire. He backed away from the fireplace, clutching a fist to his forehead, his breath coming out in gasps. Why couldn't he stop thinking about Duo? Why did he feel like he had to see the gypsy boy again? And why was he calling him by his name?!

A door opened at the end of the hall. Heero spun around, about to yell at whoever disturbed him. Light from the hallway outside made it impossible for Heero to see who stood there.

"Is everything all right, Master Yuy?" the male voice asked.

Heero composed himself before replying, "Yes. Everything's fine. Leave me in peace!"

The man promptly complied, slamming the door closed behind him. Heero took a few deep breaths to calm himself. He was a calm, rational man, after all…unless aggravated. He WOULD see Duo tomorrow, after all, during the festival.

But if all he wanted was to see him again, why was he burning with desire?


Duo sighed, watching Trowa make the finishing touches on the violin he was fixing up for Quatre as a birthday present. The firelight flickered across the face of his friend who smiled triumphantly and held the violin up for Duo's inspection.

"You think he'll like it, Duo?" Trowa asked.

Duo nodded absently. All he could think of still were those eyes…the cobalt blue that stared at him with confusion. Trowa sighed and inched closer to his friend, staring at him. He knew when something was wrong.

"All right, Duo. What's wrong?" Trowa asked, smiling a bit. "You look like you have something on your mind."

"Not something. Someone," Duo replied with a sigh.

"Is it a woman?" Trowa wondered. "Or is your relationship inching more along the lines of mine and Quatre's?"

"Its…" Duo started, turning to look at his friend. Could he really tell Trowa how he felt about that priest? He closed his eyes, trying to collect his thoughts. In the darkness of his mind, he saw the cobalt blue eyes looking at him, only now they were filled with longing. He snapped open his eyes and sighed again. "Trowa…how do you know if you…love someone? I'm not talking lust. You know…like what you and Quatre have."

Trowa's eyes widened and blinked twice. "Why?"

"I…" Duo started again. "I think…I think I'm in love with someone, but I'm not sure."

"Its not just a feeling of desire," Trowa replied, a confused look crossing his face for half a heartbeat. "It feels right, somehow, like this is the person you really belong with."

Duo considered this for a very long moment. Still the eyes taunted him. Did Duo truly love this priest…and a man, besides? He had to remind himself that this was a man who hated gypsies and burned many of them at the stake without a care. Was Duo capable of loving someone like that?

"Trowa, you remember that priest?" Duo asked. "You know. The one who fainted during our performance this afternoon?"

Trowa nodded. "What about him?"

"Well…" Duo started.

Trowa didn't need to hear any more. He jumped up, throwing down the violin he held which Duo caught before it reached the fire. Duo stared at his friend. The eye that Duo could see beneath the hair was wide in shock.

"Oh no," Trowa stated incredulously. "You aren't serious. I refuse to let you be serious. You can't…no! DUO!"


"You're in love with a PRIEST?!" Trowa demanded. "No. Duo, its only going to turn out badly for you. Don't even get involved."

"Funny," Duo said, holding out the violin to Trowa who snatched it back from Duo's fingers. "I thought you would have berated me because I'm in love with a man."

"The man part I can accept," Trowa replied. "The priest part is…harder. Take my advice, Duo. Get over him. Leave him on his high-and-mighty perch. You'll only get hurt."

Duo nodded and watched Trowa leave, probably to break the news to his lover. He sat by the fire for the rest of the night, remaining there until it had burnt itself out.


Heero sat in his usual box that had been set up near the stage. He was disgusted. Gypsies, tramps, thieves, the scum of the earth all gathered together in a pointless drunken stupor in Paris of all places. He rested his elbow on the arm of his chair, covering his eyes with his hand as if to block everything out.

"Is everything all right, sir?"

Heero cast a sideways glance at his side. Sitting on his horse, looking oddly concerned, was his captain of the guard, a man once known as the Lightning Baron. The Merquise family had been friends of his father and it was best not to anger them.

"Yes," Heero returned smoothly. "I had…a bit of trouble with the fireplace last night."

Zechs raised a sculpted eyebrow, but allowed the comment to be brushed off.

"Madames and Messieurs," a male voice shouted from the stage. Heero looked up quickly, then looked away. Standing on the stage was an oriental man, the man had been with the haunting gypsy boy Duo the day before. "Now, for your entertainment pleasure, I give you…" He threw something down on the stage. In an instant, the oriental man was consumed in smoke and in his place stood Duo.

"Me!" Duo said amid applause from the audience.


Duo loved the applause whenever he was on stage. He loved attention. Below the stage, Duo heard Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei start up the instrumentals: a violin, a flute, and his tambourine. He smiled, raising his arms in his starting position. The silky sleeves of his costume pooled around his bent elbows. He loved his performance costume with its silks and colors that were usually reserved for the upper classes.

He allowed himself to get lost in the dance, pulling a scarf off his arm and dancing with it for a bit. As he spun, he saw the Judge Priest sitting in his special box. Duo spun around again, this time noting a platform that ran to the box. Breaking from the described routine, Duo jumped onto the platform, danced his way seductively to the priest, wrapping his scarf about his neck. The priest's blue eyes stared at Duo in confusion as Duo slid onto the front of the box seductively, ran his hand along his cheek. Then, with a flip of his braid (which he made sure whacked the priest in the face), he flipped off the box, onto the platform, and back onto the stage with a mocking bow.

It was worth it to see the infuriating expression on the priest's face. Duo felt his heart warm to him even more.

Duo continued with the routine as planned, but he felt the priest's eyes stare at him intensely. Duo thrilled with anticipation. He hadn't admitted to himself that the priest cared about him at all.

Did he care? Truly?

His thoughts no longer impaired the remainder of the dance. Duo allowed himself to soar on those final notes of the music. He leaped into the air, landing in a crouch on the stage. Duo flipped his braid behind his head, smiling at the audience. They erupted into applause to his delight. He bowed to them, then towards the Judge Priest.

To his surprise, the Judge Priest inclined his head politely. He was…accepting him? Duo was thrilled. He was accepted.

Duo happily skipped off the stage, smiling to himself as he went back to his tent, the thrills and sounds of the festival slowly fading away behind him. He hummed the song to which he had danced to himself as he slipped inside, gently removing his performance costume's shirt and folding it neatly before stuffing it into a bag, fully intending to return to his usual non-performance clothes. Before he could start on the pants, as well, he heard the tent flap open. He spun around.

Standing there, the tent flap thrust to the side, was Heero Yuy, the Judge Priest himself.