Lost and Found
part 2
This is dolphin I haven't seen much GW most of my info comes from
fanfic's and web pages. This is probably an alternate so forgive any
OOC or plot goofs. This is my first fanfic so I hope its alright. The
story will contain Yaoi if you don't like Yaoi don't read it. Oh and I
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universe I command I control Wahahahaha. Eep! Sorry I do however own
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As the rays of sun hit his eyelids, Quatre crept into wakefulness. His
eyelids fluttered briefly before they open to reveal his corn flower
blue eyes. Quatre glanced over at the figure sleeping still curled next
to him in bed. The shadows softened his features and the rays of light
caught the golden highlights in the soft brown hair making him look
more angelic than normal. His chest rose and fell still in the deep
embrace of sleep Quatre kissed Trowa softly on the lips before climbing
out of bed carful not to disturb his sleeping lover. He silently closed
the bedroom door and walked into the spacious kitchen. He took out a
kettle and started water for tea. Quatre sat down at the kitchen table
and rested his head on his folded hands a sad smile graced his features
and a soft sigh passed his lips. The whistle of the kettle interrupted
his thoughts and told his the water was ready. He stood up and took the
kettle off the burner then he reached into the cupboard to retrieve his
cup. His hand faltered as his eyes fell upon a black mug with a gold
rim. Quatre took the mug Duo drank coffee in every morning into his
hand his eyes took on a far away look and he remembered.


It was Duo's birthday and Quatre was throwing a party for him. All the
G boys were there and each one brought a gift for the hyper American
pilot. It was a wild party they ate pizza and drank beer and played a
couple rounds of twister. Then at Quatre's signal Rashid wheeled out
the cake it was a grand affair a 5 layer high cappuccino chocolate
cake. Duo looked at it with wide eyes and looked about ready to dive
into the cake head first when Rashid took the knife and sliced it into
10 neat pieces even then each piece was wider than a fist. Then Rashid
handed each pilot a piece of cake on a plate with a fork bowed to
Quatre and took his leave. Duo dug into his cake with gusto and the
others followed at a more sedated rate. After the cake Duo cheerfully
announced, it was time for the gifts. Duo opened Wufei's gift first.
As he opened the plain white box all saw that inside was a dagger with
an ornate carved dragon for its' handle. Duo looked up "Thanks Wu-man
it's COOL!" Wufei just shook his head, "Perhaps I shouldn't have given
him a weapon". Trowa's gift was some wicked Circus pics and a few
passes to the Circus. Trowa then took something from the table. " It's
from Catherine" he said in a monotone. Duo opened the brightly
coloured paper to reveal a set of throwing knives. Duo's eyes lit up
and he let out a chuckle. " Is someone trying to tell me I need more
weapons, or what?" he asked cheerfully, eyeing the boxes of weapons.
Duo opened Quatre's gift next. Inside there were manga and magazines
galore and $50 cash. "Wow, thanks Quatre man, this is wicked" said
Duo. Then he slapped Quatre on the back, nearly making him spill his
tea in his lap. Quatre smiled and indicated to the last gift on the
table. Duo took Heero's gift in his hands and unwrapped the precisely
taped, precisely wrapped paper on the box. Then he pried open the lid.
Inside the box there was a black coffee mug with a gold rim. When he
pulled the mug out there was a packet of coffee inside. As he reached
to retrieve the packet his hand shook slightly. He turned to Heero
with a quizzical look in his expressive violet eyes. "How did you
know?" he asked "This is my favourite brand of coffee and my mug broke
four months ago." " You drink your coffee in my mug every morning. You
baka" responded Heero. " Did you think I wouldn't figure it out by
now?" Heero asked. Duo looked near tears and said " Thank you Heero,
no-one's ever done anything this nice for me before". Then he bounded
off to the kitchen to make coffee. He pulled out the regular cannister
and thought `I'll save this for a special occasion' and slipped the
packet of coffee into his huge pants pocket. When the coffee maker
finished bubbling signalling that the coffee was ready, Duo took the
new black mug filled it halfway with coffee and halfway with Tequila
from the liquor cabinet. Then he sat down. Wufei made a disgusted
sound at the drink and excused himself for bed. Four cups of spiked
coffee later, Duo gave a chuckle and stood up. He took two steps
successfully before promptly collapsing into an unconscious tangle of
braid and limbs on the floor. Heero snorted and rolled his eyes. He
picked up Duo and muttered "Baka" under his breath. He then carried
the unconscious boy to the disaster area he called a bedroom.

*End Flashback*

Quatre's lips turned up in a small smile, `No, Duo would not want him
to be sad and he wasn't going to spoil his memories of Duo, by crying
any longer.' Trowa yawned and stumbled out of the bedroom. `He looks
like a cat when he does that' thought Quatre fondly. Trowa sat down and
Quatre handed him a cup of tea. Trowa saw the mug that Quatre still
had, clutched tightly in his left hand. "Are you alright" he asked. He
knew what that mug meant to Duo, what it must mean to his Koibito.
"I'm fine" replied Quatre, then he smiled and Trowa felt as though a
long hidden ray of sunshine emerged from behind darkened clouds. Quatre
said, "I've decided to be happy to honour Duo's memory." Trowa put his
arms around Quatre's shoulders and pulled him into a tight embrace `I'm
glad he's alright' thought Trowa "this has been so hard on him'. They
started making breakfast then Heero came out of his room and sat down
at his laptop `this is hitting him hard even if he doesn't show it'
Trowa thought "anything new" he asked. Heero grunted a negative
response and continued to stare at the blank screen which cast a
strange blue light and his face softening his normally stony features.
"Breakfast is ready" Quatre announced with a little of his old cheer
back in his voice. Heero switched off the laptop and closed it then he
walked over and sat at the table with Trowa. Quatre said "I'll go get
Wufei" he went to Wufei's room and knocked on the door but there was no
answer. Quatre worried his lip then opened the door the room was empty
and on the neatly made bed there was a note with one line of flowing
script. It read "justice will be done" with the note still in hand
Quatre went out to tell the others.
Meanwhile Wufei crept along the dark air ducts of the Oz base in his
mind thoughts of the battle ahead ran wild he would avenge Maxwell's
death. Wufei crawled along the minimal light barely enough to see by.
Wufei put his hand down on something was not the hard metal surface of
the duct if fact it was soft and warm Wufei squinted in the dim light
and there in front of him was the body of a young girl. He reached and
placed two fingers on her delectate neck and under the calloused pads
of his fingers he felt the steady but weak pulse of the young woman's
heart. `Kisama' thought Wufei now this complicates maters even in the
faint light Wufei could see the blood on the pale dress the woman wore
and now he could smell the rusty iron scent of blood permeate the air.
Wufei cursed and sighed again what was he to do now. Suddenly the
woman's popped open the glazed over blue orbs locked on Wufei one frail
hand reached out and griped Wufei's sleeve "help me" she whispered
before her eyes closed once more and the body went limp. Wufei checked
one more she was still alive but wouldn't stay that way long. "I guess
my choice is made for me" he sighed the he changed direction and began
carrying the young woman out of here and to safety. After all he
thought the battle with Treize could wait till tomorrow but a life
could be saved today.

Duo looked at Jade and wondered what he was thinking right now. `He
has said anything since last night' thought Duo, `but at least he
hasn't frozen up'. Duo sighed `well time to wake him up' he decided Duo
approached the still sleeping figure of the of the boy and stoped about
arms reach away from the bed then he said in a voice loud enough to be
herd but quiet enough not to startle "Jade, it's time to wake up we
need to talk" Jade sat bolt upright on the bed his blue eyes scanning
the room then they locked on Duo. `Why is he still here?' thought Jade
`does he want something' Duo watched as jade's face showed fear then
suspicion and finally settled on an impassive expression not that there
was much there to see but Duo had experience both from his childhood
and from reading Heero. The thought of Heero brought a slight smirk to
Duo's lips `I wonder what he's doing now' thought Duo `probably typing
away on that thrice dammed laptop of his' it was then that he noticed
that Jade has gone on the defence every muscle in the boys body was
pulled taught `shit' thought Duo what did I do now he ran over
everything in his head and that's when he relived he had been smirking
and while he had been thinking of Heero but he had been looking at
Jade. Jade's thought's at this moment we all a whirl `first this guy
jumps me when I get out of the shower, then he gives me a blanket time
alone to get dressed and then insists I take the bed and he sleeps on
the floor he then tells me he wants to talk and starts smirking what in
hell is going on' Duo's voice broke through his thoughts "look" said
Duo "I know you find this hard to believe but you can trust me I just
want to talk I'll sit here" Duo said pointing to a chair across the
room from the bed but in plain sight of Jade "how's that?" asked Duo,
Jade just shrugged his shoulders so Duo sat down and said "now where
should I begin" "I guess I start by saying that I don't mean you any
harm I know that you might find this hard to believe given my
conflicting signals for that I must apologize for my mind was on other
things" Duo sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose "I would never
take advantage of you or anyone like that because...." Duo trailed off
as he shook his head to rid it of the memories that came flooding back
at his words "because I've been there. You see when I was younger i was
a street brat myself I know how it feels to be in your shoes. I know
what those marks on your body mean" Duo saw Jade about to protest when
he held up his hand he undid the buttons on the black over jacket and
took it off he was about to do the same thing with the white under
shirt that was now tinged grey and red from his recent adventures when
he saw Jade's weary look. "I just want to show you something"said Duo
he tugged off the under shirt and turned so that his back was to Jade "
you see" said Duo his voices barely a whisper "I know how you feel I
carry the marks with me too" Duo slid his shirt back on and looked Jade
in the eye and both boys saw the deep pain in the others soul reflected
there. Jade broke eye contact first as he stood and closed the space
between them he clasped Duo's shoulder and said in a voice to old and
to tired to belong to the young man speaking "so where do we go from
Meanwhile back in the Winner estate Quatre was in a state of panic
over Wufei's note " where is he" said Quatre "and what does he mean by
justice will be done" . "has anyone thought that perhaps he's gone to
challenge Treize." questioned Trowa quietly. The room went silent of
course that's it was the thought going through all their minds. "We
have to find him" said Quatre wringing his hands "he might get into
trouble" but Trowa held up a hand and stopped Quatre's speech "we can't
go after him" Trowa said " to do so could reveal him to the enemy or
put our own lives in danger and we can't afford that now." Quatre bow
his head "I guess your right Trowa we'll just have to wait and hope for
the best" he sighed .

Meanwhile as they worried about him and waited for him Wufei had
concerns of his own.

Wufei cursed as he ran through the silent cover of night to find a
safe house of some sort where he could save this woman he would of
brought her to a hospital but there were too many risks `let's just
hope I can do this on my own' thought Wufei grimly. His white clothes
were now pink with the blood she was losing. Finally Wufei thought as
the abandoned building he had seen on his way to the base appeared
before his eye. With a small sigh Wufei pushed open the door and
surveyed the cabin. There was a small but serviceable kitchen a
living/dining room area and a bedroom with an adjoining bathroom and
luckily enough two beds. With a sigh he set the woman down and went
into the bathroom to check for a fist aid kit a was relived when he
found one there. He went to the chore of patching the woman up and
blushing as he did so. It's only what is necessary he told him self
firmly but as he started on his work his expression turned grim and
after he was finished he ran a hand through his raven's wing black hair
and sighed `she's been through hell' he thought `when she wake's up
I'll ask her what happened' then he went into the kitchen to try
prepare something for his patient to eat when she woke up.