Lost and Found
part 1
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Duo winced his head felt like it was trying to split open not to
mention that every part of him hurt. As he stumbled around the city it
occurred to him that self destructing probably wasn't the best idea he
ever had. Now he was tired, hungry, lost and he hurt like hell, but at
least Oz hadn't gotten him or his Gundam. I have got to get to some
kind of
shelter thought Duo to himself. Just then a shadow flitted by the
edges of
his vision. "Shit!" Swore Duo silently Oz must have found me. Duo
into a corner and began looking for a weapon damn thought Duo there's
nothing here I can use. Two soldiers came by and stopped where Duo was
hiding. He crouched further in his hiding place and decided to listen
their conversation to see how much they knew. "... that rebel piolet
self destructed? " "No some blonde " Oh god! thought Duo do they mean
Quatre? I need more info on this. Duo remain crouched to hear the rest
of the conversation. "I hear the chick got away from Treize" "All this
for one girl?" "Yeah, weird huh she is supposed to have some vital
information or something" "Yeah or something. You wanna get a beer ?"
"Sure." The two soldiers left and Duo crept out of his corner into the
shadows of the night, all the while thinking that he had to get to
and the others and how they needed to get this girl before Oz did.


The atmosphere in the Winner residence was sombre and still.
The Gundam pilots were all here after successful completion of their
mission, but all thought the price of this had been too high. Quatre
thought mournfully of the last minutes of the battle that were still
running through his head.



They were all battling after the data was retrieved from the base.
Heero and
Trowa were escaping the base on foot. Wufei, Duo and Himself had been
creating a distraction for their escape. The battle was going well when
suddenly two more Oz battalions appeared there were just too many for
three who were already battered and running out of ammo. Then
was cornered and they both heard Duo's voice over the intercom telling
to move back. Before they had time to question what they had done,
exploded incinerating the Oz suits and setting off the explosives that
destroyed the base. His last words still crackling over the intercom
so sorry"



End flashback

Quatre knelt and wept. `Yes the price had been too high indeed.' A warm
hand clasped the desert princes shoulder and Quatre immediately
Trowa's strong long boned fingers. "It's not your fault" Trowa said
know Duo would hate to see you sad." "I know Trowa. but is just so
It hurts so much. We were so close Duo and I" replied Quatre his voice
laden with unshed tears. Trowa mused that at one time before his
relationship with Quatre blossomed, he had been jealous of Duo, but he
understood now that Quatre and Duo's relationship was more like the
between brothers. `Now that bond has been broken' thought Trowa sadly.
Trowa embraced Quatre "I know he didn't want to hurt you I think that's
what he meant by his last message." Quatre sighed "I guess your right
think I just need time *sigh* lets go to bed Trowa I'm feeling so
Trowa put his arm around Quatre's shoulder and led him to their shared
room but even as they retired, a pair of cobalt eyes looked up at the
clouded moon and a steely voice softened by sadness whispered. "Duo
are you? I know your still out there somewhere I can still feel you
out there." Then the figure cleared his throat emitted a "Hn" and
into the house. Then down from the sky a violet blossom fell and
settled in
the place where the prefect soldier had stood.


At the same time in a dark corner of a dark city, a young man lay
in the street his body bleeding from the damage inflicted on him. He
clutched a pendant in one hand the thing his attackers wanted and the
he risked his life to protect. The boy opened his hand and looked at
small piece of rose quartz on the thin chain. They had no idea what
were trying to take. `To them it's just money, to me it's my past and
.' He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He sat up but this simple
movement sent ripples of agony throughout his body. Suddenly a noise
further down the alley alerted him. He stood up and his entire body
with spasms of pain. Then with nothing but a blurring of the shadows a
flew out of the darkness and crashed into him. The boy looked down and
sprawled across him was another boy a very beautiful boy with long
hair. The boy as damaged as he was lifted the chestnut haired beauty
his arms and stumbled off to find shelter


When Duo awoke he was in unfamiliar surroundings. He lay in a bed
in what seemed to be a hotel room. Then he noticed the water running in
what must be the bathroom. He looked down and noted he was still fully
dressed, much to his immediate relief. He reached for his gun before he
remembered he didn't have it. `Shit!' thought Duo I lost it when I self
destructed `Damn!'. The water in the bathroom stopped and Duo knew his
chance was to surprise the enemy, so he hid behind the partially open
bathroom door. Then a figure walked out. He sprang from his place and
crashed into the other body. They both went down with a thump the other
struggled for a moment then went still. The body under him trembled
and a
soft voice said "Just make it quick." Duo looked down at the body
him. It was a boy, he looked about 17. He had dirty blonde hair which
to his mid back and his eyes were squeezed shut. His frame was slightly
larger than Duo's own. His body from what Duo could see, was badly
His torso lay dotted with the purple blossoms of bruises and he had
nasty open cuts. Duo also noticed some scars from previous injuries.
lifted himself off the body and that's when he saw the cuts and bruises
the thighs and the welts on the wrists and ankles. Duo lowered his eyes
shook his head he knew what these were signs of. No one lives on the
long without seeing it or experiencing it. The boy still didn't move
that Duo expected him to. The prime rule is the less you struggle the
it hurts. Duo sighed, walked over to the bed retrieved the blanket and
dropped it on the boy. The boy opened his eyes shocked and looked down
the blanket covering him. He stared at Duo in amazement. Sheepishly Duo
rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry" he started "I thought you were an
." The other boy didn't say anything but he did wrap himself in the
and nodded, and Duo knew this was a good sign. `Now to find out who he
and why he helped me' thought Duo. He cleared his throat "So what's
name?" he questioned. The boy looked wary for a moment his posture
stiffening slightly then replied "Its Jade". "Jade huh" said Duo. Then
smiled held out his hand and said "Hi my name's Duo, Duo Maxwell."


Wufei sat on the floor of his room in the Winner estate. He was
meditating or trying to, but every time he tried to relax he found
angry. `What could be making me so mad if I'm ever to relax I'll have
find out' thought Wufei. `Duo?' `No I'm not mad at Duo. All I feel is
sadness at his loss. I'll miss his ability to smile even when things
grim but still become serious when needed. He's so much like Meiran in
way.' Much to his irritation Wufei found tears running down his face.
wiped them away angrily and berated himself for crying them, after all
Meiran's been gone a year now and there's no use crying over something
unimportant. Wufei shook his head and continued his previous line of
thought. `Myself perhaps? No! Although I am annoyed at myself. I
couldn't do
anything more to help him. It's not the same thing as the burning
hatred I
feel. `Oz' the name came screaming into his head but more specifically
glorious leader of Oz. `Treize.' At the mere thought of the man hot
of anger and hatred burned within him. Wufei stood. He knew what he
must do.
"I will fight Treize once more and this time I will be victor, for all
them" having said this Wufei took his sword and departed swiftly and
stealthily into the night the only thing marking his movement are the
curtains as they blow through the now open window into the cool night