*A very tired looking fic writer walks out on stage* hello everyone
*yawns* I got a muse recently so I'll let him introduce this new fic
*yawns* bey bey * Dolphin stumbles off stage

Tony: Hello I am Dolphin's Muse... Today we have a crossover fic it's
Ranma ½ & GW of course it's a 1x2 parring [standard disclaimers
of these people belong to Dolphin she is using them for enjoyment
out for OOC] so here it is the Prologue for *trumpets blares*
/ is thoughts eg. /blah/ he thought

The Female Problem

Ranma was walking home to the Tendo Dojo when he heard the sound of
an argument down the street /better check that out if it's something
about me I can prepare for it./ When he got there he saw a girl with
short dark brown hair and a boy with a long chestnut coloured braid
fighting over something

Girl: Come on and stop acting so put down it's me who's got the
handicap *glares at the boy*

Boy: But.....but just look your .......

/beautiful/ thought Ranma

Girl: I'm what? *glares strong enough to melt concrete*

Boy: *eeps* Never mind

Girl: look Duo if were going to find Ranma Saotome we have to keep

/so the boys' name is Duo/ Ranma thought

Duo: no.....I want get it as much as you do but I'm tired

Girl: *glares* were going now!

Duo: ok...ok already sheesh

The boy and girl walked off leaving Ranma to wonder just what he had
done this time.


Tony: Dolphin says she will continue this fic if there is any
interest in it comment, questions, complements and criticism well
and wanted *walks off stage* bey bey all.