* A hand shoves Tony out on stage and much grumbling heard behind the

Tony: hello Minna um Dolphin is busy writing a history report and is
in a bad mood*ducks as a large hard cover book flies through the
curtain at him* so I'm going to bring you the story today. Standard
disclaimers [ Dolphin doesn't own the G-boys or the Ranma ½ crew
what a shame. Oh and story contains Yaoi....you have been warned] so
now with out further delay I present

The Female Problem:part 1

Ranma walked into the Tendo Dojo hoping for a few minutes of quiet.
Instead what he got was "Ranma prepare to die". Ranma turned around
and dodged a blow from Ryoga's umbrella .

"Geeze Ryoga what is it now?" questioned Ranma as he and Ryoga fought
in, on and around the Tendo house. They had reached the back yard
Genma `accidentally' knocked Ranma into the Koi pond.
leapt out of the water and splashed Genma then Ranma-chan chased
old man'. Ryoga watched the battle between the panda and the girl
there was a knock on the door. It may have gone unnoticed in the din
as loud as the fighting was but Kasumi heard it and went to the door.
At the door stood a boy with long chestnut hair in a braid.

"Uh" the boy paused listening to the fight in the background "is this
the Tendo house?"

"Yes" said Kasumi smiling "come in"

"Uh thanks" said the boy "Um I'm looking for Ranma Saotome" at the
mention of his name Ranma appeared and eyed the boy from earlier.

"Yeah" said Ranma.

"Um there must be a mistake I'm looking for a boy named Ranma
Duo said.

"I am Ranma Saotome" Ranma shifted in a fighting position ready for

Duo blinked a few time before saying "Thank god you have to help us"

"Us?" questioned Nabiki from the door " I only see one of you"

"Umm"the boy stammered "my partner h-she's not here we didn't quite
know where the house was so we split up"

They eyed him for a few minutes before deciding that he was harmless.
Kasumi went into the kitchen Genma sat at the table and played
Checkers{2} with Soun. Nabiki went off to do what ever it is she does
and Ranma stood there and stared at Duo. Duo sweat dropped ugh this
was going to be a long day.


{1}umm I don't know if this is accurate I'm just calling his girl
that ok *sweat drops *
{2}uh does any one know the name of the game they play? Can you tell
me if you do?

Tony: well Minna what did you think? Comments, questions, compliment
and criticism welcomed and wanted. Ja ne