Thanksgiving is in a week! Whoo!! Spending time with family, being forced off the comp...oh wait...that's not good. *wail* Anyway- Enjoy. ^^
Title - Thanksgiving..
Spawned - By a wicked cute picture..

The kitchen was in chaos. Heero, who had somehow gotten hold of a pink frilly apron, was staring blankly at the frozen turkey on the counter.

Behind him, Duo and Quatre were making 'fresh' cranberry sauce. Actually, the can opener wasn't working out right and they were struggling to get the part-way opened can to yield to them. So far, the can was winning in the strength department. Trowa was herding a livid Wufei out of the kitchen. Somehow, Wufei had taken it upon him self to over see the Thanksgiving work.

No one, of course was even listening to him. Heero ignored the chatting of Duo and Quatre. The turkey was rather large and the microwave was rather small. He glared at the tiny microwave. Somehow, that bird had to fit. His eyes lit up as he quickly processed exactly what could be done for the poor freezing bird.

Duo and Quatre finally admitted defeat to the can. Brushing locks of hair from his eyes, Duo glanced up at Quatre.

"It's gotta open." Quatre nodded his agreement. Duo rested his chin in his hands, looking at the can. He looked up, seeing Heero troop by, his arms full of measuring equipment and other mass demolitionary objects.

"Uh-Heero..?" Heero turned slightly. "Whatcha doin?"

Heero glanced down and back at Duo. "Mission." He set his armload on the counter next to the still frozen turkey.

Duo blinked. "Mission?" Heero nodded once and went back to ignoring him. Duo shrugged and went back to the unopenable can dilemma. " do we open this?"

Quatre sighed. "A can opener?"

Duo glared. "That'd be nice, but seeing as..." His voice trailed off as Trowa walked by, dropping off a brand new can opener on his way through. He took the can opener and proceeded to open the can. This time, the Duo Quatre team won over the Can From Hell. As they dumped the 'fresh' cranberry sauce into a china dish, Heero was busy customizing the microwave.

The tip of his tongue peeked trough his lips as he proceeded to measure the inside of the tiny microwave. Hn. He thought so. Not even big enough for his coffee. An unholy grin surfaced on his lips. That'd be changing real soon. As he worked, in the living room, Trowa was painfully listening to Dorothy going on and on about the 'Lady Releena' and how that lout Heero didn't deserve to breath the same air as Releena-sama. he fought the strange urge to run back into the kitchen. But, Quatre made him promise to stay out. Just as Dorothy was about to say more, an explosion stopped her. Both were on their feet in a flash. Billows of smoke trailed from the kitchen. His Quatre! Leaping over the couch, he ran toward the smoking kitchen. Three soot covered bodies exited, spilling more smoke.

"What happened?" he questioned. Duo, too busy cleaning his lungs out, didn't answer. Heero was too busy studying blue prints.

Quatre looked up, his blue eyes watery. "Somehow the microwave exploded." Trowa's visible eye widened slightly. He glanced at Duo. Who shook his head.

"I didn't do it this time!" He gestured toward Heero, who was still going over his blueprint. "Power-happy Heero did that. Just before it exploded-" his voice broke off and his eyes widened. "Oh no! The turkey!" Heero looked up.

"The turkey wasn't able to withstand the heat applied to it."

Duo blinked and looked at him. "Excuse me?"

Heero sighed. "And the microwave couldn't withstand the system I installed."

So, the turkey was ash, and the kitchen was covered in smoke and soot. Thanksgiving was ruined. Or was it?

Just as it would happen, Releena showed up, full turkey dinner in hand. She had explained as Duo and Quatre mobbed her and took the food into the living room, that she figured that the boys probably didn't know any domestic skills. After all, hello 'Thy-chan, they were soldiers, no she didn't get attacked or anything, and most soldiers didn't have time to, of course she'd sit beside her, learn how to cook. As Heero and Trowa moved the table into the kitchen, Duo and Quatre, with the unwilling help of Wufei, gathered the dishes together. Releena and Dorothy watched as the five quickly set the table.

Heero, pink apron still on, stalked toward the cooked bird. In his hand, a leveler. He lay the leveler beside the bird. Frowned, moved the bird and measured again. A faint smile and he sat beside Duo. Across from them, Wufei glaring at the tittering girls. Trowa and Quatre were too involved staring into each others eyes to really do anything. Releena was busy whispering something into Dorothy's ear. Who in turn blushed and giggled. Beside them, Wufei was on the verge of a massive nose bleed.