Title- Stargazer

The weather was just right for snow. If only it were slightly colder. Duo Maxwell walked along a lonely road, humming softly. Tonight was Christmas Eve and everything was nearly perfect. He had walked to the store and picked up eggs, for the eggnog, milk, also for the eggnog, and candy canes. Everything was perfect. Until bright lines shined upon him. He turned, seeing a truck barreling down on him. Startled, common sense took a holiday.

He didn’t even feel it as the truck slammed into him. Thrown into the air, he could only think of one thing. That the eggs were going to be cracked. The pavement rushed up to greet him. His eyesight fuzzy, he could only lay there listening to the sounds of the truck driving off. Well Hell.

A hit-an-run. He would have laughed at the irony, but his lungs were too full of blood to do anything except trying to breathe. In his mind’s eye, he knew what he looked like. A broken holiday doll on the cold concrete. His vision cleared somewhat. He was on his back, his arm tucked painfully under him. Since he couldn’t feel his legs, he assumed that his lower spine was broken. But at least he could see the stars. Being on Earth had its perks. Staring at the stars was one of them.

When he was younger, he used to glance up and dream. Dream of living safe in a house with a real family. He did get one eventually. He grinned crookedly. Oh the hell he used to raise. And yet, they loved him anyway. Sorrow touched his eyes briefly. But as Fate is, she took them away from him. He still blamed himself for it. If he hadn’t of stolen that stupid MS, they would still be alive. Of course, he wouldn’t be piloting his Gundam either.

After being alone yet again, he found another friend. A machine to be exact. He placed his anger and guilt into this machine and gave it a name. Deathscythe. Together, they killed many. But each death did nothing to appease his anger and guilt over what had happened so long ago.

He stared back upwards, grinning at the bright stars. His eyes widened. Something white was drifting downward. He tried to watch, but it floated out of his view. He turned his hopeful gaze back up. More white falling toward earth. A giddy laugh bubbled in his throat. A single flake landed on his nose. He crossed his eyes to stare at it before it melted. As it melted, another took its place. His grin faded. So hypothermia was also the way he was going out. What an unromantic way to go. Freezing to death.

He scowled and winced. So moving was still out of the question. As the snow thickened, he gazed back at the sky. He still would have the last laugh. He was Shinigami. He had to have the last laugh. Due to the cold, his body began to slowly shutdown. Shivering slightly, he laughed once, the blood beginning to seep from his lips. Well damn. Taken out by a snowflake or a million. Fate was a bitch. He sighed, picturing the look on Heero’s face when he opened his gift. He had gotten him ‘Relaxing for Dummies’. Heero would probably threaten his life again. No biggie there, it happened all the time. For Quatre, he picked up ‘Blackmail By Innocence’. Trowa got a box of mousse for his hair. For Wufei, Duo had gotten him a beautiful set of kanata. Releena had helped him pick out the gifts. The girl was alright. For her, he picked up a black jacket. He saw her eyeing the jacket, wistfulness in her eyes. Duo sighed, his eyes going blurry again. With a frown he fought to keep them open. But it was hard, with him being warm all of a sudden. Taking a quick nap seemed like such a wonderful idea.

It was, after all a long walk back to the safe house.

Bright lights hit his face and he winced faintly. He looked up, seeing Heero. Glancing to the left, he saw Wufei, Trowa and Quatre. Each had worried expressions on their faces. Heero bent down, to pick him up. Duo shook his head. “No. You’ll cause more harm then good.” Heero scowled. “What happened?”

Duo grinned crookedly. “I got hit by a stray snowflake.” He sobered quickly. “A hit and run. When I find them, I’ll slash their tires or something.” He looked at Quatre. Who had unshed tears in his eyes. There was also a question. To which Duo gave a vague nod. Quatre gasped, the tears spilling from his eyes. Duo glanced back at Heero who was removing something from the van. A stretcher. “Heero, don’t worry about that.” Heero paused briefly. “I wanna say that this has got to be the best Christmas I’ve ever had.” Duo grinned sadly.

Wufei snorted. “Maxwell, stop talking as if it’s your last.” Duo winked.

Trowa glanced at the crying Quatre and stared at Duo. Trowa dipped his head in a slight nod and led his koi away. Wufei watched them go. “Duo..” Duo looked at him. Wufei shrugged and walked away. Heero was trying to see exactly how bad Duo’s wounds were. “Heero, don’t worry about the wounds.”

Heero paused to stare at Duo. “What do you mean?” Duo shrugged slightly and winced.

“I’ve been decorating the pavement for at least two hours. A truck hit me, sent me flying. My spine is busted all to Hell and I think my arm is broken as well. How did you guys find out?”

Heero frowned. “Quatre collapsed an hour ago. We’ve been trying to find you. We found a totaled truck further down the road. No survivers.” Duo grinned and chuckled, wincing at the pain. More blood leaked from his lips.

“Fate’s a Bitch huh? Do me a favor will ya?” Heero nodded. “Locate Maxwell Church for me? Bury me there.” His eyes drifted shut. “Oh yeah. You remember your Pink Floyd tape? My machine ate it.” He fell silent, Heero staring at him.

“Duo…” He got no answer. “Duo? Wake up. Now?” The last word was whispered, and it sounded as if it were a plea. Sorrow flickered in his eyes before his ice expression settled back over it. He got up and walked over to his silent friends. “We locate Maxwell Church tonight.”