Title- Sick Days 4 (possibly the last...?)
Disclaimy- *sigh* Wish I did, but I don't. These Bishies don't belong to me. And the Twit of the world doesn't. ^_^
Warnings- Hmm... Decide for yourself!
After remaintling the furniture back together, four uneventful days went by. As usual, the five were issued a mission. Unfortunitly, both Duo and Quatre came down with a doozy of the flu. Duo tried to talk Heero into letting him go with them, but Heero told him and Quatre that they were a liliblity. After being heavily dosed with sleeping medicine and making sure that nothing in the house could be used or broken, the three pilots left.

Quatre was the first to struggle awake. His head pounding, he stumbled into the dark bathroom. He fumbled with the light and winced when the overly bright light stunned his optic nerves. He spotted the medicine cabinet. It did not occure to him to wonder why the others had acted the way that they did. He just wanted to get rid of the headache. He yanked open the cabinet. His mouth opened slightly. Not one bottle was sparred. With a whimper, he saught out Duo. Who was beginning to stir from the drug induced sleep. Quatre shook Duo's shoulder. "Duo.." he whined. "M'head hurts.." Duo's eyes cracked open slightly. Duo's eyes shut again. Quatre shook his shoulder harder. "What..?" Duo mumbled. He borrowed under the covers. "Duo...m'head hurts," Quatre whined pitifully. Duo sighed, rolling over to face Quatre. "Check m'bag," he murmered. Quatre nodded, stumbling over to Duo's black duffle bag. He fought with the zipper, but manged to coax it to open up. He blinked, trying to get the items inside the black bag to hold still. They wouldn't listen. He sighed. Rummaging, he found three bottles. Each had different colored pills in them. He attempted to read the labels. After two seconds, he gave up and made his way to Duo. "Duo.." He shook Duo's shoulder. Duo muttered something. "Duo.." he tried again. Duo opened one eye and stared at him. "What?" Quatre showed him the bottles. "Which one?" Duo sat up slightly. "Don' know. The letters won't stand still. Jus' try 'hem all, I s'pose." Quatre nodded, and faught with the caps. After the caps were thrown across the room, he shook a few pills from each bottle and swallowed them whole.

Ten minutes later...
Duo cringed, hearing Quatre's butchering of one of his favorite songs. With a sigh, he peared about, looking for those pills. If they made Quatre better, they had to make him better, right? He found the bottles and shook out the pills and swallowed them, washing them down with a glass of water that he kept on his nightstand.

Ten Minutes later-
A blur of black flew from upstairs and landed on the couch. Behind him, a blur of brown and light pink. The blur tripped over thin air and laughed gleefully. Duo laughed, feeling absolutly great. He peered at the giggling Quatre. "So, now what?" Quatre sat up. "I know!" He leaped up and whispered in Duo's ear. The already glazed look glazed even more. They nodded and began the chore of moving the couch outside. Just as they got the large couch out of the living room, the doorbell rang. Both looked toward the door. Duo was the first to answer it. "Oi!! Releena! Hi! Please, come in," Duo chirped, pulling the slightly stunned Releena inside. She looked around. "Have you-" She squeeked when Quatre and Duo pounced, pinning her to the ground.
"Hold her! I gotta get something!" In a flash, Quatre was on his feet and in the kitchen. When he returned, he had a bag.

Thirty minutes later, at least twelve rolls of duct tape and a couple of yards of rope later....

"Wow.." Duo whispered, staring at the ceiling. Quatre nodded. Suspended from the ceiling was a wriggling grey bundle. A few strands of blondish brown hair stuck out. Duo giggled. "A grey catapiller!" Quatre grinned, dissolving into giggles. Duo glanced around, noting the couch. "Ya think we outta finish?" Quatre's giggles subsided and he nodded. They lugged the couch outside. Several trips were made to move every peice of furniture outside.

Three hours later-

The three pilots returned home, not really noticing the scuffed grass. Blowing up an OZ base did that sometimes. Wufei opened the door and stopped in his tracks, causing the other pilots to bump into him. Peering around his shoulder, their eyes widened.
Not one piece of furniture was in the house. Even the rugs were gone. Hearing a muffled sound, they looked up. A grey shape was suspened by a large amount of rope from the ceiling. Each pilot looked at eachother and sought out the two 'sick' pilots. Twent minutes of searching went by and no Duo or Quatre. They went outside, calling their names. Heero was the first to fall. Out of nowhere, a pillow whapped Heero in the back of the head, knocking him down. Laughter. Heero, getting to his feet, glanced up. His mouth fell open. Duo and Quatre were on the roof. Playing volley ball with a pillow. All of the furniture was stacked on the roof. The three pilots looked at eachother, not speaking.