Title- Sick Days 3
Silly Disclaimy- I wish I owned these Bishonen extreme, but alas, I don't.
Warnings- The flu strikes again! *evil laughter*
An' it's slightly longer.... Again, Trowa isn't one of my favorite characters.
After Wufei's 'sickness', Heero stormed to the hanger. He was past anger. He was past rage. His room, ruined beyond belief. All because of one certain, still napping person. He entered the hanger, glad that his gundam was safe. He opened the hanger, to do some work on it. Plushie Hell. He blinked, his eyes narrowing to slits. Wufei was dead.

(Authoress interuption! yeah yeah. Weird start. No worries. It's that way for a reason..I think?)
Next Morning-
Trowa and Quatre set about attempting to fix Heero's room. Duo was watching, grinning. "I don't think I've ever heard anyone scream quite like that," he said, beginning to laugh. Quatre glanced at Trowa. "Speaking of which, where is Mr. Self Destruct?" Duo looked out of the room. "I think he went to the hanger," Quatre replied. Giving up on the pink, Trowa and Quatre stood. They followed Duo into the kitchen, where the strange behavior had began. Trowa went to the cupboards, to prepare something to drink. He pulled down a ceramic jar, which slipped from his fingers and shattered when it greeted the floor. "Trowa!" Quatre was by his side in a flash. Trowa looked at him, his eye glassy. "Ano.." Trowa said, fainting. Quatre barely caught him. "Duo, help me!" Duo nodded and slipped one of Trowa's arms over his shoulders. Together, Duo and Quatre made it to Trowa's room. "I'll go wake sleeping beauty," Duo said, leaving. Not bothering to knock, he entered Wufei's room. "Oi, Wufei, wake up. Trowa sorta fainted," he said poking Wufei in the arm. Wufei's eyes opened, glaring at Duo. "What do you want?" he asked. Duo opened a blind, causing bright light to flood the room. Wufei winced and tried to borrow deeper under the protective covers. With a grin, Duo yanked the covers off with a flourish. Wufei, giving up on sleep, sat up and glared. "Trowa's sick. We gotta get some medicine for him," Duo said. Wufei frowned. "Don' worry. I'll have Quatre come with us. He knows Trowa better than us anyway." With that, he pulled the protesting Wufei to his feet. When they entered Trowa's room, Quatre looked up. Trowa was still somewhat unconscience. "Uh- Quatre, I think we should go to get whatever stuff he needs," Duo said. Quatre nodded and they left.

Trowa's eyes cracked open slightly. His head felt muddled. With a soft groan, he sat up and swung his feet onto the flour. He spotted a note on the nightstand. -Trowa. Duo, Wufei, and I went to get you some medicine. Stay in bed.-
He disreguarded the note and stumbled toward the bathroom. He blinked to clear the waving walls into stablitilty. It didn't work. Using his hand, he walked to the bathroom. The door was shut. He fumbled with the knob. It swing open, nearly causing him to fall. Steadying himself by bracing his weight on the counters, he eyed the medicine cabinet. He knew that he shoud wait for Quatre to return, but a painful headache was beginning to form. He opened the cabinet, staring at the wide aray of bottles. Which one stopped the headaches? He pulled a light tan bottle from it's place and tried to stare at the label. He replaced it and pulled out another one. Judging from the length of the blurry words, it was one of those long named pain killers. He battled with the child-proof lid and succeeded with opening the bottle, although he ruined the lid. Being that the headache was large, he took a few. He swallowed them, followed by a mouth-full of water.

Ten Minutes Later-
Trowa swept, arms outstretched, through the living room and into the kitchen. Pausing long enough to see that the room was boring, he swooped out. Dropping his arms, he grinned gleefully. What this boring place needed was some life! He skipped out of the door and headed for the woods. After coaxing several types of fluffy type of animals, he lead them all inside. "I am Noah!" he cried, going back outside to recruite more creatures of the furry kind. He made ten trips in total. By the time he was done, there was fur, scales and feathers everywhere. Rabbits scurried around, munching on the carpet. Birds perched on the railing. Leaving the animals to wander, he went to the bathroom again and grabbed a few rolls of toilet paper. Then, he proceded to toilet paper the house. Not a bare spot was spared. When he ran out of toilet paper, he used Duct tape. He dusted his hands, proudly admiring his handi-work. Grey and white covered the walls, floors and part of the ceiling. He chuckled, seeing that in his taping, that some of the animals were attached to the sticky tape. Luckily, none of them were hurt. He went to the kitchen, sidestepping the rabbits and other creatures. On impluse, he dismantled the table. He stepped back, admiring it. The four tables were balanced on top of eachother. That gave him an idea. In a fury of movement, he dismantled every piece of furniture. The stairs, he left alone. Afterall, should his headach return, he'd need to get to those pills. A wave of tireness hit him, causing him to yawn. He trudged upstairs, toward his room. Flopping down on the bed, he fell asleep.

Wufei, Duo, Quatre, and Heero entered the house. Shock from each of them. Rabbits, birds and other creatures littered the living room. The walls were covered with ...toilet paper and duct tape. And the furniture! Not a piece was sparred. Each dismantled peice of furniture had been used to make a Gundam of sorts. But it was too...strange looking to judge exactly which gundam it was. "Okay...." Duo said, his mind blank.