Title- Sick Days 2
Worthless Disclaimy- I don't own any of these Bishonen. Wish I did. But I don't.
Warnings - OOC depending on your view. An' it's short.
Three weeks had went by since the mysterious kitchen bombing. If you looked closely, you could still see the remains of the potato flakes and flour. The five pilots, having nothing better to do, were headed out to eat at a resturant. Just as Wufei slipped his coat on, he spasmed as a torrent of sneezes racked his body. After the sneezing fit subsided, Quatre spoke. "Wufei, maybe you should stay home." The others, minus Heero, nodded. Injustice! "I am f-fi-," his complaint was cut off by a rude sneeze. Fuming, he watched the others leave.

Thirty minutes later-

Wufei scowled. Boredom wasn't his favorite activity. He sighed, picking up the remote control and flicked the tv on. Two minutes of aimless surfing and he clicked off the tv. He got to his feet, pausing to sneeze again, and went to the kitchen. Hunger knawed at his stomach. With a frown, he opened the refrigerater. And blinked. Now, why was the frig moving like that? He shook his head, regretting it as a wave of dizzyness came over him. He fought the dizziness, refusing to loose to a weakness like that. He shut the frig, feeling slightly queezy. Maybe the medicine cabinet had something to sooth his protesting stomach.
He made it to the bathroom by gripping the bansister and hugging the walls. The medicine cabinet danced before his eyes. He scowled, squinting at the dancing cabinet. He pulled open the cabinet and stared at the bottles. So many... He grabbed a light brown bottle and stared at the label. No matter how much he quinted, the damn letters wouldn't come into focus. With a snort of discust, he dropped the bottle and grabbed another one. Again, he stared at the label. he could barely make out a letter C and figured that it was a congestant medicine. After a short battle with the child-proof cap, he succeeded in popping off the cap. Dumping a few pills into his palm, he swallowed them and chased away the bitter tast with a glass of cool water.

Ten Minutes later-

Rock music blasted through the house. Wufei was stacking furniture on top of one another. The table was on the bottom. An arm chair was next. He pondered for awhile, looking around. He spied the TV and grabbed it. After struggling with it, he convinced the tv to stay on the armchair. He got bored and studied his leaning tower of furniture. With a happy hum, he skipped from the living room and went upstairs. His first target - Heero Yuy's room. He threw open the door, tsking at the lack of color. Dreary dreary. With a happy hum, he left Heeros room and went straight for Quatre's. Luckily, Quatre had plently of lovely pastels. With a happy giggle, he took the curtains and a few other decorations and returned to Heero's room. First, he stripped Heero boring bed and replaced the sad blue covers with the salmon colored spread. He stepped back, admiring his work. Not bad, not bad. Then, he took the curtains, which were an extremely bright blue, and put those over the windows. He left the room, happy at the now cheerfulness. A slight headache niggled at his temples and he went to the bathroom and took a few more of those pills. He made another trip to Quatre's room to grab a few assental items, which happened to be plushies. He heard a crash and went investigate. Oh..his lovely tower had toppled. Ah well. He went downstairs, ignoring the toppled tower. Plushies in arm, he made his way to the hanger. After some tinkering, he now sat in the cockpit of Wing. The cokpit, like Heero's room, screamed lack of fashion. The plushies would be perfect! Spending a few minutes of placing the plushies in specific places, he studied his handiwork. Rather nice. A elephant plushie hung from the over head handles. A monkey say peacefully by the self-detonation button. The other plushies were conversing amongst themselves in various areas. With a giggle, he left the cockpit and went back to the house. The others were still away. He wandered toward the kitchen and spotted several cans of paint. More ways to decorate! He grabbed the cans and went to Heero's room. By the time he was done, Heero's walls were a rather loud shade of pink. The ceiling, a screaming green. Unfortunitly, the paint fumes made him dizzy. He left the cans where they were, went to his room and took a nap.

Thirty Minutes later-
The four pilots returned home. They stared at the toppled furniture. They glanced at eachother and searched the house for anyother damage. A scream came from Heero's room. The other three dashed into Heero's room, guns drawn. They reached the door. Three jaws opened in shock. Neighter spoke at the horridly clashing colors. Quatre spoke. "I don't want to know.."