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Warnings- I haven't gotten that far.
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Okay, here it goes. He glanced at the book in hand. Easy as one two and three, right? Yeah, right. He skipped over two and went past four. His fist clentched in reflex. Well, duh. When something got in his way, it usually died. He frowned. Unlike one particular thing that no matter how much he tried, it kept popping up. He tried Gas. Didn't work. Posion. It merely got sick..on his suit. He even tried shooting it, the bullet grazed it. He shook his head, turning back to the task at hand. He turned the page. Okay..One, two, slide turn. Okay, he conquered that step. With a nod, he turned the page. And blinked. He turned the book sideways, still staring at it. He was supposed to do what..? Ha! He turned the page. Ah, a thing he could do. Slide, spin, back two and dip. Success!! He turned the page. And stared. Oh my.. He carefully pulled the object that had captured his attention and studied it.

Who would have thought that that person could twist like -that-? And judging from the end pose, it was the one he skipped over. Huhm. If the person in the photo could do it, well, he could to.

He turned the page back and studied the directions. It looked easy enough. He snorted. As easy as killing the -Thing-. There had to be a way to kill it. Stepping on it would be no good. It'd probably bounce back on it's feet, screaming it's war cry that seemed to grate across his nerves. He slowly went through the steps, so far..so good. Then came the ending. Luck wasn't with him. His foot twisted and he fell. A sickening -crack- and a rush of pain. Well, Damn.

He ankle was broken. He threw the book into the fire, after removing the photo, of course. He considered setting the ankle decided against it. Ankles were not his best fixing area. Legs. No problem. Rib bones, easy as cake. He'd kill for some right about now. Chocolate, with that coconut frosting. Instead, he waited for the others to return home.

*cringe* AH! I hate it. I do not know whether this is the ending or not.....I haven't decided yet...