*waves* It's me again. Scared yet? Osh, I hope not. Anyway, here is the second chapter of Gundam Zone. I am warning ya'll now, I have no idea where this fic is headed. You have been warned.....And sorry if there are any typos..
I do not own Gundam Wing or it's characters. I am merely plucking them from their universe and using them for my own amusement. (Wufei ~death glare~) Aww....He looks so cute...a grey caterpiller! *ahem* Anyway, enjoy.....




The black screen fades to white. Duo steps out of the shadows. "Oh, don't worry folks. I"m not done yet. This is intermission. Feel free to move about. But watch out for those nifty heat activated mines. Hee-chan has been so spazzy as of late." He glances around. In a stage whisper,"I still think it's all that Pez and coffee." A shoe flies out and whacks Duo upside the head. He sighs. "Anyway, where were we?" He looks off stage. Turns back to the audience. He grins. "Ah yes. Poor, poor Wu-chan is out cold on Quatre's carpet." As he speaks, the screen flares to life, showing the exact scene. He walks off stage.

After Wufei's collaspe, Duo crouched down and poked him in the shoulder. Getting no reaction, he poked again. "Hmm. What do ya know. Mr. Justice has fainted." He looked up. Quatre gave him a look that'd melt ice. "Aw...Quat-man. Don't go doing that." Quatre sniffled. "Duo. This isn't a nice thing to do. You should be ashamed of yourself." Duo's head dropped. A giggle escaped his lips. "But I'm not!" he crowed. He looked down at Wufei. "I still think he deserves every bit of it." He looked to Trowa for support. "Trowa? You agree.. Right?" Trowa didn't answer. But the slight twinkle in his eye spoke volumes. "Trowa! Not you too!" Quatre cried. Trowa shrugged, barely. "It would seem that this is a fitting punishment for Wufei," he said faintly. Quatre gasped, in shock. "But Trowa! It's not nice!" He looked at Duo. "It is reverseable?" Duo didn't answer. "Duo? It isn't?" Duo looked up. "I don't know.. Ummei* didn't tell me how long it'd last." He shrugged. "But I doubt it'll last longer than at least three weeks." The body stirred. "Oi, Wu-chan. You're awake." Wufei sat up, holding his head. "What happened?" he asked groggily. The last thing he remembered was- His eyes widened. Looking down, he yelped. "Duo! You cur. Return me back to my original state!" Duo avoided his eyes. "Ah...I can't" Wufei got to his feet and grabbed the front of Duo's shirt. "Excuse me? What do you mean you can't?" he demanded, his voice getting shrill. Duo gently pried Wufei's hands from his throat. "Just that. I -uh had a friend do this." He glanced at Wufei, his violet eys twinkling. The glare the Wufei gave Duo would have shattered glass. Duo edged away from Wufei and hid behind Heero. "Heh. YOu're not too mad...are you?" Wufei looked at him. "I'm stuck like this? In a woman's body! It's not possible. There is no Justice in this!" As he worked himself into a fine Justice Rant™, Duo glanced at Heero. "Oh, trust me. There's Justice in this.." His voice trailed off as he watched Wufei pace the carpet, Rant in full swing. "Think we can get away?" he whispered. Heero nodded once and they silently left.



*Meaningless notes that I felt were semi nessessary. Ummei means either Fate or Destiny. Let's just say that Duo's got some 'Divine Connections'.