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Duo walks on stage, his braid somewhat mussed, and his suit slightly torn. Offering a cheeky grin, he turns to the screen, which is showing an image of Wufei Chang scowling. He turns to the audience. "Now, let the fun begin!" He walks back off screen.
Wufei woke, his mouth feeling fuzzy. His thoughts slightly muddled, he glanced around the room. Which of course, wasn't his. "MAXWELL!!" He tumbled from the bed, rants of Justice already forming in his mind. "That BAKA," he seethed. "He got me drunk, and then dumped me into his bed! How dare he!" So caught up in his ranting, he missed Duo's enterance. "Hey, Wu-chan. What's wrong?" Wufei turned, fixing a glare of death upon the grinning boy. "What's wrong? You have the gall to ask me what's wrong?" Wufei advanced on the Shinigami pilot, murder formost in his mind. That's when it hit him. He stopped, mid-step. His voice! It was different! His voice, always low, was somewhat higher. Duo watched him, his violet eyes barely sparkling with humor. Serves the baka right, he thought. Now, where's my camera? He left the room. Two minutes later, a very shrill scream tore through the air. Nearly laughing, Duo stumbled downt he stairs only to run into Heero. "Hee-chan, this is probably the best prank that's ever happened!" Gasping through giggles, he heard Heero say,"Hn.." Slipping an arm about Heero's waist, Duo looked into Heero's blue eyes. "You will play along, won't you?" His tone was begging. Heero didn't answer, of course. Duo tugged Heero into the kitchen, where Quatre and Trowa were discussing vanilla ice cream. "I really don't see why you like it," Trowa said. His visible eye was fixed on his spoon, which was full of white melting cream (Hentai thoughts anyone?). Glancing up, he saw Duo and Heero enter. "That was Wufei screaming?" Duo nodded, breaking into another fit of giggles. "Are you sure this is the right thing to do Duo?" Quatre asked. "It's not right to play with someone's gender like that.." His voice trailed off. "Aww..Quat-man. This'll be fun. Anyone see my camera?" At the Death Glare™ from Heero, he said hurriedly,"No, not for me! As blackmail material. Honest!" Edging away from Heero, he sought protection from Trowa. Peeking out from Trowa's side, he eyed his koi. Heero glared. "Blackmail only."
Duo nodded. "Honest Hee-chan. So,you know where it is?" Heero nodded and pulled the camera in question from his biker shorts (Subspace!). He tossed it to Duo, who immeditally dashed from the room.

Wufei stared at his reflection, in shock. An onna glared back at him. Her eyes were dark brown. Her jet black hair framed her delicate face. The onna's mouth opened and closed a few times. -Click!- He turned, to see Duo take another snapshot of him. "Maxwell!" He yelled, racing after the braided boy. The boy in question grinned and ran. "Maxwell! Get your worthless hide back here!! Take your punishment with pride, dammit!" He raced after the luaghing Duo, murder and torture in his thoughts. Duo was saved by Heero. Wufei darted around Heero, trying to get at Duo's throat. "You will not hurt him, Wufei," Heero said monotone. Wufei looked at him. "Who said anything about hurting? I just want to strangle him a little!" Heero crossed his arms over his chest, glaring his glare. Wufei glared back. "What did he do to me!" he yelled. He looked down at his body, scowling. "He turned me into an onna! AN onna, for crying out loud! Justice must be served!" Heero snorted. "Wufei...Stop acting like such a girl." These words sent Wufei's world into a tailspin. As darkness took over his vision, Wufei promised revenge.