*waves* Again, I thank all those who helped me. This is the teaser of the fiction. The whole reason why I needed the Twilight anthem. *cough* Anyway, here it is! (muse whispers- "heaven have mercy on us all...)

Gundam Zone
I do not own Gundam Wing or the characters. I am merely plucking them from their universe and using them for my own amusement. (Wufei- I demand Justice!!) Ah- there is implied Yaori. I suck at writing sex scenes...

At first, the theater is dark. Then, a single light flares. Okay, okay. So it's a small thermal scythe.. Anyway- A large stage is barely visible. Scuffling sounds can be heard from behind the velvety curtains. A young man wearing a suit stumbles out onto the stage. He glances back, sticking out his tongue. A shoe comes flying out of nowhere and hits the man in the head. Dusting himself off, he looks up and sees and audience. With a flourish, the man turns, his braid flying like a banner. He bows and speaks. "You're travelling through another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A jouney into a wonderous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. As the sign shows up ahead, you are entering the Gundam Zone." He pauses, glancing off stage. "How was that?" he asks cheerfully. Another shoe flys out, barely missing him. He coughs politly. "Enter one Chang, Wufei. The Justice Ranter. Everyday, he goes about saying that women know nothing of justice. How they are weak and are a waste of time. And due to the nature of the Gundam Zone, his tiny world is about to be turned upside down." He looks of screen, waiting. No shoe comes flying out to bean him in the head. "See? Even I can be -" his words are cut off when a pillow smacks him in the face. Yanking the pillow down, he snaps his fingers. A large white screen is lowered from the ceiling. He digs out a remote control and hits a red button. The white screen goes dark, as does the theater. He walks off stage. Scuffling is heard and a tank top (green of course) in thrown onto the stage.