A blur of black ran through the streets, long braid trailing behind. Several shouts, mainly in cursing, sounded through the already busy air. The blur paused, looking back. They were still there. Who woulda thought that they'd get so angry about their stupid shop going up in flames. The blur ducked into and alley and hide behind a grouping of trash cans. The yelling store owners ran by. The figure stepped out of the shadows, clad in a black tank top and black ragged jeans. Black boots completed her onsomble. Prussian blue eyes casually swept the area. With a cheerful whistle, she left the alley.


Heero Yuy, once pilot of Wing, glanced up as the door creaked open. He frowned. A girl, with an absurdly long braid, snuck inside.

"You're late".

She flinched and looked at him. "Gomen nasai....I sorta ran into trouble on the way.." He waited for her to continue. She didn't. "So...Where's the baka?" she asked, slipping her boots off. She disappeared into the kitchen, Heero following.

"He's not a baka. He's very-"

"Boring," she cut in, ignoring his glare. She glanced at him briefly. "So where is he? He owes me some money.." Heero did not like the tone of her voice.

"What did you do now?" he demanded, ignoring her outraged squeak. "I know how your mind works. So, get rid of that innocent look.."

She sighed and clicked the radio on. A voice came over the radio. 'And in news today, a terrorist bombed the OZ Academy and at least four markets run by OZ.' She clicked off the radio, and tried to sneak out of the kitchen.

"Freeze," Heero said in the monotone voice. She stopped dead in her tracks. "Did you do this?" She studied her feet.

"Well?" A mute nod. He sighed. "Duo Yuy...What the hell were you thinking?!"