Episode Two - Uneasy Allies
In which Duo and Rabebra make an ally.


Duo Yuy and Raberba crouched just outside of the OZ base where the remains of the Gundams were. Both were dressed in black to blend with the night. Raberba looked at Duo. "Tell me why we are doing this again?" Duo sighed, watching the guards. "Come on!" she whispered, running toward an open door. Raberba followed, knowing that if his father should find out, he would be grounded till Hell froze over. Duo studied the door. A simple key-pass. She calmly ripped the code box off and opened it. After fiddling with the wires, the door slid open. They slipped in, glancing around to make sure no one was watching.


Meanwhile at the Yuy home, Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell and Heero Maxwell were sitting at the kitchen table. Heero Yuy glared at the empty spot that was supposed to be his daughter's chair. "Oi, Hee-chan?" Heero paused his glaring to glance at Duo. "Have any idea where she could be?" Prussian blue eyes narowed as he remembered something. "She was going through some files the other day. I tried to hack, but somehow she rigged it where if someone tried to get into it, the disk wouldn't work anymore.." He glanced at Duo. "I know where she is.." He stood. "And when I find her, she's grounded." He waited for Duo to stand and they left, the silent Heero Maxwell following.

When they finally stopped driving, they got out of the car. And blinked. The OZ base that still held the remains of their Gundams was in chaos. Soldiers scrambled franticly. "so..now what?" a soft voice asked. Heero Maxwell was watching the soldiers, boredom etched on his face. "Maxwell, you stay here. Duo, let's go." Duo nodded and ran after Heero.
Heero spotted where his daughter had gotten in. "She got into a high security level building?" Duo asked. Heero nodded. They entered, unnoticed.


Meanwhile, deeper into the building, Duo and Raberba found another door. 'Top Security'. Duo grinned and promptly broke it. "See?" she chirped. "It pays to have a smart family". Raberba only nodded. Trouble was on it's way. Of course, the smallish explosions they set did distract the OZ people. But for how long. Duo laughed as the door whooshed open. They stepped inside, the door closing behind them. "This is the hanger," Duo said as she glanced around. The hanger was pitch black. Duo fumbled in her pocket, pulling out a flash light. She flicked it on and yelped. A very large metal foot was right infront of her. Panning the flashlight up, she whooped with joy. "Come on!" she yelled, pulling Raberba behind the large foot. A ladder led the way up. Without a second thought, Duo was up the ladder. She paused, throwing the flashlight at Raberba and a photo. "Find SandRock!" Then she resumed climbing. Raberba caught the flashlight and photo. He walked deeper into the darkness. He finally found the suit that matched the one in the photo. With a sigh, he climded a ladder that was leaning against the suit. Using his flashlight, he found a small button. And pressed it. A hatch opened, startling Raberba. After his heart rate returned to normal, he climbed in. Dust all over. Who would lit this thing get in such condition? A red light went off. "Yo, 'Erba! Turn on the Vis Screen!" He looked up. Duo? "Okay..where is it?" A sigh. "Look for a green button."

He found it and hit it. Duo's grinning face lit up the screen infront of him. She winked. "Pretty cool huh? Um. These Gundams maynot be put together all the way, but I think they can at least fly?" Raberba groaned at her hopeful tone. "Tell me we aren't going to do what I think you're planning?" She grinned and nodded.

"Hey! Enough chatting! You guys are gonna get caught in a minute!" Raberba blinked as an image blinked on the left screen.

"Nataku?" The girl nodded. "Tell Yuy that the soldiers are coming and we shoulld be going." Her image went off as she cut the connection. In the background, Raberba could hear Duo arguing with Nataku. He sighed. "She's right, Duo." Duo sighed.

"Fine, fine. Let's go." Her image went away. Raberba stared at the controls. Um....?

The images of Duo and Nataku came on opposite screens. "Forgot that," Duo said. "Turn it on!" Raberba glanced at the controls. Back to Duo. "Baka," she said. "Ah, hell. Here!" A flurry of images flew across the front screen, telling him how to use the gundam. He nodded and turned it on. It hummed to life, the dark cockpit flaring to life. The three new pilots used their weaponery to tear open a hole in the ceiling. Using the flight ability, they proceeded to leave.

Both Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell ran through the hall. The ground began to shake. "You're kidding?!" Duo yelled, trying to keep his balance. Heero didn't say anything. They lost their balance as the tremmering increased. The walls began creeking and breaking apart. "We gotta get out of here!" Duo yelled. Heero nodded and they ran.