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GFantasy (Gundam Fantasy for long...)
Warnings- ....cursing..?
Disclamier- ...Duh...

The larger man snickered softly. Fujin turned, anger in her eye. "RAGE", she said, swiftly kicking the man in the skin.

"AH! Ow, ow ow," he moaned, dancing on one leg while holding the other. For good measure, she kicked the other one. He fell over, moaning softly.

"You remind me of Dorthy..," Duo quiped. Fujin turned, glaring.


"A way wierd chick. Freaky eyebrows. ugh. Gave me the creeps". He turned to Zell, who was watching the exchange, a mystified statement on his face. "Hey, Zell. When are we gonna eat?" Zell blinked.

"Oh. Oh! Right," Zell said. He motioned for Duo to follow. "This way."

Duo nodded and followed. On the way, Zell gave him a quick crash course on how the Balamb Garden was built, where each place was. Before long, they stopped at an elevater. Zell jabbed the third floor button and waited.

"So..what are SeeD anyway? I'm assuming they're not plants," Duo inquiried. Zell blinked.

"You don' know what a SeeD is?"

Duo shrugged. "No. I just got here."

Zell shook his head in disbelief. Everyone knew what SeeD was. Even him. The elevator dinged, indication that it was ready. Zell and Duo entered the small glass circular tubing and it carried them upward. Duo stared, in awe, at the scene below. Damn, this place was huge! Heero would have a blast blowing this place to bits. He stopped that train of thought before it could venture any further.

"This really is your first time here, isn't it?"

Duo looked at Zell and nodded. "Yeah. Where I'm from, things like this aren't around. I wish they were.." his voice trailed off, turning meloncally. Zell sensed the changing mood and clapped him on the back.

"Well then. While you're here, you'll just have to enjoy yourself, won't you?" He grinned, his tatoo adding a slight evil statement(*).

When the elevator slid open, they exited it. Before them, two very large doors. Without any hesitation, Zell opened the doors.

Three people paused and looked up. Squall and two women. One with shoulder length hair with red streaks in her bangs. The other with waist long black hair. She spotted Zell and smiled warmly. Then she saw Duo and she frowned. "Hello, Shinigami".

Duo's eyes widened. Zell and the others stared at the two, confusion in their eyes. Squall scowled. "Matron, you know him?"

The woman looked at Squall and she nodded slowly. "Yes, I do." She turned back to the stunned Duo. "The others...they are here?" Getting no reaction, she sighed and lay a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Shinigami. The others, where are they?"

Finally, her words reached him. He turned to her. "The others..?"

She nodded. "Yes. The others. There is five of you, yes?" He looked at her, weary now. Duo frowned. "Who are you..?"

She smiled saddly. "That's not important at this moment. But please, tell me that the other four made it here safely?"

"Matron..what is this about..?" the other woman asked tentivly.

Matron ignored her, concentrating on the flustered Duo. "Please, Shinigami. They have to be here. Otherwise, everything is over. For everyone". She backed away slowly. Duo staring at her in shock.

Who was she? Squall frowned. "What is going on here. Matron, how do you know this kid?"

Matron glanced briefly at Squall before returning her pensive gaze back to Duo. "I can not say. I was promised to not tell. Anyone. Unless the time is right. And it's not yet time for the truth." She returned her attention back to Duo. "Shinigami. What is your current alias?"

Duo blinked. "Duo. Duo Maxwell." Why was he telling her this? He should be running, not conversing with her. She could be a possible enemy.

"Duo. Two." She smiled warmly. "How appropreate for this to be your name", she continued. "Please, Duo, sit." She glanced at Zell. "Get Duo something to eat."

Zell balked. He didn't want to miss this! But a Glare from Squall sent him to the cafe.

Matron waited until Zell had left before speaking again. "How long have you been Duo Maxwell?"

Duo sat down, semi-relaxed. There had to be a way out of this. Then he saw it. The window. If things got too rough, he'd pull a Heero. But for now, he'd humour the woman. He may even learn something about where he was and why he was there instead of blowing up MS'.

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