Gundam Fantasy
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Silence stretched as Squall and Zell stared at the grinning teen. Dressed from head to toe in black, he didn't look formidable. But the skill he displayed was amazing.

"What type of weapon is that?," Squall asked. The boy shrugged, hefting the weapon over his shoulder.

"It's a scythe. One of the best weapons for slicing through anything. Yo! Watch the blade!" he yelped leaping back. Glaring at Zell he said,"The blade is thermal. If it cuts through metal..what do you think it'll do to you..?"

Zell blinked and withdrew his hand. He only wanted to touch the blade. "Thermal?"

Duo sighed. Did these guys know nothing? "Yes. Thermal. A heat engery formed into a semi solid object. It has the ability to cut through anything." As he calmed, the glowing blade dimmed slightly.

Squall snorted softly. "Whatever. Your skill in fighting is mediocer at best." he went on, ignoring Duo's outraged squalk of anger. "To be SeeD is to be one of the best fighters around. Come here tonight around midnight. I'll show you what I am talking about". With that, he left the training center, Duo glaring at his back.

"Ah, don't worry about Squall. He's always like that," Zell said, clapping Duo on the back. Duo glanced at him.

"Yeah? Why? He reminds me of Heero," Duo grumbled. Zell looked at him. "Who's that?"

Duo shrugged, glancing around the training center. "Someone who's gunna kill me when he finds me".

Zell blinked. "Anyway, Duo, Ya hungry?" Duo nodded. "Great, Let's see if Squall an' Rinoa will let us go to Balamb for the evening." Duo shrugged, afterall, what could it hurt? He followed Zell out of the training center, still confused as to how he got here in the first place.

Once they left the TC, Duo actually took the time to look around. The 'Garden' was circular in shape. He had to admit, this place put all of the safety houses to shame. A group of three walked by, talking about someone called Quistis. He frowned.

"Hey, Chicken-Wuss!" Someone yelled.

Zell cursed. Duo looked at him, curious. He looked up, seeing a blonde being trailed by two others. One was female, who had a patch over her eye. The other, a rather large man, looked as if he just woke up. The blonde, who was clearly the leader, glanced briefly at Duo and dismissed him as a threat. Duo glared back, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Why, Chichen-Wuss. I'm surprised to see you up this early," the blonde purred coolly. Duo watched as a muscle ticked in Zell's cheek. The blond glanced at Duo. "Who are you?" he asked. Duo shrugged, not answering. The blonde frowned. "ANSWER," the female said loudly. Duo flinched as her voice grated across his nerves.

"Geeze, lady," he complained, rubbing his ears for emphasis. "Dont'cha know how to not yell?"

She glared at him, but Duo being Duo was used to the Heero Yuy Death Glare (tm) and shrugged it off. If lady Une didn't scare him, this chick wasn't going to.

The blonde saw the glare exchange between the two and he smirked. "Kid, you better watch it. Fujin here will and can kick your ass til you can't walk."

Duo stared the blonde straight in the eye. "I don't hit women. Unless they're psycolopathic and wear glasses, got it?"

The blonde snorted. The woman, Fujin glared again. Duo, tired of it, winked and blew her a kiss. Fuijin blinked several times.

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