This is chapter one and two. I've gotten rid of the typos. ^__^ and enjoy! ^__^
Title - Gundam Fantasy
Pairings - 1x2 3x4 5xorig.char


His body hurt. Every cell seemed to scream in agony. The last thing he remembered was a MS exploding and a bright light.

"Next time you feel that you must kill yourself, stay out of the training center," someone said coolly.

He bristled at the slightly mocking tone. "And you call yourself a training SeeD? Hn." The voice sighed faintly. "Anyway. When you feel up to moving around, come to the training center."

He heard the sound of clicking boots moving away. The jerk. Like it was his fa-wait a minute. Training Center? What was that? His eyes slid open only to stare at a white ceiling. Not moving, he moved his eyes toward the left. A darkened window. To the right. A white file cabinent. He slowly sat up, confussion in his violet eyes.

Okay.. He was in a small open room. The door way in front of him reveiled a woman working at a computer. She wore a white lab coat. She was ovisously the doctor. She looked up seeing him.

"Oh, you're awake," she said calmly. "Do you want to tell me why you took on a T-Rexaur?" Her answer was a few blinks. "Hm. I can see you're still rattled by what had happened." She stood and walked over to him. "I'm Dr. Kadawoski. You're in the infirmary. You should have seen your self. Babbling about Shinigami and an MS?" She smiled. "Well. You look stable enough. It's best to not keep Squall waiting. His paitence level isn't that high". She walked away and sat back down at her computer.

He sighed faintly. Training Center...Where is the colonies was that? He glanced back a the busy doctor. If he bothered her now, she'd probably get mad. Sliding off the bed, he stood on shaky feet. He left the small infermiry. Maybe the others were around somewhere. But first, to see what that Squall guy wanted. Hands shoved in his pockets, he slowly walked down the long hallway. Laughter and talking echoed all around.

"Yo! Kid!" He looked up, seeing a teen in blue and red clothing jogging toward him. Sticking out his hand, he siad, "Name's Zell. I'm to get you to Squall. He thought you may not be able to find your way around yet. So, what's your name?"

"Duo. Duo Maxwell," he replied, shaking Zell's hand. "Wicked tattoo, Zell". Zell grinned.

"Thanks, man. No one here seems to notice. Let's get to the training center. Squall gets itchy when anyone's late for him."

The two new friends took off at a loose jog.


Squall stared down at the oddly shaped weapon. A long thin pole with a slightly curved blade. And that kids GF. He'd never seen anything quite like it.

Looking up, he saw Zell and the young boy. "Explain how you did this?" 'This' was two dead, slightly charred T-Rexsaurs. The boy blinked and shrugged. "Don' quite know that. Where am I anyway?"

"Balamb Garden. The Training Center."

"Oh..", the kid said in a small voice. Then he grinned widely. "'re Squall? I'm Duo." He stuck out his hand. Squall ignored the greeting.

"Show me your fighting style. And use that weapon you were welding." He pulled out his gunblade and attacked. Moving fast, the kid darted forward, kicked the weapon up and caught it. He had just enough time to block the gunblade. Strangly, The blade of the boy's weapon flared to life, glowing a greenish color. Squall pushed forward, the kid stepped back. Then, the kid ducked and rolled, coming smoothly to his feet.

"This is fun!" he said between attacks.

"Guys! T-Rexsaurs!" Zell yelled suddenly. Both turned, seeing two very large T-Rexsaurs advancing quickly. The three stood side by side, waiting. The largest T-Rexsaur lunged for the new kid. Who merely leaped back while bringing his weapon down and across the reptile's face. The stench of burnt flesh filled the air. The reptile bellowed in pain. Spinning on its large feet, it swung its tail, hitting all three. The kid was thrown back. Somehow, he managed to land on his feet.

"Okay, Lizard Breath!" he yelled. He brought his weapon parallel with the ground. His arms were straight. A greenish aura surrounded him. He closed his eyes. Whispering, "deathscythe", his eyes snapped open, he winked and the three vanished. A black fog appeared out of nowhere. The sky darkened to pitch black. A black, gold and silver portal yawned open. Inside, a cloaked figure. Black-red very large bat wings opened to their maximum. Red eyes glowed as the figure stared silently at the two T-Rexsaurs. The figure stepped out of the portal. It's a cloaked young man. Long chestnut brown hair danced on an unseen and unfelt breeze. The red eyes faded, turning to a glowing amethyst. He brought his glowing scythe up, over and down. The blade buried itself into the ground. From the cracks in the ground, black and red mist arose. The mist hung for a minute, as if waiting. It then rushed forward, engulfing the two reptiles. The mist faded, showing only one reptile. The other a mound of smoking flesh. The figure vanished, the three returning. The reptile, showing an ounce of intelligence, ran.