Take the title at face value. I'm feeling angry and can't do a damn thing about the problem so..this is the result. And sorry for the cuss words that are in this.
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Title - Forgiven
Warnings - ....
Disclaimer - I don't own them.

Stop they tell me. To Hell with them! The only thing in my mind is the sound of his screams as they hurt him to the point of Death. Him, the one who never fucking cried. Just goes to show, that even he had his limits. Hell, even I have limits and I'm past them. His last scream did it, I believe. Pushed me over the edge. Tore down my mask and just made every thing a hazy red. They were kind enough to let me hold him. After they hurt him of course. You should have seen him. All blood and hardly any life in him. He even told me what he felt about me. Fate is a bitch. By the time I find out he cared, he was too far gone to survive. Him, the one that always fucking bounced back. Damn them. The other pilots had told me to calm down. Believe me. I was calm. Far too calm to be thinking clearly. Which is why I'm in his Gundam, with a soupped up version of that damn ZERO System. Of course, my first use was a Hellish haze. Goodbye colony. His Gundam is really easy to handle, did you know that? Almost as if it were built for outer space. Which is where I am. Outer Space. Everything is silence. It's annoying. They should be screaming. Like he did. I can't help the small smirk that finds its way to my lips. If only he could see me now. Of course, now he could. Hell, he probably could see everything. I wonder what he's thinking. Watching me take out the colonies one by one. The first to go is the one I was born on. Never did like that one. Made me what I am. What I shouldn't be. They send out the MS. Probably to stop me. I can't help but laugh coldly. Oh, like that many damn MS are gonna stop me? While I'm one the ZERO H? Yeah. Right. And I'm a pink cat. I rip through them like they were made from paper. The com link sounds off. Of course, I ignore it. It's Quatre. Telling me to calm down and think about what I am doing. I sneer at the pleading tones. I do not need or what his advice right now. The next colony to go is the colony that he was from. The explosion is beautiful to my hazy mind. Another voice. Wufei. Talking about the Injustice I am doing. That killing innocent people will not bring him back. I respond by telling hi to back off or die. He doesn't back off. Which was what I was expecting. And, due to the ZERO H, he is no match for my insanity. For once, during this day, I actually apologize just before his Gundam implodes. Then, it's Wufei's new home that I blow away. It's not like he's going to be going back, right? Waste not want not, I've been told. A sudden movement and it's Trowa. His calm voice causes my anger to escalate. He has no right to attack. Again, I warn them that if they attack, they will die. period. No mercy. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Does he listen? Fuck no. He attacks again, pressing the Gundam I'm in back a little. Not much mind you. But enough to piss me off even worse. I'm forced to attack him. I warn him one last time, right before I rush him. He seems to intercept my movements and delays his death for a while longer. I can't help it, I laugh. Using the Gundam as a battering ram, I rush into him and slice his Gundam in half. As I back away, it also meets the same destiny as Wufei. An enraged scream and it's Quatre. Sweet, innocent Quatre. He's actually fighting me. And unlike the others, he's doing the same as I. Using my rage as a leverage. So he's actually a challenge. But, for once, I don't want him to die. Not yet anyway. I disable his Gundam with an interesting mechanism that was given by my dead love. His Gundam shuts off, well....the com is still on. He yells at me to stop. To think about why I am really doing. I laugh yet again. Trowa's colony get turned to dust under my attack. I hear Quatre scream, a hint of desperation entering his voice. A smirk finds its way back to my lips. His colony and Earth is the last one. He's told me before this that his family and friends stayed on that colony. Well, with him going to be dead soon, why should his colony survive? After all. I've lost every thing in my life. I tell him that his colony is next. He screams at me in Arabic. Which I don't understand. I'm guessing that he's cursing at me. Which gets me angry yet again. Faster than he or I can react, I've sliced his Gundam completely in half. As it explodes, I turn to Earth. The planet that started everything. Maybe Millardo should have been given the chance to destroy it. Hell, if I had known then what I know now, I sure as hell would have helped him. It's actually kind of pretty, the earth. Like a large blue, green and white marble. A marble about to be shattered. I level the buster rifle at the planet. I'm sure everyone knows already. So at least they know they are going to die. And they probably know that they could have stopped it from happening. I pull the trigger and the shockwave pushes me back. The golden beam crashes into earth and keeps coming. Then, just as my hopes for the future did, the earth explodes. The shockwave from it throws me back. And as I ride the wave, I can feel the Gundam tremoring. It can't take much more of this. So I hit the self-detonation and everything fades to red. Damn...Quatre. Trowa. Wufei. Heero. I'm so sorry.



See..? Told you the title isn't what it seems. I may be writing some others like this...I don't know.