Title- Ear Talk
Stupid Disclaimy- I don't own any body parts of the GW (more specffy, Duo and Heero).
Warnings- Kigen hit me over the head with an idea mallet....decide for yourself...It is very short...Short like only a paragraph..if we're lucky...

Duo rolled over onto his back, listening to the tap tap tapping of his worst enemy. The Laptop. He hated that thing. Heero paid more attention to it than any sane person would want to. He sighed loudly, and was rewarded when Heero's back tensed slightly. ~Mission Accepted..~ Duo rolled over and landed on his feet. What was the best way to get Heero's attention? A slightly cheshire-like grin stretched over his lips. He searched under his bed. Ancient pizza particles, a small infestation of dust bunnies...what was that furry thing? Oh! His sandwich he lost last month. Finally, he found what he was looking for. A hidiously yellow fuzzy tennis ball. He tossed it a few times in the air, carefully watching Heero. Duo aimed, and threw it. Unfortunitly, his aim was almost off. It whizzed by Heero's head, barely missing him, whacked against the wall, and hit the laptop. Heero was up on his feet in a flash.. Opps. Duo backed away as Heero advanced. "G-gomen, Heero. I wasn't aiming for you, honest!" Heero glared and went back to the laptop. With a sigh of relief, Duo went about finding something else to bug Heero with. His violet eyes glittered as he slowly advanced upon the key board tapping Heero. He bent close enough to be slightly annoying, but not enough to be a nuicense. "What?" Heero asked in his monotone voice. Duo giggled, running a finger-tip over the curve of Heero's ear. Heero stiffened slightly and went back to typing. Duo grinned, lightly touching Heero's ear. No response. Duo sighed, his light breath tickling Heero's hair. Heero's typing faultered slightly. Success! Duo eyed the ear in question. Like Heero, it was a perfect shape. Almost like a shell in shape.

Duo glanced at Heero's stony profile. Only the faint ticking near his eye gave him away. Duo lightly tugged at Heero's ear lobe, earning him a death glare. Which he blithly ignored. He moved to Heero's other ear. A light sigh ruffled Heero's hair and tickled his ear. Heero faultered again. Duo waited. He listened to Heero's typing, noticing that when Heero got involved, the tapping picked up speed. One more time should do it. He leaned in, not touching Heero at all. His braid slipped from his back, landing in Heero's lap. The typing never faultered once. Duo nuzzled the ear with the tip of his nose and nibbled lightly. A gasp and several misspelled words. Opps. Duo fanticly backed away fromthe now angery Heero. But, Luck wasn't with him. Just as he reached the door to his freedom, Heero pounced, tackling Duo to the floor.

Downstairs, three pilots glanced up as a thud was heard. Then scuffling and...moans? Each looked at eachother. "Movie?" Trowa and Wufei nodded, leaving.