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A cold smirk formed. Now, the Fey and his magic was his. He kept walking, knowing that the Fey had to follow, no matter how much he didn't want to*.

Behind him, he could hear the Fey scuff his feet. From time to time, the Fey sighed. At first, he ignored it. Being a Darkling*, simple annoyances didn't bother him. As time wore on, however, he found that the Fey was getting on his nerves. He frowned. Turning, he found his self nearly drowning in a sea of violet. The sea held him captive. The way it sparkled with life. A soft sound from the source. Pulling away, he saw a slight smile on the Fey's lips. He scowled. The Fey was laughing at him. The Fey watched him, softly smiling. On their own accord, his eyes wandered to the Fey's lips. They trembled with laughter. The way they looked so soft and sweet. Scowling again, he spun on his heel and began walking again. This time, the Fey didn't hesitate. He matched his capture's pace. The silence stretched. Both watched each other discreetly. After awhile, the Fey stopped watching him. Something else caught his attention. Watching the Fey, he frowned. Just what was more interesting than him? Realizing where his thought was leading, he scowled again. A soft sound came from the Fey. Glaring, he watching the Fey. The Fey was smiling brightly, watching something in the sky. he looked up, wondering what had the Fey's attention. Two beings flew with the air currents. Squinting, another frown. For once, he wondered why he even let those creatures live*.

The two creatures flew on, obviously not seeing the two watching them. Beside him, the Fey sighed softly. Turning his glare on him, he saw that the Fey had a wistfull expression in his eyes. As if feeling eyes on him, he looked at his capture and smiled. With a wink, he walked onward. Gritting his teeth, the Darkling followed. Following the skipping Fey, he had to admit that walking behind the Fey wasn't that bad. The Fey's leather pants merely accented his lean legs. So intent on watching the Fey, he missed the root. Of course, the root didn't miss him.

The Darkling tripped and fell in an undignified heap in the dusty road*. From his new vantage point, he saw boots walk toward him. He rolled over onto his back and saw the Fey knelt over him. The Fey's impossibly long braid slipped from his back to hit the Darkling in the face. The Darkling growled softly, glaring at the Fey. The Fey's sparkling eyes gave him proof that he was laughing at him. The Darkling sat up and grabbing the Fey's braid. Holding the braid in a death-grip, he watched the Fey's eyes. The Fey looked slightly shocked. He went to get his braid from the Darkling's grasp. Worry and a few other emotions flickered in the Fey's eyes. The Darkling had other ideas of his own. Rolling gracefully to his feet, he hung onto the braid. The Fey looked nervous.

Turning his attention to the braid, the Darkling ignored the Fey. Chestnut brown with strands of gold. He glared when the Fey went to rescue his braid. Dancing out of his reach, the Darkling went back to studying the braid. Holding the braid up to the light, he studied the way it caught the light. Hn. Interesting. For hair, the braid was very soft. Even softer than the silk his kind produced*.

The Fey made a soft mew of distress. Looking up, the Darking pinned the Fey with his glare. The Fey dodged his glare and stared his braid, which the Darkling held in a light grasp. The Darkling scowled. He didn't want to give up the braid. His hand tightened around the braid and the Fey winced. Understanding hit him. The hair was 'alive'. Loosening his death gripe, he watched the braid curl slightly around the tips of his fingers. Glancing at the Fey again, he lightly touched the braid. The Fey's violet eyes widened. The Darkling smirked. No wonder the Feys never cut their hair. Running his fingers lightly through the chestnut locks, he heard the Fey gasp lightly*. He dropped the braid, nearly smirking at the disapointed sound the Fey made.

Ignoring the Fey, he glanced about. His realm was close. He began walking again. When he did reach the realm beginning, he glanced at the Fey. His violet eyes sparkled with curiosity. The Darkling smirked. The Fey was an open book. The Darkling turned from the Fey to face a large crop of rocks. Although his magic was cast weeks ago, it still ran strong. He placed his hands on the rock. Almost immeditally, it flared to life and flashed with a pale blue light. Chanting softly, he felt the Fey come closer. Another smirk formed on his lips. Turning his attention back to his casting, he felt the rock shift. He stopped chanting and stepped back. Where the rock stood, there was now a black portal.

The Fey blinked, watching white energy play across the black void. He looked at the Darkling. Who merely walked past him and went into the void. The Fey blinked again. He neared the portal, obviously not sure. He yelped when a hand shot out of the void, grabbed him by his collar and yanked him in.

* needless notes that retain to this tale..
*In this fic, if one catches a Fey (via a collar or name), the Fey has to do what the capture wants.
*Darklings in my term for Dark Fey. The Darklings do not have ebony skin. Well, these Darklings don't.
*These two creatures are a type of Demon. Hmm...How to describe them....? One is blonde with silver wings, the other is
brown haired with dul grey wings ^_~. They both are healers. Why the Darkling let them live? Not sure.
*Ever notice how all elven types are very graceful? And how Hee-chan never clutzes out?
*Fey Silk is very, very soft. And very strong. It also repeals stains!
*I suck at lemons.. But this isn't a lemon! Not till I get better ^_~.
~If ya notice, there's no words. Don't ask...~