A cruel smile graced his lips. His prey, the one who evaded him, was within reach. His dark eyes flickered, watching his prey's graceful dodges. So far, none of his men could catch the fey prince. Long hair, whipping the air like a whip. Wild violet eyes filled with slight amusement and fatigue. The fey one was a delight to watch. His movements were almost to quick to catch. But he saw it. Finally, his men and the fey one reached a stalemate. Both were winded. He felt scorn at his men. Were they not trained to catch the fey type? And yet, they fail to catch a mere prince? Moving away from the concealing shadows, he fixed his eyes upon the fey. Who looked up, sweat trickling in his violet eyes. The fey stood, wincing faintly. Hn. Maybe he'd let his men live. He knew what the fey saw. One of his own kind, but not. Cold blue eyes. Short hair. Neither spoke. Words were not needed. The fey calmly watched him approach, his eyes flickering oddly. Reaching out, he touched the fey's cheek. Moving his hand down, he caressed the milky throat. The fey's eyes slid shut. ~Now~ With blinding speed, he placed an iron collar about the Fey's slender neck. The Fey's eyes snapped open and he stared at him with sad eyes. He felt no pity for the Fey. His kind didn't feel emotions. The fey watched him, silent. Violet eyes pleaded with cold blue ones. He smirked coldly. The Fey's head dipped forward in defeat. His hands were limp by his side. ~All mine, now~ He tapped the Fey on the shoulder, catching his attention. The Fey looked up, his eyes blank. Grabbing the Fey's shoulder, he pulled him none too gently toward him. Letting go of the Fey's shoulder, he began to walk. At first the Fey didn't respond. Then, with heavy steps, he followed. It did not matter to him that he didn't have the Fey's name. The collar around his slender neck would do just fine. The collar was created for him by a Dragon. At first, the Dragon refused. But, faced with the threat of his mate's death, he cooperated rather nicely.