Perfect music to be listening to while reading: "Christmas Wrapping"
By The Waitresses.

Title: Christmas Wrapping
Notes: ^_^; I don't own the song that spawned this. Nor Gundam Wing. ^^;;


I love christmas, really. Honest even. Okay, maybe the crowds and death races through the store to get those last minute gifts for whoever are a lil much. But, hey. I wasn't complaining much. Sigh. Ugh. Snow. That's another thing I love about christmas. All wet and damn cold when it sneaks into your boots to greet your once dry feet. I added the last finishing touches to my christmas tree. Okay, okay. So it was a rubber plant. What? It's the only thing I can't kill. Trust me, I've tried. I think it's mocking me. Anyway. Actually, there is one person I wouldn't mind sharing christmas with. Met him earlier this year. Okay, I ran..er..stumbled into him at a ski shop. Almost whacked him in the head with one of those metal poles. That was an accident. Another reminder to me to never set up those blasted things. So. After I almost killed the guy, we exchanged numbers. Go fig, we never called eachother. Musta been busy or something.

Christmas carols belting outta my beat up stereo, I bustled about making sure I had everything to make my one-person christmas meal. What? You've never eaten alone? Humph. Well, you prolly have a boyfriend. I don't. Ever had a radiator that refused to work right in the cold weather? No? Well, it sucks. I'm sitting there, beating on the bloody thing, wishin it was spring. I smiled faintly, flashback coming up in my memory. Ran into the name-less wonder again. Oh wait. I never did give him my name. Oh well. Anyway. We would have gone out for lunch. Had we a free day together. Being busy with things sucks. Big time. Oh! Joy. Radiator giving a valiant fight to live. Hazahh.

I've finished setting up the tacky garlend stuff that gets everywhere, when I thought back to that summer. Ran into him again. Fate musta thought I'd make a good joke this year. Anyway. We would have hung out on his boat. Had my pale complexion not decided that it really wanted to try and tan. Redder then a lobster in a stew and twice as crabby. ..Bad analogy, but it works. Sigh. My sad lil loney apartment. Ugh. Call the fashion police, but then..isn't christmas supposed to be all garish??

December, how I loathe thee. Another reminder of that lack of boyfriend..or hell, even girlfriend clause. But, for once, I'd not go to any party. Just sit in my nice comfy duck-tapped chair and sprawl. Ah, bliss. Don't you love last minute shopping spress? ugh. So many people to buy for. And with christmas being literally, peeking its nose 'round the corner. If I could, I'd deck it's halls. Sigh. A lil humour there. Sucks, eh? So many invites, I declined everyone. Damn it, I'm staying home this time. Maybe I'll worship the tv god.

Which brought another memory up. A halloween party. Guess who I should run into, a few monthes ago even! We had somehow arranged to meet, wouldn'tcha know it? His friggen car died on him. Sigh. This year, alone and by my self. Nice and quiet. That's how I was spending christmas. So. Now on to the cooking part. Me? Plan ahead for anything? Bit your tongue. Which would explain the reason that I forgot about the cranberry sauce. One needs that to go with the small turkey. Maybe it was a runt or something. Bundled back up and back out into the lovely slush pretending to be snow.

Once I got the canned 'real' cranberries, I headed on to the checkout. And guess who I ran into? Yep. Mr. Mysterious. So, we talked an what not, catching up. Turns out he's spending christmas alone too. When I asked him why he was here, he held up the cranberry can in his hand. Then I held up mine. Laugh fest issued shortly after. So, we ended up deciding to do the christmas thing together. Yey!

On the way out, he did pause and turn to me. "By the way, I've been wondering. What is your name?" Oh, love his accent. He's japanese you know. Lovely mussed hair too. Oh, right. Quit ogling and answer the man.

"I'm Duo. Your name is..?"

He smiled. "Heero"



*twitch* Ooh.That sucked. *scampers back into lurkdom*