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Warnings: Langauge, Angst?, Lemon?,Yaoi

Pairings:3+4, will lead to 1X2X1, ??

Author: dhuron

Notes: Minna-san, this fic was inspired by the most wonderful fanart godess, Fablespinner~D~. All credit goes to her for drawing such a damn good hentai pic. After looking the idea just kinda hit me, and the muses took over from there.


"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 1

The halls were quiet and dark, Duo looked down the corridors once more before leaving his hiding spot. He made his way to the door of the computer lab, and to completing the mission.

//Good, no one’s here//

The God of Death stealthy entered the room, walking to the main terminal. He moved gracefully in the darkness, Duo pulled a disk holder from the small black bag he carried.

Slipping the disk into the terminal, Duo waited for the information to download.


Everything was unusually quiet at the current safehouse. Since the American chatter-box was away, and had been gone for two days, things were really boring. Getting the others besides Quatre to admit it...


The taller pilot looked up from the book he was reading to acknowledge his love. With a slight tilt of the little blonde’s head, Trowa knew what was on his mind. Standing up from the chair, he placed the book on the coffee table and very teasingly walked out of the room.

Heero looked up from his laptop briefly to watch the two leave the room. He snorted to himself, and went back to work.

“Such things are not necessary” He mumbled to himself. //They only get in the way//

He continued typing on his laptop, the mission report was still incomplete. Vaguely his mind wondered if a certain pilot was okay and coming back soon.


The wind whipped past the small body running into the dense forest. The serenity was shattered by panting breathes and random gunshots. Virulent curses reached his ears as he ran faster and harder towards safety. He came upon the clearing, his gundam was just on the other side.

//Almost there//

A bullet whizzed by him, leaving a searing pain in his arm.


Duo stumbled and fell to the ground.


Heero closed the laptop, got up and stretched. Finally he had finished the report to his satisfaction. Looking out the window, he noticed it was already nightfall. //He’s late// Heero scowled fiercely, knowing the baka went and got himself capture. //Or is he just trying to torment me//

//Hn. Don’t screw this mission up//


Deathscythe took off into the black moon-less sky: trees and grass blew violently from the takeoff.

Within the cockpit, Duo entered the coordinates of the safe house. He held his right arm close to his body trying to ignore the pain shooting through every nerve.

Wufei looked up into the night’s sky and saw Duo’s gundam. He picked himself off the ground and walked into the house. No need to be meditating outside anymore, Duo returned. On his way upstairs he pass by Quatre. He saw the blonde’s wide and hoping eyes.

“Duo’s back” was all he said before walking to his room.


"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 2

The wind whipped past the small body running into the dense forest. The serenity was shattered by panting breathes and random gunshots. Virulent curses reached his ears as he ran faster and harder towards safety. He came upon the clearing, his gundam was just on the other side.

//Almost there//

A bullet whizzed by him, leaving a searing pain in his arm.


Duo stumbled and fell to the ground. He twisted his body so that he would land on his back. His ankle screamed in protest, the maneuver twisted his ankle. He tried to block out the white hot pain shooting through his leg.

He landed on the unforgiving ground, all the air leaving his body. He laid there panting and in pain. Snapping of twigs in the distance alerted him to his danger. Pulling himself off of the ground, he tried to stand on his feet but the pain in his left ankle nearly sent him into unconsciousness.


Duo pushed the intense pain away, into the darkest corner of his mind, with faltering steps he made his way to Deathscythe.

//Just a little more, almost there...//

Angry shouts reached his ears, but he paid no attention to them. He was at his gundam, with his good arm, he grabbed the pulley that would deliver him to his safety.


Heero looked up from the laptop, //Ninmu Ryokai//. He left his room and headed for the hanger, briefly noticing Quatre ahead of him.

“Duo’s back” the blonde pilot told him.

“Hn” //Just in time for this mission//

Heero entered the hanger and walked over to Wing.

Quatre stared up at Deathscythe, wondering why Duo hadn’t jump out of his gundam yet. He expected The God of Death to jump down and ease on into his playful banter. But Duo hadn’t come out of his gundam, and it bothered the younger pilot. His hand went to his chest, an unfamiliar ache in his heart.

Heero opened a communications channel to Deathscythe.

“We have a mission.”

“Lead the way man! Let’s bust some OZ ass!!” Duo quirped in his usual cheerful manner. Heero didn’t find it odd that Duo kept it audio only, he only grunted in affirmation and lead the way.

If Heero would have protested to the audio only channel, he might have seen Duo’s bloody face, blood dripping down his arm and the smile replaced with a grimace of pain.

//I can do this, don’t show weakness// Duo pushed himself and his gundam to the limits.

Quatre watched as the two mammoth machines took to the sky, all the while the pain in his chest hadn’t gone away but gotten worse.



Heero scowled and growled as Deathscythe took another beating. He was pissed, Duo should have been doing a hell of a lot better than that. The movements were off, clumsy, almost desperate. They were so unlike Duo’s normal deadly graceful movements.

//What is his problem? The Mission is in danger. Damn him//

Wing soared from the engulfing blast, spearing through the clouds and headed to backup a certain incompetent pilot.

“Duo, what the hell is wrong with you?” He growled out while destroying leo’s.


“Duo, what the hell is wrong with you?”

//Heh, if only you knew solider boy. Let’s see, I’m bleeding everywhere, pain is shooting throughout my body and oh yes, I’m having a hard time staying conscious.//

“Gomen, Heero.”

The final suit was finally destroyed, Duo saw Wing take off into the air. He was having a hard time seeing straight, his vision was blurring. The pain was eating him alive, but he forced himself to pilot his mecha back to the base.

//I can do it//


Heero piloted Wing back to the safe house, in his mind he was going over the battle. Duo’s movements were completely off and uncharacteristic. He moved almost as if he were hurt severely....

//Dammit, he’s hurt//

He turned on his external cameras and saw Deathscythe behind him. Heero was about to look away....

Deathscythe started to fall from the air.....


"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 3

A shrill alarm broke through the hazing darkness surrounding Duo. He opened his eyes, only to see the ground rushing towards him.

‘Shit!!!’ he cursed as he pulled hard on the controls to prevent his crashing death. The strain on his wound was great, but like so many times before Duo pushed it away. Finally his gundam was leveling out.

Duo let out a sigh of relief. He noticed a flickering light on the control panel. “what the..” //Oh yeah..I turned off communications//




Heero cursed himself to hell and back for not noticing sooner. //He just came back from a mission, and didn’t even get out of his gundam// Just when that thought struck he saw Deathscythe pull up and level out.






“ yes..?”

Heero let out a small sigh, //Damn you//. Why he was angry at Duo, he didn’t know. If he really thought about it, he couldn’t use the mission as an excuse since it had been completed already.

“We’ll talk when we get back”

//Nani? He said a full sentence?// Duo concentrated on the controls of his gundam, he found it easier to block out the pain that way. Once he saw the safe house in the distance he let out a sigh of relief, his eyes were starting to feel really really heavy.


Trowa stood by as the two gundams landed, he quickly walked over to Deathscythe with a med-kit. If Quatre was right, Duo was going to need it. He managed to make it to the feet of the black gundam, before the hatch opened and Duo fell out.

“Duo!!” Quatre yelled out from the doorway. He ran to his fallen friend, worry marking his face.

Duo was a mess, blood stained his arm from the bullet wound. He had various cuts and scrapes along his other arm and face. His clothing was torn. Trowa did a quick check over his injuries.

“The main concern is the bullet wound on his arm and a severely sprained ankle”

Quatre would have asked the braided pilot why he went out on another mission.

//Duo no baka...just you wait till you wake up//

Heero watched the events, for some unknown reason when Duo fell out of his gundam his breathe caught in his chest and he was worried.

//Masaka...why would I...//

He walked over to the motionless pilot, while looking Trowa in the eye, and picked him up off the floor.

“I’ll take him.” in a voice that left no room for discussion.

//Duo no baka, if you think that by passing out...// Once again the anger came back, but he still couldn’t figure out why.


He hurt all over, but thankfully it wasn’t as intense as before. Duo slowly cracked open one violet eye and looked around the darkened room. He nearly gasped at the sight of Heero sitting in a chair beside his bed.

//He’s watching over me? Why??//

He knew what he wanted to be the answer, but quickly forgot about it. Instead of trying to fall back asleep, Duo simply watched Heero as he slept, the moonlight shining down on his beautiful face and hair. The sight was angelic to Duo.

//It must be uncomfortable in that chair, not to mention cold//

Duo tried to get up, but it was painful. But he didn’t let it stop him, as quietly as he could he pulled the big thick blanket off of the bed and leaned over to cover Heero. His hand brushed against the skin of Heero’s arm, and he closed his eyes enjoying the feel.

When Duo opened his eyes, he was met with a pair of slightly confused cobalt blue eyes.


Heero was brought out of his sleep by a feather touch on his arm, strangely it sent odd sensations flowing over his skin. He opened his eyes as saw Duo, covering him with a blanket. The look on the baka’s face was open, innocent and pure. It captivated Heero, his eyes meet the soft violet ones and for the first time in his life he felt warm.

“Duo...” he started, but then stopped when the other stiffened. //Why...//

“why didn’t you tell me?” he asked in a calmer voice

“Because, it was a mission. I know how the mission is all important...”

For some odd reason that answer made Heero feel worse. He just didn’t understand, the mission was the most important thing, right?

Heero was about to say something else, but Duo interrupted him.

“Sorry, but can we finish this in the morning. I want to try and sleep.”

“Hn” he replied, but unknown to him it was not as harsh as his usual grunts of acknowledgment. Heero shifted in the chair, fully intent on staying and watching over the injured pilot.

Duo saw this and snorted to himself, “Heero no baka. Go to your room”

“Iie, I’m staying here”

//Figures// “That chair has to be uncomfortable.” Duo scooted over on the bed, and lifted the blankets.

Heero saw this and was about to comment, only to be cut off by Duo again.

“If you’re staying in here, you’re not sleeping in that chair. There’s enough room for us both. Now get your skinny ass over here...”

“Fine.” Heero agreed. He got to his feet and climbed into the bed with Duo. For some odd reason, the warmth came back to encompass his body.

//What is happening//

“Night Heero” Soon after Duo went back to sleep.

Heero watched him sleep, still confused by all that was happening to him. He didn’t understand, but a small part of him was telling him it felt right.


"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 4

Heero watched him sleep, still confused by all that was happening to him. He didn’t understand, but a small part of him was telling him it felt right.


The morning sun’s light filled Duo’s bedroom, the braided pilot’s senses slowly returned to him. The first thing he noticed, was someone else in the bed with him. The other boy noticed the stranger in his bed was curled around him, like a child would snuggle an over-stuffed teddy bear.


Memories of the previous night came back in a flood. //Heero?// Duo opened his eyes and looked down at the usually stoic pilot, clinging to him like a safety blanket.

//Not that I mind, not one bit at all// He smiled to himself and drifted back to sleep.


//So warm...// was the though running through Heero’s fuzzy mind. Unconsciously he shifted closer to the warmth, his hand on the braid tightened.

//BRAID?// Heero’s eyes ripped open and his jaw threatened to hit the floor. He found himself in Duo’s bed, which was no real shock, and he was holding the braided baka like a teddy bear.


He looked at Duo’s face, hoping the other was still asleep. To his satisfaction Duo was still sleeping, which gave him time to think and sort through everything.

//Why did I end up in his arms//

(later in the afternoon)

Heero was typing on his laptop, he paused for a moment. Something wasn’t right, the room was too quiet. Duo wasn’t talking up a storm, and that in itself was a shock.

//At least when he woke up I was gone. That was embarrassing//

He still hadn’t come any closer to an answer, and it was gnawing away at the Perfect Solider.

//He’s too quiet.//

Heero left the study and went to look for the injured pilot, who refused to stay in bed.


Duo was holed up in one of the unused rooms upstairs, the room wasn’t too far from his own room. He sat at the desk staring out the window that overlooked the large estate’s grounds.

The happy go-lucky pilot checked his mask at the door, his eyes were filled with a deep pain. He slouched in the chair and didn’t utter a single word all morning. Every once and a while he would whimper when his injuries protested his movements.

Heero stood at the door, still not believing what he was seeing. The person at the window was a stranger, not the Duo he knew and...

//And what..?//

//I don’t know..//

“Duo, how about some ice cream”

Duo jumped, startled by Heero’s voice. He turned towards the door, and greeted the stoic boy.


“Do you want some ice cream?”

“Heero we don’t have any.”

“I know that, I was going to go into the city”

“That’ll be great!”

“Well come on then.” //He needs to get out of this house.

“I really don’t think it’s a good idea for me to go out Heero. I’ll just stay here and wait for you..”


“It’s okay Heero, I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself, it’s not like anything’s going to happen while you’re away.”

Heero thought for a minute, really not liking the idea of leaving Duo all by himself.

“Ok, but I want you back in your room lying in bed. You need rest”



Heero looked at the large selection of ice cream in the store.

//K’so! I forgot to ask which one//

He looked at them all, read the ingredients and compared the brands. Finally he selected just plain vanilla and a carton of chocolate.

He went to the check-out and scowled, yet again, at the horrendously long line.

//What is that baka doing to me...//


Heero was driving towards the safehouse, his nose picked up smoke. He peered out the wind-shield and could see, in the distance, black smoke rising into the clouds.

//It’s coming from...//

He doubled his efforts to get to the house faster.....

The Wing Pilot turned the corner, pulling onto the street where their current residence was. His fears were confirmed by the roaring flames enveloping the house. Stopping the car, he jumped out and ran towards the flame-engulfed house.

//Not again//

He sprinted faster, intending on running into the house to find Duo, but was stopped by three firemen.

“No you don’t. It’s too dangerous..”

“Let me go..” he growled

Right at that time, a loud explosion ruptured the silence showering the people below with glass.

Heero watched in complete horror as the house caved in on itself....



"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 5

Right at that time, a loud explosion ruptured the silence showering the people below with glass.

Heero watched in complete horror as the house caved in on itself....


He sank to his knees as the cry ripped from his throat. His partner, no his friend was in that house and it...

//Death can’t die...he isn’t dead...he can’t be//

The last few months flashed in his mind, each memory a stab of pain. He saw Duo’s cheerful face, his manic grin and laughter, those deep eyes that masked his real feelings. Looking back, Heero finally noticed the emotion building up within those eyes that the cheerful pilot couldn’t completely mask.

He saw the lancing pain when he hit Duo for annoying him, the hurt when he would call him a stupid baka.

It took losing the braided baka for Heero to finally realize how much Duo meant to him...


“Heero, please!!!”


“Why not?”

Heero turned to glare harshly, “Duo, leave me alone!”

“Gomen Heero, I’ll go now”


Now Heero could see the defeat and sadness in those eyes, he had been to busy being an ass-hole before to notice.

He lowered his head, wave upon wave of sorrow washed over him.


“Heero..?” a vaguely familiar voice spoke, but it sounded far away.

“Heero, snap out it!” Quatre stammered out while shaking the boy’s shoulders.

“He’s dead...Duo’s gone...” he whispered still in shock.

“No he isn’t.” Quatre stated, his hand over his heart.

Heero looked up in shock, “Nani? How do you know?”

“I can feel him, Heero. He’s in a great amount of pain...”

Heero shot up to his feet, “Where can he be?”

“Quatre, Heero look at this.” Trowa calmly stated, knowing someone needed to stay rational.

“It’s blood...” Quatre began...”it’s Duo! I know it is.”

Heero looked at the spots of blood on the ground, he found a trail.

“He went this way.” was all he said before heading off, following the drops of red staining the ground.


Duo groaned in pain as he shifted position. He laid on the floor of an old shack, his wounds had reopened in his escape from the burning house. Pain-filled violet eyes looked around the small run-down building. He noticed there was nothing besides an old run-down desk in the corner.

His mind was filled with pain from his still injured and throbbing ankle. His arm was red-streaked from the bleeding wound, and Duo felt dizzy.

“heero...help me”


The trail ended in the middle of the street, all three boys cursed under their breath. They knew they needed to hurry, Duo could need serious medical attention.

//Where are you, Duo. Please be okay...// Heero thought, for once not pushing away his feelings. He needed to find the braided pilot and make sure he would be safe.

“Let’s split up, he has to be around he somewhere.” Quatre said before walking off to the left of the street. Trowa and Heero headed off in different directions.

The blonde boy walked towards a group of run-down shacks. The pain in his chest growing stronger with each step. //He is near//

“Duo!!! Duo, answer me!!!”

A faint whimper reached his ears, Quatre ran towards the sound. Quatre entered the small dwelling, sighing in relief when he found Duo.

Walking over to his friend, he knelt beside him.

“Duo, please answer me....”


Finally the fear left his body, he put his hand on Duo’s forehead. “How’d you get over here in your condition?”

“don’t ‘member..there was smoke...” Duo frowned as he tried to remembered what had happened.

“Don’t push yourself, I’m going to get you out of here. Wait right here”


Heero frantically searched every-where. Duo needed him.

“Heero! I found him”


“Follow me, I couldn’t carry him..” Quatre said while trying to catch his breath.

The two quickly returned to the place where Duo had collapsed, the Asian boy took one look at the American pilot. He needed to make sure it was Duo.


He was by Duo’s side in a flash, pulling the injured boy into a fierce hug. Relief washed over him, as Heero just held the other boy.

“heero...can’t breathe....” Duo whimpered

“Gomen Duo” he said, only loosening the embrace slightly.

“You’re all right...I thought...”

“Heero we need to get Duo out of here.” Trowa stated, while walking towards them.

“Aa” Heero stood up, picking Duo up carefully and holding him close to his body.

“ ‘m sleepy...”

“Duo...you can’t..”

“It’s okay Heero. From what I can tell he didn’t suffer from any head wounds.” The tall pilot stated while looking over the frail figure once again.

“Go to sleep Duo...you’re safe now”

“arigato Hee-chan...”

Heero watched as Duo’s eyes closed and his breathing evened out. Unconsciously, the smaller boy snuggled closer to Heero’s warmth.

//Sleep well shi-chan...//

"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 6

Trowa walked into the small living room and joined his koi on the sofa. He pulled the smaller boy closer to him.

“How is Duo?”

“Still sleeping, but Heero had already cleaned and bandaged all his wounds.” Trowa said while idly playing with the fair blonde hair.

“He’s protective of Duo now...”

“Yes he is...”

Quatre eyed the taller boy for a moment.

“Do you think...”

His only answer was Trowa capturing his lips in a fierce kiss.


A soft moan brought Heero out of his slumber, he opened his eyes and looked towards the bed. Duo was waking up and he was at the bed in an instant.


“hmm..who’s there.” the braided boy whispered out, finally he opened his eyes.

“heero..? where are we..?”

“An apartment. How are you feeling?”

Duo turned towards the sound of Heero’s voice, finally noticed how ragged the other looked. He chuckled softly to himself

“Duo.” he said mildly.

//what’s so funny//

“Gomen, it’s just you look like shit”


Duo stopped his chuckling at Heero’s face, //almost as if he....no it couldn’t be...//.





“How long have you been sitting in that chair?”

“Seven hours”

“WHAT?” Duo shrieked.

“Someone needed to watch over you.” //I wouldn’t let anyone else.//

“but..why did You stay here...”


Duo waited for Heero to continue, but the other didn’t say anything else...//The mission...//

In the moment, Heero watched the injured boy wilt, a dying flower in the darkness. He mentally scolded himself once again. The violet flame in Duo’s eyes was receding, and he wanted to draw it out.


“I want to be alone”


“Why Heero, afraid the mission will be a failure” He said, trying to control his voice.

“Just leave, I’ll be fine by myself...I’ve always done fine being alone...”

Duo turned his head away, not wanting the perfect solider see how upset he was.

//K’so. look what I did now//

“Duo listen to me.” he said, a hint of anger in his voice

When he wouldn’t look at him, Heero stood up and turned Duo’s face so their eyes met. The streaming tears only made him harden his resolve.

“I’m not leaving. I stayed because I wanted to”


“Duo, I thought you died and I realized...” he bit his lip, knowing he was about to throw everything he knew out the window. The thought both frightened him and made him feel the chains start to break away.

“I care about you...”

He finally said it, now Heero waited for Duo’s reaction. He wasn’t expecting Duo to cry harder.

“Duo..I’m sorry...don’t cry” //K’so! What did I do now//





That one word, if only for a brief time, made all his pain, both physical and emotional, vanish away. For the first time since his time with Sister Helen, Duo didn’t feel alone and forsaken. He tried to sit up, but Heero pushed him back down on the bed.

“don’t move around too much.”

“Heero...Arigato.” he tried to reign in his emotions. “stay..?”

“Of course.” Heero got up, intending on going back to the chair off to the side of the bed. A hand closed around his elbow, stopping him from moving away. He turned to face Duo again, falling into ocean of violet.

Without words he knew what Duo wanted. Heero pulled the covers back and climbed into the bed beside his..friend?

Duo scooted over and laid his head on Heero’s chest, his hand searched for Heero’s.

He surrendered to sleep’s embrace, without fighting, safe in the Wing pilot’s warm arms.

//I love you//


"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 7

Duo scooted over and laid his head on Heero’s chest, his hand searched for Heero’s.

He surrendered to sleep’s embrace, without fighting, safe in the Wing pilot’s warm arms.

//I love you//


A low moan ripped Heero from his light slumber, at first he thought Duo was in pain or having a nightmare. He tried to turn to look at the sleeping pilot’s face, concern filling his eyes. Only then did he realize that he was aroused and that Duo’s hands were in his spandex, slowly stroking his hardened flesh. He moaned out from the intense sensations, Duo was caressing him in the most intimate of ways. In ways that he never considered to touch himself.

His hips moved, thrusting his painfully hard cock into Duo’s warm hands. It was pure erotic bliss, his hands slid up his shirt to toy and tease his hardening nipples his breathing becoming erratic. He could feel the liquid stickiness gather at the tip, his body shuddered when Duo’s thumb brushed against the tip and smearing his passion. His mind was completely shutting down.. He felt Duo’s hardness rub against him, his pleasure increased ten fold.


Duo moaned again, he was dreaming of a certain blue-eyed stoic pilot. The dream felt so real, it actually felt like his hands were wrapped around Heero’s hard shaft. He could feel the sizzling heat and hear the harmonious whimpers and deep moans of pleasure. In his dream he slowly pumped Heero, making sure the other felt every ounce of pleasure. Duo could feel the warm and sticky seed on his hands as he teased the tip of the dripping arousal. He ground his hips, imagining it was into Heero. When his silk cover erection thrust against a warm backside, instead of the mattress, he began to slowly wake up.


The braided pilot’s eyes snapped open, all at once he realized what he was doing.

//Oh my God!! He’s going to kill me//

Quickly he let go of the throbbing heat and his hand left the spandex, he was about to get up and try to run out of the room, when Heero’s hand on his arm stopped him.

//I’m so dead//

“Duo..?” Piercing blue eyes froze him to his spot. He swallowed nervously before trying to talk.

“I’m so sorry Heero..I was dreaming...and..well...it was very..and..um...please don’t kill me.....” He looked down and immediately regretted it, he could see that Heero was most definitely very hard.

Heero took the frightened boy’s hand into his, while pushing them to lie back down, and guided it back to his arousal. He gasped out loud as their hands encircled his painfully hard erection.

“Onegai...” he asked with his eyes closed, focusing on the burning sensations.

Duo was in shocked, seeing Heero in rapture aroused him further. He slowly started to pump the turgid shaft, watching the beautiful face in lust’s embrace.

The mildly callused hand stroked his length, slow and powerful, he wanted to cry, scream and pull out his hair. He arched off the bed, the burning fire moving through his veins only to begin collecting in his groin.


Heero began to toss his head from side to side, slowly his moans increased in volume. The feelings coiling through his body were too powerful and different, he could feel himself teetering on the edge, Duo’s hand teasing the slit and head.

“Duo!!” He cried out, the sensations overcoming his inexperienced body. His arousal twitched, exploding colors behind his eyelids. He began crying out, so loud that Duo had to cover his mouth. His first climax hit him hard, sending his body into fierce shivers as his seed exploded from his cock, covering Duo’s hand and soaking his spandex.

His breath was coming in harsh pants, the waves of pleasure still crashing on his body. He couldn’t speak, talk, or see straight.

Duo watched Heero try and collect himself, the intensity of Heero’s climax and his face contorted in the throes of orgasm had to have been the most beautiful thing to Duo. He brushed away the sweat-soaked bangs from Heero’s forehead.

Heero looked into Duo’s eyes, the orgasmic waves slowly dying down.

“What about you Duo....I don’t..”

He was silence by a finger placed on his lips. Duo took Heero’s hand into his and slid them both under the silky boxers covering his dripping erection.

“heero..” he whispered softly, grinding his hips in slow circles. He guided Heero’s inexperienced hand with his own, he showed his beloved how he liked to be caressed and touched. Their joined hands pumped the hard shaft, Duo whimpering and moaning into the night.

Heero watched Duo’s face, it was turning him on once again. His thumb smeared the sticky passion at the tip, loving the feel of Duo’s essence on his hand.


They moved faster, the delicious friction sending Duo spiraling down ecstasy’s cliff. With a hoarse shout, he came violently. His passion spilling out onto Heero’s hands, covering the insides of his boxers.

He panted, trying to calm his racing heart. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Heero’s hand move towards his perfect mouth. The soft pink tongue licked away his essence, Duo gasped at the erotic sight.

Heero decided he loved the way Duo tasted, he looked at the recovering pilot and saw the shock and questions. Instead of answering, he kissed Duo. Heero’s first kiss was hot, wet, passionate, full of love, and Duo’s taste still lingered with his mouth. He pulled away, breathless.

Duo was about to speak, but Heero didn’t want the moment to fade so he placed his index finger on the braided boy’s mouth before pulling him into his arms.

Soon the beating of Heero’s heart lulled Duo into a deep slumber, the fantasies and dreams didn’t plague him since he had the real thing.


"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 8

Soon the beating of Heero’s heart lulled Duo into a deep slumber, the fantasies and dreams didn’t plague him since he had the real thing.



The sky was desolate black, not a single star nor a ray of moonlight. Dark blue eyes looked around, seeing nothing but pitch black. A cold gust of wind whipped past his scantly clad body, a snake slithering up his body. Involuntary he shivered, his hands rubbing his exposed arms. He tried calling out, but his voice was swallowed by the dark void.

“He is a distraction.” a low, ominous voice said.

“Who are you?”

“He must be eliminated, all distractions must be eliminated”

“NO! He isn’t a distraction! Show yourself!!” Heero shouted, the tendrils of fear slowly crawling into his veins.

“You know who I am.”

“Show yourself”

Heero watched as a nebulous black receded, reveling a figure standing before him. He gasped out loud upon realizing who it was. “You’re me?”

“No I’m not you” The duplicated coldly stated while glaring at Heero. “you have become weak, because of him. He must be eliminated...”

“No! He doesn’t make me weak...”

“Emotions are weak and unnecessary.” The duplicate stalked towards Heero, evil smirk in place, “He makes you weak, soldiers have no need for emotion.”

“I won’t let you hurt him!!”

“Why are you protecting him, he will be removed...”

“No!! I will not let you take away my only chance at love!!” Heero yelled back at the perfect solider. “You can’t take away the one I love, I won’t allow it!!”

The perfect solider fell back from the raw emotion within Heero’s voice, posture and especially within his eyes. The usual cold blue were light up with an almost holy flame. He knew he couldn’t do anything about it, he was just a part of Heero.

“Very well Heero...”


Heero bolted up, breathing hard and sweating. He looked over to the otherside of the bed, praying Duo was still there. The soft rising and falling of the slender chest reassured Heero, he leaned over and placed a soft kiss on the slightly parted lips.

“mmmm...heero?” Duo sleepily opened his eyes, staring into the soft blue orbs. He tried to sit up, but Heero’s hands on his shoulders prevented him.

“What’s wrong Heero?” he asked, seeing the warring emotions within those eyes.


The braided boy took Heero’s hand into his and squeezed it gently, “What’s wrong? Nightmare?”

Heero slightly nodded, still trying to figure out what the dream meant. He was arguing with ‘the perfect solider’, but did he win? //“Very well Heero...”// repeated in his mind.

“Duo, there’s something I need to tell you...” he stammered, so very unsure of himself right then.

“Go ahead...” the other said, knots of fear worming through his body.

“I...Duo...” he looked into Duo’s eyes, feeling safe and loved, “I love you...”

For a moment, Duo stared in complete shock. Heero had just told him ...


He blinked a couple of times, then truly smiled. “I love you. I’ve always loved you”

“Promise me something Duo...” he whispered while his lips moved closer to Duo’s mouth.

“anything for you...” Their lips briefly brushed against each other.

“Promise you’ll always love me...”. Another feathery kiss.

“Always Heero, will all that I am...”

“Arigato..” Heero deepened the kiss, expressing himself though his actions. He broke away breathless.

“Hold me?” Heero pulled his love into his arms.


Trowa and Quatre were already sitting at the table when Heero walked in, searching for some breakfast.

“How’s Duo?”

“He’ll be fine, but he needs food...” Heero stated.

“Heero..?” Trowa asked, slightly awed by the answer....

“Hmm?” he replied while making a bowl of cereal and glass of juice.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine.” he stated before placing the small breakfast on a tray and walking out the door, leaving two shell-shocked pilots.

“Ne Trowa, Heero’s got it bad” Quatre said between fits of giggles.

“I’d say so...”


“Duo..wake up” he gently shook the other boy, trying to get him to wake up.

“Hmm..sleep..” he mumbled while turning over.

Heero smirked at his lazy love, “Duo...you need to eat.”

“Hmm....whatcha got...” Duo asked while slowly waking up.

“Orange juice and your favorite cereal...”



“I don’t want that...”

“What do you want..?”

Duo smiled mischievously before grabbing Heero’s hand and tugging him towards the bed...”I want you...”

“I want you too....”


"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 9

Duo smiled mischievously before grabbing Heero's hand and tugging him towards the bed..."I want you..."

"I want you too...."


Duo's arms moved to Heero's shoulders, trying to pull him down, but he gasped out in pain. He forgot about his injury, which was aggravated during his escape. Immediately Heero was checking his the wound, tender touches and loving eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, stupid wound..." Duo pouted, knowing Heero would fuss over it.

True to his prediction, Heero was checking over Duo quickly.

"You need to take it easy Duo..." his hand caressed the soft cheek. "do you remember anything about the fire?"

Duo sighed, he looked into Heero's questioning glance. "I was hoping you wouldn't ask....", he looked down while he continued, "I don't know how it started.."

"Duo, how did you get to that shack?"

"I was downstairs, in the den....before you go ballistic on me, let me explain." Heero crossed his arms and scowled at Duo.

"I know you told me to go to my room, but I didn't want to. So I went downstairs..."

Heero's glare became darker as he waited for Duo to continue.

Duo took a moment to recollect his thoughts, trying to remember everything that happened. "It was stupid of me, with my ankle injured like that, but I really didn't want to be alone in my room. Anyways, like I said it was stupid, I was in so much pain after going down the stairs that I decided to take the pain-pills Quatre gave me. Needless to say, they knocked me on my ass." he stopped talking to look at Heero's face, hoping he other wasn't royally pissed.


"Heero, are you mad?"

"A little bit, but if you were out from the meds how'd you end up two blocks away from the house, and the blood on the ground.?"

"When I was coming down the stairs, I almost fell but caught myself." he grimaced as he remembered the shooting pain in his arm after that happened. "I thought I had stopped the bleeding..."

"Duo, how'd you get out?"

"I don't know. I can't remember..." Duo had tears in his eyes, mainly from frustration and the thought of Heero being mad at him. He tried to remember what happened, but it was all so jumbled and blurry. "I remember smoke...pain all over...." he tried to remember more but it just wouldn't come to him. Warm warms pulled him into a warm embrace.

"Sshh, it's all right Duo. Don't force yourself." his hands softly ran through the soft hair.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault." he cried out, the same feelings returning from the tragic fire that changed his life forever. "all my fault..."

"It's not your fault Duo! Don't blame yourself!"

"It's all my fault Heero!"

"NO! It's not your fault!! Don't do this to yourself...please don't do this"

The hurt within Heero's voice broke through his self-loathing, he looked at the pain-filled face of his beloved. "I'm sorry Heero...I don't know why you put up with me."

"Because I love you."

Heero embraced his emotional love, soothingly him the best he could. He kept telling Duo it wasn't his fault, but he didn't even stop to consider that his beloved could have been indirectly responsible...


Quatre and Duo were laying by a large swimming pool, they had only stayed in the large apartment for three days. The sun was high in the sky, it's warmth and light shining down on the green lawn and reflecting off the water. Duo sighed blissfully, breathing in the wonderfully fragrant air.

"Thanks for bringing us here, Quatre." he said while smiling at his friend. Duo had to agree with the blonde's motives for bringing him to the peaceful estate. He really needed the peace and quiet, the only thing that would make the entire picture perfect was Heero.

"Don't worry about him, Duo. I'm sure they're fine." Quatre softly said, sensing the worry and unease within Duo.

"I know Q, but I still can't help it. I miss him. They've been gone for almost three weeks now!" He said wistfully.

"I know, I miss Trowa too..." the blond said sadly.

"You're right Q, I shouldn't worry. He'll come back" Duo said confidently, his beloved's last words echoing in his head.

// I'll come back to you. I finally found my reason for fighting...Ai shiteru//


The sounds of clacking keyboard keys filled the small dorm room. The room was cast in darkness, save the faint glow from the computer screen. The silent teenage boy typed away, nothing showing on his face. He paused his typing and looked out the second story window, he saw the sliver moon and thought of the one he left behind.

//I'll come back to you. I finally found my reason for fighting...Ai shiteru//

His words rang through his head, and he wished he was with Duo instead of undercover at another school. He continued typing the mission report that Dr. J required, the entire time thinking about how he was going to show Duo how much he missed him.


//So he survived the fire. That boy is stronger than I thought.// The man mused to himself. He was pulled from his thoughts when the door to his office opened.

"You asked for me, Sir"

"Ah yes, time for phase two. Carry on."

"As you wish"

The man watched his subordinate bow and leave the room with haste. He smirked to himself.

//Are you strong enough....?//


"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 10

The man watched his subordinate bow and leave the room with haste. He smirked to himself.

//Are you strong enough....?//


The new safehouse came into view, the two silent pilots smiled to themselves. Very soon they would get to see their loves. Wing and Heavyarms darted through the air, speeding towards their peace.

Quatre ran towards the hanger after seeing the two gundams approach the safe house. He was literally bouncing with joy, eager to see his lover and show him exactly how frustrated he had been. As soon as his lover’s gundam touch ground and Trowa jumped out of the cockpit, Quatre pounced on his lover. His kisses were deep, lustful, and loving.

Trowa kissed him back, the torturous three weeks away from his angel nearly drove him insane. In one fluid motion he lifted the smaller boy into his arms and quickly left the hanger, tossing a good-bye to Heero.

Heero watched the two lovers as they left the hanger, he decided it was time to check on his braided love.


Heero went up to their shared room, after he looked every where else in the large estate, and looked around. He checked the adjoining bathroom, thinking maybe Duo was laying in a tub full of bubbles, but the bathroom was empty. He walked back into the bedroom and fell onto the bed. “Where are you?”

He looked around once more, his eyes spotting a small sheet of paper on his desk. Rising from the bed, he walked over and picked up the piece of paper.


By now you’ve probably looked all over the house for me, ne? Well I wanted to surprise you, in your desk is a key and directions to where I am. I’m waiting.

The Japanese teenager grinned, devilishly, before retrieving the hotel key and instructions.

//I’m on my way Shi-chan....//


Trowa kicked the door shut while entering their room, he placed his love on the large bed. The tall pilot stood back and admired the view, that he had been deprived of for way too long. Quickly his hand tugged at his shirt, un-tucking it from his increasingly tightening jeans reveling his chest and stomach.

Quatre watched the torturously slow stripping, he growled low in his throat when the tightly muscled abdomen was revealed. His hands moved from his side to slide over the firm muscles. He looked into Trowa’s eye, a soft moan leaving his lips.

“I want you now Trowa, hurry up or I’m going to throw you down and fuck you senseless...”

Trowa looked at his love in shock before smirking wickedly, “You, my angel, have been around Duo too much.” The taller boy leaned down and took his lover’s mouth in a hot kiss, stealing Quatre’s breath away. The hot kiss sent Quatre into oblivion, how long he waited to be reunited with his Trowa. The blonde screamed into the talented mouth when one hand slipped past his shirt and idly toyed with his chest and nipples. Soon the shirt was pushed off his shoulders, and Quatre’s heated skin pressed against his lover’s. He gasped again when his straining erection was toyed with, through his slacks. He whimpered and moaned, mindlessly thrusting into the sadistic hand of his lover.


Trowa claimed his loves mouth, sucking and nibbling on his tongue. He milked that mouth for those sweet whimpers. His nimble fingers quickly unbuttoned Quatre’s slacks, slowly he pulled the zipper down, each inch agonizingly slow. After an eternity, his hand slipped past the fabric, and stroked his cock through the silk boxers.

“Please what Quatre?” He asked while his hand breached the thin silk barrier, his hand slide past the burning flesh to massage the soft inner thighs. His fingers brushed, repeatedly, against the small blonde’s desire, each time a lustful whimper escaped the soft lips. His other hand slid down Quatre’s back, sliding between the firm globes to tease his love’s opening. The loud cry was pure music to Trowa’s ears, he kissed the pouty lips savagely before whispering into one ear...”Now, who’s gonna fuck who senseless...?”


The tall pilot’s hands left Quatre’s body, making the smaller boy cry out in displeasure. Trowa stepped back and started to unbutton his jeans. Slowly he wiggled out of the constrictive fabric, the denim falling from his hips and pooled at his feet. He stepped out of them and kicked the jeans across the room. He stood before his lover, his arousal rock hard and glistening. He walked forward and pushed Quatre back, the smaller boy falling onto his back. The tugging on his pants reminded him to lift his hips, quickly he was naked as well. Both just looked at each other, focusing on the twin rock hard erections.

“I love you”

Quatre’s only response was a loud moan as his body was covered by his lover. His hips thrust upwards, whimpering from the insufficient friction. He wiggled under his lover, their arousals rubbing again, yet Trowa did nothing but kissed him and ran his hand over his body.

“Trowa....” he whimpered while his hand slowly descended down his body to grab his arousal. He gasped out loud when his hand stole a quick touch, but the bliss was quickly removed as his hand was taken from his need.

“No you don’t lover.”

“Please Trowa....”

Trowa reached over to the night-stand, where they kept the tube of lubrication. He opened the tube and coated his fingers with the cool gel, as he slipped on finger past the tight ring he kissed Quatre deeply.

Trowa quickly and carefully prepared his love, each passing second became pure torture for him. The loud cry that Quatre let out nearly made him come.

“TROWA!!” he screamed, electric fire blazing through his veins. Trowa kept on with his delicious torture, each time sent the temperature within the blonde’s body sky rocketing. His back came off the bed, making his body arch towards his lover’s touch.

After his love was well prepared, Trowa’s fingers left his lover’s body and he fumbled with the tube. His hands were shaking, his entire body was humming. Trowa nearly cried out when his hand covered his painfully hard arousal with the lubrication. His control was pushed past his limits, but he forced his body to calm down.

Quatre was trembling with need, his mind already was shutting down from the sensory overload. He thrashed on the bed, hips bucking, moans leaving his lips. He groaned in displeasure when those delightful fingers left his body. He lifted his head to glare at his lover, but what he saw made him dizzy.

“koi, please take me...” he pleaded

Trowa leaned over and captured his lover’s lips once again, the long wet kiss distracted Quatre as Trowa penetrated him. Each second passed slowly, Trowa sank deeper into the velvet heat of his angel. He had to pause, in his decent into Quatre’s burning heat, to prevent himself from climaxing. The teasing and torturing of his lover had seriously aroused him, almost to the point of climax.

“gods...I’ve missed you Quatre..” he moaned while pulling out. He thrust back in, deep and hard. Trowa cried out with each thrust, joining his love on the peak of orgasm.

“Koi!! Oh...TROWA!!!” he cried out, each inch of movement sent thousands of flames in his blood. His nails dug painfully into the soft flesh of Trowa’s back, his mouth was forced open with silent cries as his world shook violently. His mind exploded into a flurry of jumbled images and rainbows of colors.

Trowa’s orgasm hit him like a landslide, his cock pulsed within the tight heat. He cried out as his seed poured into his lover, his head fell onto Quatre’s shoulder. His body was still shaking, while he tried to regain his breath.

Quatre whimpered as his lover withdrew from his body, but snuggled into Trowa’s arms. “Trowa...I love you...”

“Love you too, my little one...”


“Hai, forever..”


Heero sped down the dirt road, pushing the motorcycle to it’s limits. Just beyond a single hill he saw the large structure that housed his Duo.



"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 11

Heero sped down the dirt road, pushing the motorcycle to it’s limits. Just beyond a single hill he saw the large structure that housed his Duo.



Heero walked down the dim hallway, the candles’ light flickered off the walls and black carpeted floor. Each step brought him deeper into the darkness, closer to Duo. His dark blue eyes looked around, noting the few items of decor, and fell upon large twin doors. He pulled the key out of his pocket, inserted it into the lock. It opened with a soft click, allowing the Japanese teenager entrance. The room made him stare in awe, it was decorated in black and various hues of violet and blue. The large canopy bed rested against the far wall, violet and midnight blue satin draped from the canopy. In the center of the large mattress was Duo, the picture of his pale skin against the intertwined three colors would have rivaled Venus for sheer magnificence. The enchanted beauty had on a deep prussian blue shirt that had the first four buttons undone, and black slacks. The long chestnut locks were out of the braid and held in a loose ponytail, strands of the silky hair spilled over the delectable shoulders. Duo’s large eyes reflected love so deep and true, that Heero found himself breathless. “Duo...” he whispered reverently, lovingly. Walking on air, he joined his heavenly love on the bed. No words were spoken as their lips met, sparking the white blaze within each other’s body. The brief kiss shattered the damn, all the built up desire and love came rushing out like a roaring tide. Passions flared, dwindling flames burst into raging wildfires.

Duo moaned into his love’s mouth, his hands rested on the broad shoulders. He pulled the other body closer to him, feeling the radiating heat of Heero’s body. One hand drifted downward, teasingly slow, until it rested on one firm globe. His hips rose to brush is arousal against Heero’s, causing both the whimper.

“duo...” he moaned, everything overwhelming him.

“Hee-chan..” his hips rose once again, their erections slowly, tortuously grinding against one another. Each small movement added fuel to the fire, Heero moaned and whimpered into Duo’s mouth.

“Duo....Nnnn...gods!!” his body arched into his lover, his second climax sending his mind into euphoria. Each gasp and throaty moan fell into Duo’s mouth, his hips ground into Duo’s involuntarily.

Each passion-filled whimper was a note on an seraph’s harp, the grip on his waist tightened when his koi reached climax making Duo moan in response. He kissed away each little sound, hands pulling Heero’s body harder against his.

“Ai shiteru Duo..” Heero whispered, staring wide-eyed at his salvation. He claimed his lover’s mouth in another passionate kiss, his tongue slipping past the slightly parted lips. He started to unbutton the remaining buttons.

Heero’s hands ran over the exposed flesh, covering every inch. His eyes were locked with Duos, one hand brought his braided lover’s hand to his chest. Briefly their joined hands hovered over Heero’s heart. Claiming his lover’s mouth, he guided Duo’s hand towards the button on his pants.

Duo quickly pulled the zipper down before his hand slipped past the material, he teased Heero through the blue silk boxers. He pushed the pants off the slim hips and down the slender legs.

“Heero, make love to me.”


Duo slid the boxers off his koi, hands lightly brushing against the burning flesh. One finger traced the contours of Heero’s backside while his other hand was intertwined with one of Heero’s hands. His tongued pushed past his love’s lips, caressing and teasing Heero’s mouth.

“Duo...have you...”


“koi...” Heero whispered as his eyes slid shut, emotions washing over his newly-freed heart. “Ai shiteru..”

Duo’s hand touched Heero’s cheek, he looked deeply into the other’s eyes. “I knew from the moment I saw you that I was destined to be loved by you. I love you with all my heart and everything that I am is yours.”

“Mine, forever?”

“Hai, Hee-chan”


“Please Heero, make love to me?”

“Do you have...”

“Right here lover.” Duo said, smirking evilly, while his hand went under the pillow and retrieved a tube of lubrication


Heero nearly lost control with the torturous moans coming from Duo’s mouth. His fingers brushed against that spot again, making his lover whimper.


Quickly the dark-haired teenager applied the gel onto his hardness, whimpering as each stroke brought him closer to the peak. He crawled between Duo’s open legs, knees pushing them further apart. “Koi...” Hesitantly he positioned his erection at Duo’s opening. Slowly, lovingly he pushed past the tight ring, moaning aloud from the tight heat of Duo. “DUO..!!” He gasped out loud as he sank deeper, giving Duo his innocence.

Duo’s back arched off the bed, into Heero’s strong embrace. His body shook from the sensations, fire boiling with burning flames. His breathes came in gasps and pants, pleasure seizing control of his entire being. He cried out with each slow movement of pure bliss. His grip tightened, almost painfully, on Heero’s shoulders. “HEERO!!”

Both being inexperienced, they let their bodies move with one another. Heero would thrust while Duo would met each thrust, gentle slowness quickly escalated into rhythm-less thrusting. The walls reverberated their twin screams and cries. Out of instinct, Heero took Duo’s arousal into his hand and began to stroke the flesh with his thrusts.

Duo’s body quivered, the crashing waves of pleasure slamming into his body. He cried out his lover’s name as he reached pleasure’s apex. His head thrashed from side to side, back rising off the bed, passion erupting from his body.

Heero thrust once more before succumbing to the intense climax. His cries joined Duo’s in a harmonious song resulting from their lovemaking. His grip on the slim hips tightened to the point of bruising, eyes sliding close from the intensity.

Both collapsed into a tangle of arms and legs, panting from the exertion. Heero’s hand brushed away the sweat-soaked bangs from Duo’s eyes.

“Duo...my Duo...”

“Ai shiteru Hee-chan...”

“I love you Shi-chan”



Heero stared around the familiar darkness, the knot of fear returned to his stomach. He walked aimlessly around, until a very familiar cold voice stopped him.

“This is a mistake.”

Heero whipped around and faced his duplicate. “What is?”

“Loving him”

“Why is it a mistake? Soldiers don’t need love??”

The perfect solider smirked coldly before walking closer to the teenaged boy. “No. Soldiers need love to. Can he survive?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Can Duo survive being loved by you?”

“He...” Heero was cut off before he could even begin.

“What about that little girl and her dog you cared about? They died, as did everyone else you’ve cared for. Is it worth the risk?” The solider asked.

Heero’s head fell in sadness, the painful memories resurfacing. He looked back up at the solider with tears running down his face. “He’ll survive!”

“Are you sure? Can Duo really survive the curse of your love?”

“Why are you doing this to me....why?”

“Because, I don’t want to lose him either....”


"The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 12

“Are you sure? Can Duo really survive the curse of your love?”

“Why are you doing this to me....why?”

“Because, I don’t want to lose him either....”

Heero stared in shock. “Nani?”

“I care about him too.” The familiar cold eyes stared back at him.

“Then why push him away....”

“So he won’t fall victim to the curse of our love...”


The morning’s rays shone into the semi-dark room. The golden light covered the full-sized bed, bathing it’s occupants in a golden halo. Deep blue eyes were open, watching the sky’s orb ascend to it place in the heavens. Heero’s mind was deep in thought, the previous night was pure bliss. Duo had given all of himself; heart, body and soul. He looked upon the sleeping figure, curled around him, and sighed.

The dream was bothering him, it was scaring him. Everything that was said was truth, would it happen again? Would he be the destruction of his love?

//Am I destined to kill you Duo, by loving you?//

Duo stirred a little in his sleep, breaking the confused boy from his thoughts. “Ssh..Duo.” Heero whispered while pulling his koi closer to him.

//No matter what I have to do, I won’t let you end up like everyone else//


One aquamarine eye slowly blinked open, consciousness slowly coming back to the small blonde boy. Yawning big and stretching, Quatre looked to his side. “Trowa?” Wide blue eyes looked around the room for the missing boy, frowning from his failure to locate his lover, Quatre pouted.

//Where did he go?....Oh....Quatre no baka// With a devilish little grin, he went towards the sound of the bathroom, where the shower was running.

The door opened, clouds of steam rolling with thunderstorm intensity into the bedroom. Slowly Quatre walked into the bathroom, bare-feet upon the floor. His breath caught in his chest as he saw the lithe form of his lover through the opaque shower curtain.

Stealthily, the little blonde pulled back the curtain and entered the shower. His arms snaked around Trowa’s body and pulled the firm body against his. “Morning lover.”

“Mmm...morning little one.”

“mmm...Trowa...” Quatre moaned, hands roaming the hard body. Starting at the taller pilots chest, he slowly teased his way down. “You’re just too damn sexy, lover. I want you”

“Nnnn....Quatre.....want you too..” Trowa moaned, hips thrusting into the surrounding hands. “I love you”

Quatre’s hands moved from the taller boy’s soapy erection to the slim hips, while rubbing his arousal against the firm cheeks. He leaned in, whispering in the taller one’s ear, “I’m gonna fuck you senseless koi”. The throaty moan sent goose-bumps running up and down Quatre’s spine. He placed his fingers at Trowa’s mouth, silently willing the other to suck them into his mouth. Trowa greedily sucked and licked the slim fingers, moaning as his nipples and abdomen was teased mercilessly.

“I want to hear you Trowa. Scream for me, whimper and moan.” he said while one slick finger slipped into Trowa’s body. “Let me hear you”

Whimpers left his lips, moans serge from his throat. Control was thrown out the window, Trowa let loose, his passionate moans and screams of pleasure filling the room. “Quatre..stop teasing....hurry”

Close to losing control, Quatre grabbed the nearest thing he could find and coated his hard erection. “Trowa...do you want me?”

“YES!!” Trowa screamed in frustration, body quivering from the raw lust and love coursing through his veins.

Quatre carefully entered his lover, hissing and moaning from the tight heat. He felt Trowa’s body quiver, sending shocks of pleasure through his blood. “Trowa!!”

“Koi!!” Trowa’s back arched back, knees nearly buckling. He took a sobbing breath as Quatre pushed deeper into him. His hands were flat against the wall, pushing back into Quatre’s thrusts. “Harder” he whimpered...

“Trowa...Allah....” Deeper and harder he thrust, pounding into his lover. He couldn’t stop the screams that joined the brown-haired boys. His grip on the slender hips grew stronger, knowing there would be bruises. “Trowa!!” He thrust harder and faster, the beginnings of his orgasm crawling through his body. Blindly he reached around Trowa’s body and took the dripping cock into his hand. “Gods love....” he gasped out pumping the hardness in his hand, he needed to feel Trowa’s cock throb and pulse and cover his hand with his hot passion.

“Quatre!” Throwing his head back from supreme pleasure, Trowa came hard. His seed covering his blonde’s fist and the porcelain floor.

“KOI!!!” Quatre screamed out, feeling his lover’s release. He thrust once more before climaxing and filling Trowa with his passion. His head fell onto Trowa’s shoulder, body still riding the waves of ecstasy. He bit down on the soft flesh.


“Trowa...love you” Quatre gently eased out of his lover, kissing and licking the bite-mark.

“Love you too little one...” he said while turning around, a mischievous gleam in his eye. He pulled his lover into a fierce kiss, rubbing his renewed erection against the soft flesh.

“My turn...”


Duo sighed again. He was in Deathscythe’s cockpit, waiting for the time to attack. He looked to the picture of Heero. “Heero...” Two weeks had passed, two weeks since he and Heero gave themselves to each other. Right when they got home from their glorious evening, he was called away.

Now the braided pilot was extremely tired, and missing his koi. It had been one mission after another, with hardly any time to wind down if any. It was by sheer strength of will, to see his love that got him through it all.

Alarms pierced the stillness of the cockpit, immediately Duo’s head shot up.....

“Oh..holy FUCK!!!”


`The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 13

The autumn breezed ruffled the brown locks of hair, deep blue eyes stared at the country back-road. Eyes filled with a hint of sadness, longing, shifted to look at the pillows of clouds in the sky. Three long agonizing weeks he hadn't seen the other half of his heart. His current safe-house came into view, his very empty and lonely prison.


Heero opened the door and entered the small house. He sighed and sat on the single piece of furniture, a sofa.

//You were suppose to contact me last week. Where are you?//

He looked around the barren place once more before getting up and walking to the kitchen, where his laptop was. He noticed there was nothing new. "Damn."

Heero trudged back to the living room, eyeing the small television cautiously. Finally he turned it on and went back to sitting on the sofa.

"Reduced to watching television" the tired teen scoffed. The current show was interrupted by a special report, which caught Heero's attention. He watched as the cocky Oz officer bragged about having captured one of the gundam pilots. The Wing pilot growled in his throat, only to be stopped short as they showed footage of the capture.

"No! Duo!"

The scene played on, Deathscythe surrounded by Oz's suits. Heero's eyes widened as the pristine black gundam took barrages of hits from the numerous suits. He screamed in his mind as Duo tried to fight back, only for Death to collapse on the ground in a heap of charred and broken metal.

~That was actual footage of the Gundam's capture that happened last week. We still have the prisoner, although it doesn't look like he will live much longer from the injuries sustained~



"The subject is still with them, it doesn't look good. Massive injuries. He may not live."

"Then he isn't the one. Carry out the remainder of phase 2, and prepare phase three just in case."

The subordinate bowed, "Yes sir."

"Will you perish like the rest of them?" the dark figured asked.


Trowa's fingers flew over the keys, face set in grim determination. Quatre and him had seen the broadcast, and he was hacking into Oz's mainframe in hopes of locating Duo.

"He has to Trowa. Duo can't....he just can't die..."

"We'll find him. Try and get a hold of Wufei and Heero."

~doesn't look like he'll live much longer~

Trowa closed his eyes, fighting the tears. He couldn't lose his friend, another member of his family. "Wait for us..onegai" He continued his search, doubling his efforts.

Quatre ran to his room after sending a message to both Heero and Wufei. The small empath collapsed on his bed, shaking. He could barely feel Duo through all the pain, his gasps were muffled by the pillow as he tried to ease the intense pain. "Duo..."


A man opened the door to the cell, in the corner laid the battered form of a young boy. He walked into the cell, and towards the unmoving form. "They went too far." He knelt next to Duo, feeling for a pulse. A pained whimper left the boy's lips. "I'm sorry."

The strange man set down the medical kit and opened it. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you make it." Slowly and carefully he looked over the boy's injuries. After checking the damage he began to do what he could. Duo began to whimper and squirm, afraid of more pain.

"Ssshh. Relax, I'm going to give you a shot."

One violet eye opened, dulled with pain and weariness. Duo tried to concentrate on the figure that was helping him, but his mind was too fuzzy. "...ank...ou...."

He smiled down at Duo, he knew he was contradicting the orders of phase 2 but didn't care. He got up and walked over to the small sink, wetting a cloth. He returned to his patient's side and careful began to wipe away the dried blood. "I wish I could do more for you, but I can't. Your friends should be here soon, wait for them. Wait for Him....he'll save you."


Quickly he cleaned the gash on Duo's forehead. After he was done, he lifted Duo's head gently and placed a bottle of water, he pulled from the kit, to the boy's lips. Duo drank the water, careful not to choke on the cool liquid.

"I have to go, be strong and survive for him. He needs you." he said before picking Duo up and gently placing him on the small bed. With a final look the man, dressed in an Oz uniform, walked out of the cell and disappeared down the hall.

Duo's eyes slid shut once again, darkness of sleep claiming him once again. The man's words played in his hazy mind. ~ He needs you~.



Trowa held his small lover closely, he knew Quatre could feel Duo's pain. He only wished he could help ease that pain. He looked out the plane's window, watching the clouds fly by. They were on their way to met up with Wufei and Heero, together they would rescue Duo. Trowa looked down at the fitfully sleeping blonde, he gentle ran his hands through the soft hair.

"Don't leave us Duo..."

The jeep raced down the road, Mercury dashing from Olympus. Heero's eyes were pain-filled as he prayed to whomever was listening. "Don't leave me koi, please don't" A lone teardrop fell from his eye, searing down his cheek.

//I need you//


‘The Weather Outside is Frightful” Part 14

The jeep raced down the road, Mercury dashing from Olympus. Heero’s eyes were pain-filled as he prayed to whomever was listening. “Don’t leave me koi, please don’t” A lone teardrop fell from his eye, searing down his cheek.

//I need you//

He wiped away the tear, only to have more follow the first’s path. All he could think of was how much pain Duo must be in. Is love suppose to hurt this bad? Was it suppose to feel like a red-hot arrow, slowly searing its way through your heart when something happens to your one and only? Is your chest suppose to feel like it was being compressed, feeling like a star collapsing in on itself? Is the fear suppose to so tangible that you could feel it running through your blood?

Was this what Dr. J had tried to prevent?

//Did he try and protect me from this awful pain? Is that why he tried to kill me inside, numb me from this pain?// He continued driving, while fighting the alien and frightening emotions. He knew he couldn’t lose Duo.

//Was he right? Should I have pushed him away..? Hurting us both so that he wouldn’t be in danger?//



“Wufei, Trowa, and I will attack the base here. Duo is being held here.” Quatre began to outline their strategy. The other three were to attack the base on the opposite end from where Duo was being kept. During the chaos, Heero would sneak in and rescue the captured pilot. Each one prayed this wasn’t in vain, Duo had to still be alive.

“What if..” Wufei began, trying to stay calm. He had been out of touch for quite a while, and consequently didn’t know of the past events.

“No, he’s alive. I know it.”

“How can you be sure Yuy?”

“I would know if he died, I just would know....” Heero whispered, almost to himself. Before meeting the others, he had dried away the tears and let the mask fall into place. The solider took the reigns as the boy was sobbing with worry in the dark.

“Heero’s right. I can still feel him, but we have to hurry.” Quatre shakily said.

The four teens nodded in agreement and broke away, each heading to complete the most important mission, rescue their lost family member.


“Oh..holy FUCK!”

Duo grabbed the controls and pushed Shinigami into action, thermal scything blazing to life. He attacked the group coming from the north, being careful about the squad to either side of his gundam. However, Duo failed to notice the three behind him.

“Damn” he cursed as a blast rocked his gundam, and his head hit the control panel. The pain was automatically pushed away, but the blood still oozed down his forehead. Each blast his gundam threw him against the safety harnesses. His scythe would cut two suits down, but another three would open fire.

Duo realized a moment too late that a suit behind him fired. The impact sent Deathscythe tumbling to the ground, throwing Duo against the harnesses. The force snapped the them, and his head collided with the main control panel.

He laid there, bleeding. Before unconsciousness took him away, Duo thought of his koi.


The week, he spent in Oz’s prison, was a pain-filled haze. All he could remember was pain, the pain of someone kicking him in the ribs and his stomach. When he wasn’t being beaten, he laid broken on the floor, bleeding.

His mind registered someone shaking him, he heard a voice but couldn’t make it out. The pain was still great, but not as bad as it had been.

“Duo...please wake up....” His mind screamed that he knew that voice, but recognition was still beyond his grasp.

“Onegai....wake up..” //Heero?//

“Don’t leave me, please koi wake up”

Slowly Duo opened his eyes, wincing from the pain. He saw his love’s hair, and felt something resting on his chest. Violet eyes were dulled, but coherent enough to figure out Heero was crying. “koi..?” A gasp reached his eyes, and then he was staring into deep blue eyes, filled with relief.


“heero...” Duo tried to lift his hand, so he could brush away the tears. He gasped in pain from the slight movement. Before his love could ask him, he simply said he was fine.

“No you’re not fine. Duo..,” he hugged the small boy, “I thought...I’d lost you again. I...”

“Koi, you’ll never lose me.” Duo stopped to regain his breath, “take me home?”

Heero eased his love into his arms, he looked into the violet orbs feeling relief wash over him in waves. “Hai koi. I love you.”

Duo watched the emotions behind the dark blue eyes, he felt Heero’s love. A shining beacon within the cold darkness.

~He needs you~

//I need him//

“love you too...”


Brown eyes watched, from a dark corner, Heero carry the injured boy out of the cell. He was the guard on duty, but he was also the one to give Duo the medical attention. As the boy disappeared from his sight, the man smiled.

“Maybe true love does conquer all.”


'The Weather Outside is Frightful" Part 15

"Report" a figure clouded in the darkness said.

"Subject was retrieved from the enemy. He will survive given time to recover." A tall man said, head bowed in respect and also to hide a knowing smile. The subroutine had returned from the base only a couple of hours previous, just enough time to change out of the uniform and to hide and medical kit.

"Very well. We will begin phase three in one month's time. You are dismissed."

"Yes sir." Sanders said with a respectful bow. He turned around and walked out of the room, leaving his boss to his own thoughts.

"Perhaps...just maybe you are." The male voice, old and almost hoarse, said to a single photograph laying upon his desk. Duo's violets eyes looked back at him.

"Will you pass the next phase...?"


//My head...// Duo thought as consciousness came back to him, his head was pounding and body felt like it was run over by a rampaging gundam. Slowly he opened his right eye, he recognized that he was in his and Heero's room at their safehouse. He blinked the other eye open, and looked around the darkened room. Although his head was pounding, he tried to sit up. After about three tries, he gave up and just looked up at the ceiling. Duo's mind went back to his time imprisoned at Oz, specifically the guard that helped him. He wondered who that guardian angel was, and why he helped him at all.

Duo closed his eyes and focused on light weight around his neck. His cross from the Maxwell church. //Thank you// he thought, knowing his family up there were watching over him.


The braided boy's eyes opened, and looked over towards the voice's origin. He saw his koi standing by the door. Duo noticed how ragged and worn the other boy looked. "Heero? How long..?"

"Three days."

Duo sighed. //three days. He must have gone through hell...//. He looked up from the bed, and into his lover's deep blue eyes. "I'm sorry..." His eyes filled with tears, Duo just felt awful for worrying Heero, again.

In three quick strides, Heero was at the bed's site. He took Duo's hand into his, "Duo, don't cry." He brushed away the tears that fell from the sad violet eyes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you worry." he closed his eyes against his tears, the emotions attacking his mind. It seemed he was always hurting Heero. "I'm always hurting you.." he said in shame.

"Duo, look at me."

The braided boy opened his eyes, he saw the sadness in his koi's eyes. The pang of guilt struck him deeper. He tried to look away, but Heero's eyes pinned him down.

"Duo, I've had a lot of time to think." he began, pausing only to find the correct words. "When I'm with you I'm filled with such elation and I feel loved. When we are apart, I miss you so much, if feels like I'm incomplete. When I thought you were killed, I felt like the world drop from beneath my feet. I fought so hard against my training, it told me to push you to the side and move on. I just couldn't do that to you, Duo." Heero's tears fell down his cheeks, his voice began to waver, like a tree in the wind. "Then I found you again, injured but alive. Duo I can not live without you."


"Please let me finish" the Wing pilot interjected. "I've finally understand one thing. Love hurts." His hand squeezed Duo's once again. "I love you so much it just hurts."

The chestnut-haired boy found himself melting into a puddle of warm goo. The emotion that his love was displaying enveloped him, cradled him like a mother would her newborn. The guilt and other negative emotions were swept away, replaced with warmth and love. Through crystal tears, Duo smiled.

"Heero. I love you." Duo tried to sit up, once again, and kiss his compassionate koi, but his body wouldn't cooperate. A small gasp of pain left his lips before he could stop it. Before Heero could say anything he smiled sheepishly, "I'm ok..just I hurt everywhere."

"Do you want some pain pills?" the brown-haired boy asked, worry evident in both his deep blue eyes and tone. "Does it hurt really bad?" his hand brushed away the unruly bangs.

"I'll be ok, will you just hold me?"

"Hai." he pulled back the covers, with the utmost care, and climbed into the bed with his lover. He curled around Duo's body, arms around his shoulders and head resting on his chest.



"How long has it been since you've slept or ate?"

Heero looked up into Duo's eyes, "Almost three days.."

Duo yawned and his eyes slowly closed, "thought so.." he mumbled out before sleep took him away once again.

"Ai shiteru, Duo"


The door opened slightly, a beam of light from the hallway pierced the darkness. A blond head peeked into the room, his eyes falling onto the two figures laying on the bed. Quatre smiled at the tender scene. He quietly walked over to the bed and stood above the two cuddled lovers. His hand touched Duo's forehead, checking for a fever. He let out a sigh of relief, the fever had receded.

"Sleep well, Duo" Quatre said before placing a soft kiss the braided boy's forehead. He walked back toward the door, with one last look at the sleeping couple, and walked out of the room.


‘The Weather Outside is Frightful” Part 16

Duo slowly opened his eyes, beams of sunlight, sliding through the blinds, lit up the room. He felt his lover’s head resting on his chest, and long arms surrounding him. The braided boy fought the urge to giggle, as warm puffs of air ghosted across his chest. The injured boy couldn’t stop the small content smile, happiness was finally in his grasp. It might only be for a small amount of time, but Duo intended on savoring every moment.

He tried to move into a more comfortable position, wincing as pain shot through his body and Heero pulled him closer to his slumbering form. Slowly he raised his hand, biting back the groan of pain, to the soft brown hair. His fingers ran through the messy mop, wondering if Heero would enjoy it as much as he did.

Duo began to think over all the events that happened over the past weeks. The fire still nagged at his mind, everyday he tried to figure out what happened. He remembered Heero leaving to the city for supplies. Since the braided boy didn’t want to be alone upstairs, he left the room and headed for the den.

//Real stupid, Maxwell. Taking on a flight of stairs with a wounded ankle.//

Duo had managed to hop down the first three or four steps will no problem, but he landed wrong and began to fall. Only quick reflexes saved him from tumbling down, which could have broken his neck. He reached out and grabbed the rail, he caused the wound on his arm to open. Finally he hobbled over to the kitchen, and towards the counter where the pain-pills were. He saw two pink and white tablets, and assumed Heero had left them there.

//Did Heero leave those pills?// Duo thought, //Didn’t he say they were in my room?//. He frowned, almost scowling, while thinking over everything that took place that day. After swallowing the pills, he hobbled over to the den and laid on the couch. Within thirty minutes, he fell asleep.

“What was that noise?” Duo spoke aloud, eyes sliding closed, he concentrated on remembering everything he could. Right before he fell asleep, a faint sound came from the foyer. The door was opened...

“Why didn’t they just kill me?”

“Duo?” Heero asked, looking into Duo’s eyes. A small frown marred his face. He heard the question, and it bothered him. In fact it terrified him, what was his koi thinking about. Before his lover could say anything, Heero brushed the backside of his hand across Duo’s cheeks. Deep blue eyes stared into violet, the diamond-like coldness was replaced with worry and love. The Japanese boy tried to make his lover understand his feelings through his eyes and touch. Years of solitude prevented Heero from verbally expressing the strange feelings. The Japanese boy could feel his training starting to take effect, but he forced it down. Now wasn’t the time to cower away behind that mask, Heero was stronger than that. “Koi, what are you thinking?”

Duo looked into the deep blue eyes of his lover, he saw the swirling emotions. Heero’s touch upon his skin told him about Heero’s emotions. The Japanese boy was frightened, and didn’t know how to express it. //Great job Duo, just freak out the only person that loves you.// “I’m sorry Heero, I was just thinking.” //I can’t tell him about that day until I know what happened.// “I didn’t mean to worry you.” Duo reached out for Heero’s hand.

Heero took his love’s hand and squeezed it. The feelings didn’t completely go away, more like they were dulled just enough to make their presence known. Heero shifted on the bed, and placed a loving kiss on Duo’s pale lips. “It’s okay, koi. Are you hungry?”

“Hai.” The braided teenager said, smiling softly. His lover was so good to him, and spoiled him. //What did I ever do to deserve him. I’m so lucky, and I will protect him with my life. No one will take love from me again, NO ONE!// he shouted in his mind.

“I’ll go get you something to eat and some pain pills. Stay here, koi.” The Japanese boy kissed Duo once more before leaving the comfortable bed and leaving the room. On his way towards the kitchen, he wondered what Duo meant. Was he talking about that time in the prison?


Duo slowly pulled himself into a sitting position, and looked out the window. The sky was so beautiful and blue. So many colors blending together to create the picturesquescenery. He only saw bits of the wondrous picture, the blinds obscured part of his view. A deep sigh left his lips, “What am I going to do?”


The American boy would have leaped from the bed with a strangled yelp if he could have, but he jumped and turned towards the door. Wufei slowly entered the room, his face out of it’s usual calm mask. The Chinese boy actually looked worried.

“Yes ‘Fei?”

“What’s wrong, and don’t tell me nothing. I know something’s bothering you.” Wufei said while sitting on the edge of the bed, a stern look on his face.

With a sigh, Duo began. “You know what happened with the fire, right?” Seeing his friend nod in agreement, Duo continued. “I was thinking back to that day. Some things don’t add up. And I did something stupid, I took some pills on the counter that I thought Heero left for me. But I remember him telling me they were in my room. Wufei, I think someone is after me.”

“Why, Duo?” Wufei was confused, if someone were after the gundam pilots he’d understand. But why just Duo?

“I don’t know. That day is not very clear, I remember falling asleep on the sofa, in the den, and then hearing a noise. I thought maybe Quatre and Trowa were home. The next thing I remember....” he paused as more of the events became clear, “oh my God, someone was in the house and they woke me up. That’s how I got out of the house, the smoke didn’t wake me.” Duo’s body began to shake, the implications of his latest revelation shaking him to the core. “Someone wanted me dead, but someone woke me in time...” He lifted his watery eyes to meet Wufei’s, Duo needed some assurance.

“Duo...” Wufei began, but didn’t know what to say. He was outraged that someone was going after his friend.

“I have to leave.”


“As long as I’m here, you’re all in danger. Heero’s
in danger...I can’t let anything happen to him...”


“No! Wufei, I have to leave. I have to protect him, he’s all I have. I just couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to him...” Twin tears rolled down his face, to protect his love he had to leave him.

“Don’t do this Duo. It’ll crush him, Heero isn’t use to feelings. Leaving, even to protect him, would only hurt him more than help. I don’t want you to go, we’ll face this as a team.” Wufei too Duo’s hand, in a friendly almost brotherly fashion. “At least wait, maybe they aren’t after you. Please Duo, if it turns out that whoever this fiend is, is indeed after you...I’ll help you to escape and hide

“but..what about Heero. I can’t put him into danger....”

“would you rather kill him inside by leaving?”

“no...I couldn’t hurt him. If I stay he’s in danger, if I go he’ll be hurt worse. What am I going to do?” Duo was confused and upset, he was responsible if anything happened to Heero. //I can’t lose him...I couldn’t live....//

Both boys jumped from the clatter of dishes and silverware, they looked at the person standing at the door. Tears ran down the tanned cheeks, twin oceans of sorrow looked back at Duo and Wufei.

“Duo..?” Heero asked passed the lump in his throat.

‘The Weather Outside is Frightful” Part  17

Both boys jumped from the clatter of dishes and silverware, they looked at the person standing at the door.  Tears ran down the tanned cheeks,  twin oceans of sorrow looked back at Duo and Wufei.

“Duo..?”  Heero asked passed the lump in his throat.  Heero stared at his koi, warring emotions running through his body.  He had heard everything, and it shocked him.  Someone was after his koi, the thought just infuriated him to no degree.  The person responsible would die a very slow and painful death.  He was ready to walk in and ask his beloved who it was when he heard the rest of Duo’s words.

“Heero, I didn’t want you to know...”  Duo said sadly, feeling horrid for making his lover upset.  He knew his lover had heard everything, the blue eyes showed every emotion running through the Japanese boy’s body.  He knew that he could never leave Heero, no matter how much he wanted to protect his love.  It would do more harm to him if Duo left.  “Wufei, would you...”

“Aa, Duo.  I’ll check on you later.”  Wufei rose from the bed and walked out the door, passing by Heero.  He placed his hand on the Japanese boy’s shoulder and gave it a light squeeze.  “Go to him, Heero.  Work it out.”  The Chinese pilot whispered to his friend before walking out and going down the hall.

Heero watched as Duo tried to get up from the bed, before the Japanese youth could stop him Duo had fallen on the floor.  “Duo!”  Heero cried out and was beside his koi, pulling the American into his arms.

“I’m sorry, Heero.  I wasn’t thinking, and trying to keep you safe.”  the braided boy whispered, voice tinged with pain. He lifted his hand to brush away the  large tears, “I just don’t want to lose you, I’ve lost so many...”

“I don’t want you to leave me, Duo.  I’ve lost too much to lose you now.”  Heero lowered his lips to place a soft kiss on his koi’s soft lips.  His hand rested on his love’s chest, while he gazed into the deep violet eyes.  “Promise me.  Duo, promise you won’t leave even if you think you’re protecting me.”

//I can’t....he’ll die like father and sister...// Duo didn’t know what to do, how could he refuse his Heero anything.  Even if it meant his own heart and soul, he wouldn’t deny his lover.  “I promise, Hee-chan.”  Duo let the tears fall down his face, he just sealed his fate. The braided boy  hoped destiny would be kind.

“Arigato, koi.” Heero whispered, thankfully. His eyes closed and he buried his nose in the soft chestnut locks.  He didn’t see Duo’s sad eyes, nor the look of ultimate defeat within the darkening orbs.  //For you koi, I’ll sacrifice my own heart.// the braided boy thought while falling deeper into Heero’s warm embrace.

“I love you, Heero.  More than anything in this world.”  he said while clinging to his Japanese love.  Duo knew he was about to break down again, and didn’t want his lover to have to deal with more emotional strain.  “Koi?”  he asked, keeping his voice steady.

“Yes, Duo?”

“Will you...”  he paused, trying to bite back the sob, “well, I was wondering if we had any ice cream.”  He lifted his head and looked at the open blue eyes.

“We don’t have any...”


“but I can go get some.  What do you want?” Heero asked, brushing a light kiss over Duo’s warm forehead.
“it doesn’t matter, love.”

“Ok, I’ll be back soon.”  Heero lifted the smaller boy into his arms and placed him on the bed.  He ruffled the bangs playfully, and placed another sweet kiss on Duo’s lips.  “You gonna be ok, Duo?”

“Hai.  Thank you for going through the trouble.”  Duo said, trying to keep his grip on the raging emotions.

“anything for you, Duo.”

The braided boy watched as the door closed, finally the dam broke and the tears rained down in a torrid storm of despair.  He pulled a pillow over his face to muffle his sobs, what he had done was best for Heero.  Even though it would kill him, Duo agreed to his love’s request.

He fell back onto the bed and cried.  He cried harder than he ever had in his life, the braided boy knew fate would take away his only reason for living.  Images of Sister Helen smiling and Father Maxwell’s rich laughter came to his mind, he saw Solo’s bright eyes and goofy smile.  They had all left him alone.  He could hear their whispers, they told him Heero would be with them soon.

Heero looked at the different brands of ice cream, wondering which would be best for Duo.  He remembered the last time he was sent to do ice cream shopping and stopped in his tracks.  A feeling of foreboding came over him.  Duo wasn’t in danger, but he still felt something was wrong with is koi.  Heero didn’t know what, but he knew something wasn’t right.  Quickly he grabbed a random tube of ice cream and headed for the check out lane.  Duo needed him, even if his braided koi wouldn’t admit it.

On his way to the cashier, Heero spotted a brown bear hold a small vase of flowers.  He picked it up on his way.  //Duo will like it.//  He smiled and got into the short line.


“Trowa, I’m telling you something’s wrong.  If what Wufei said is true...”  the blonde boy paused.  If Duo was the target, were both incidents connected to one another?  If they were, all the pilots were in danger.
“I don’t know what to think, little one.  But one things for sure, I won’t let Duo disappear and face this alone.”

“None of us will, Trowa.  We just need to be extra protective of Duo until we figure out what’s happening.”  Wufei replied, thinking up of different ways to keep the American safe.

Quatre gasped in pain and doubled over, his hand clutching at his chest.  His vision blurred between the kitchen and a dark alley.  He began to breathe raggedly as he saw a boy in his arms.  The boy was whispering to him, but Quatre couldn’t make out the words.  The boy’s eyes closed, and his chest stopped moving.  Another wave of  pain hit him, this time the blonde boy fell out of his chair.  He could feel someone shaking him, and heard Trowa’s scared voice calling to him.  But Quatre saw another vision..


Sister Helen smiled down at the little boy.  She had grown so fond of Duo over that last year.  He was so full of life and energy, the brightness in their world.


“yes, sister?” the little boy asked excitedly.  He really loved the woman that soon became his mother, in his heart.  He smiled at her bright eyes and soft complexion.

“come here, I want to tell you a story.”

The bundle of energy ran and jumped onto her lap, giving her a big hug.  He loved when she would tell him stories and read books to him.  Her voice was so calming and full of love.  In all his short life, Duo never knew what it felt like to be loved. But now with Sister Helen and Father Maxwell.

While she told him the story, his hands played with the cross around his neck.  It was his prize possession, a gift of love.

Quatre smiled at the tender scene, but then everything went black.  The next thing he knew was he was running through the alleys.  He was panting, tears in his eyes.  Through someone else’s eyes, he saw the church in flames.

“Quatre!”  Trowa yelled again, worried sick for his koi.  Quatre had yet to respond, and he had been out of it for ten minutes.  “Koi, wake up.”  the tall boy whispered among the tears.

“trowa..?”  the blonde pilot whispered while he slowly opened his tear-filled eyes.  He looked around the kitchen, and finally realized where those memories came from.  Two tears fell from his eyes and traced a path down his cheeks.  He could still feel the sorrow radiating from Duo.

“Quatre, what’s wrong..?’

“Trowa...it’s Duo...Allah....”  he whispered into Trowa shoulder, shaking with the growing sobs.

Wufei left the kitchen and hurriedly made his way to Duo’s room, he prayed that his best friend was okay.

The Weather Outside is Frightful Part 18

The room was dark and cold. The figure walked over to the nightstand and turned on a very small reading lamp. The man let out a small sigh and began to unbutton his coat. It had been along and tiring day. His employer was very resilient in his task.

Sanders walked over to the small bathroom, flipping the light switch, and looked into the mirror. He frowned at his reflection, it was not him. His hair was a darker brown than it should have been, the contacts made his eyes green instead of the violet they should have been. He wished he could prevent Duo from going through all the upcoming trials, but knew all he could do was help silently.

His eyes closed and the thought about the day his son was supposeto die by this employers orders.


Sanders quickly opened the front door, he winced as it creaked. Green eyes looked around, making sure no one was home. He sighed with relief. The tall man walked into the house and headed for the den, he didn't have much time. Five minutes was all the time he had to awake the drugged boy on the sofa, after those precious few minutes the house would be engulfed in a raging inferno.

The man saw the teenager laying down on a large sofa, he could already smell the smoke. The others must have already started the fire. //K'so.// He leaned over the boy and shook his shoulders, "Wake up, hurry."

"Dammit! Duo wake up!" He yelled, smoke began to fill the house. He shook the boy harder.

"hmm..." the braided boy mumbled.

"Please, wake up. You have to get out." the man pleaded with the boy. He finally slapped Duo, the American's eyes opened.

Duo stared up at the man, familiar feelings racing through him.The braided boy knew this man, but couldn#146;t place him. Hefinally began to cough from the smoke, Duo rubbed at his eyes.When he looked back up the man was gone.


Sanders walked back into his room and headed over to the smaller dresser. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a small photograph. It was of him, his wife and their baby boy. The boy's violet eyes shined with joy and content, the man sighed again. It broke his heart not being able to help his son anymore than he was.


Wufei reached Duo's door and quickly opened the door. He entered the room and ran towards the bed. All he could see was Duo laying there...

//No! Please, no!// He pulled back the covers and began to shake his friend, frantically.

"Duo? Duo...please no....Duo!"

"Mmnn...Wufei...what's wrong." Duo mumbled, sleepily. He slowly awakened, glad his friend woke him up before the dream got to that part, Duo didn't think he could take seeing her body among the church ruins.

"Are you ok?" The Chinese boy asked, checking over Duo. He breathed a sigh of relief when Duo seemed to be ok.

"I'm okay. I was having a nightmare." which was the truth, but Wufei didn't need to know how sad he still was. They all didn't need to know about his problems, they counted on him to take away the stress and pain.

"Want to talk about it, Duo?"

"It's ok, Fei. Just the usual nightmare. I'm fine really."

"What about Heero?"

"We worked it out, I'm not leaving." Duo hoped he sounded normal, it still hurt so much to know he was condemning his love, and himself, to death. "Help me up?" he asked, needing to get out of his room.

"Shouldn't you stay in bed?"

"I've been IN bed, Wufei." Duo began, pouting. "wanna watch tv...." The braided boy's attitude shifted to his cheerful, carefree manner. He continued to pout and give the Chinese boy his puppy eyes. "Please..."

"Fine, but you're not walking down the stairs."

"But how..."

"I'm carrying you downstairs..." Wufei stated while pulling the American off the bed. A yelp left Duo's lips, followed by true laughter. He honestly didn't expect Wufei to pick him up and carry him, it made him feel better. "Ne, I'm not to heavy am I?"

"Tell that to my back, Maxwell." The Chinese boy teased back. Duo's rich laughter echoed through the house.


"Where's Duo?" Heero asked as he ran into the kitchen, panting for breathe. He had returned a few minutes earlier and went to check on his koi. Duo wasn't in his room, which had the Japanese boy worried. His eyes looked around the room.

"He's in the den."

"What's he doing in there?"

"Heero, he didn't want to be left in his room. So I carried him to the den, he wanted to watch tv."

With a quick word of thanks, Heero quickly made his way to the den. He peered into the room and spotted his koi laying on the sofa, sleeping. His heart began to slow down, and Heero smiled at Duo's sleeping face. Quickly, he went to retrieve the grocery bag, deciding to put the ice cream into the freezer.

Heero knelt beside the sofa, running his fingers over Duo's soft cheeks. He placed the bear on the coffee-table beside the sofa. "Koi..." he whispered softly before kissing Duo's slightly parted lips. The kiss was light and full of loving compassion. His eyelids closed and he concentrated on the warm lips.

"Heero...welcome home..." the braided boy whispered, breathlessly. Violet eyes looked deep into the deep blue oceans. "Join me?" he asked.

"Hai." his koi replied. Heero climbed onto the sofa behind Duo. He pulled his lover against his chest and his arms surrounded the braided boy's waist.

 ‘The Weather Outside is Frightful” Part 19

  It took Duo about three weeks to heal enough that he could get around on his own.  The braided boy stared out of the window, of his second story bedroom.  He was lonely once again, after his long recovery time he was looking forward to showing his lover how much he loved him. A small smile came to his lips; he did show Heero his love before he was called away.


  Duo checked everything once again; Heero would be back in less than thirty minutes.  He was breathing hard from over exerting his body, three weeks wasn’t enough time to completely heal his injuries.  His eyes glanced over their bedroom; he had draped the room with strands of violet and deep blue silk.  The scented candles filled the room with their soft vanilla and cinnamon smells while little flames set a romantic glow.   The American wanted to recreate that special night, it was his happiest memory.  Duo walked out of the room and closed the door then made his way to the bathroom, for a quick shower.
 As the hot streams of water blasted his skin, the braided boy sighed contentedly.  The American wanted his lover to have a night of relaxation and total peace.  He wanted to thank Heero for caring for him while he was stilled injured, and maybe he’d get a chance to make love with Heero.

  The font door opened and the Japanese boy walked into the warm house.  Deep blue eyes scanned the small area around the door and listened for his lover.  He heard foot steps coming from upstairs, a small smile appeared and he went looking for the braided boy.  He walked up the stairs, lost in thoughts about Duo and how much he missed making love to the other boy.

  The Japanese boy wanted to feel the special bond they shared while their bodies and souls joined.  He wanted to show Duo just how much he loved him.

 “Duo,” he called out as their bedroom door came into view, he knocked out of politeness.

  “Come in, Heero.”  His lover yelled from within the room.

  Heero walked into the room and stopped in mild shock.  His eyes looked over the newly decorated walls, floor and bed.  Instantly he knew what Duo was up too, he didn’t stop the smile.  It was perfect, like their special night.

  “You like?”  Duo asked while pulling the other boy into his arms and kissing Heero’s neck.
 “Hai,” Heero whispered and turned his body in Duo’s embrace, bringing their lips together in a soft kiss.  They broke apart, for only a brief moment, and kissed again.  They went slow, enjoying each moment of being alone together.  The kisses soon became deeper and filled with more passion.   They stood in the center of the bedroom, exploring each other mouth.

  “Duo, are you sure...”

  The braided boy pulled his koi to the bed, falling backwards onto the soft mattress and allowing Heero to fall on top of him.  He claimed the sweet mouth once again, sliding his tongue pass the parted lips.  “Hai, koi.  I want you so much, don’t deny me...”  His hips rose off the bed, pushing his clothed erection against his lover’s.  Duo stared, entranced, into the deep blue orbs.

  Heero lowered his lips, initiating a passionate tender kiss while his hands rest on Duo’s chest.  The Japanese boy moaned softly as their arousals brushed against one another in torturous pleasure.  Their eyes held each other’s gaze and Heero’s hand rose to rest on his lover’s warm cheek.

  Duo’s fingers fumbled with his lover’s shirt; finally he pulled the hem out of the tight blue jeans.  His hand slid up the heated skin, fingertips lightly grazing Heero’s chest.  The braided boy began to tease the hardening nipples, swallowing each whimper and moan leaving his koi’s mouth.  Finally he pushed the fabric over and off Heero’s head, tossing it across the room.  Duo went back to running his hands over the smooth, muscled chest.

  Passions flame was kindled within the searing blue orbs; Heero began to remove the soft fabric hiding Duo’s soft-toned flesh.  The Japanese youth teased his koi, calloused fingertips lightly touching Duo’s skin as the shirt was removed.  “Duo...”

  “Make love to me.  Please,” Duo guided his koi’s hand to the button on his pants.  His slim hips rose off the bed, legs parting slightly.  Heero’s hand unfastened the slacks and slowly lowered the metal zipper.  The other boy was going slowly, wanting the braided boy to cry out in need.

  Heero parted the opened fabric, before slowing pulling the pants off the slim hips and down the slender legs.  The Japanese boy rose to his knees, eyes holding Duo’s gaze, and he quickly unfastened his pants and pulled them off.

  Duo whimpered low in his throat as Heero kneeled before him, his hardness straining against the white briefs.  The cotton was wet with the Japanese boy’s desire, as were Duo’s own boxers.  Duo rose, so that he was sitting on the bed, and his hands reached for the waistband of the briefs.  “Heero, you are so beautiful” He murmured softly while sliding the tight underwear off his lover’s perfect body.  The braided boy’s thumb teased the tip of Heero’s burning flesh.  While looking deep into those blue eyes, he brought his thumb to his lips.  His tongue licked Heero’s passion from his lips and pulled his lover down for a deep kiss.

  Heero watched as his lover’s thumb traced the pouting lower lip, his own essence coated the soft, heated flesh.  He wanted to moan as Duo licked his passion from the sweet lips, then Heero felt himself being pulled downward.  The kiss was deep, Duo sharing the vivid taste of Heero’s seed in his hot mouth.  Duo’s hands guided his lover’s to the slit in his boxers.

  Heero’s hand slipped into the thin fabric, brushing against the soft curls.  His hand claimed the stiff flesh, slowly stroking Duo into blissful heaven.  Duo’s hips thrust the burning arousal further into his hand.

  “Please...” Duo cried out as the pleasure slowly engulfed his body.  He felt his lover begin to tug at the boxers, he lifted his hips.  After the fabric was pulled off his burning body his legs rose to the bed, feet planted on the mattress, spread apart.  He completely revealed himself before Heero’s loving eyes.

  Heero smiled as the felt warmth encircled and squeeze his heart.  Duo was completely giving himself to him.  He opened himself completely, exposing his heart and soul.  Heero crawled between his lover’s opened legs; he leaned over and kissed Duo softly.  “I love you”   The Japanese boy’s arm reached over to the nightstand, retrieving a tube of lubricant.  Slowly he began to prepare his beautiful lover, taking extra care to stretch Duo without causing him any pain.

  Duo thrust back against his lover’s fingers, wanting to be filled by Heero.  He whimpered as the fingers disappeared.

  “Duo, Look at me,” Heero whispered, wanting to look into the soft violet eyes.  When Violet and Blue met, the Japanese boy slowly began to push his lubricated arousal into Duo’s body.

  “Koi....”  Duo cried out, finally being joined in the most intimate way with Heero.  Their bodies moved together, with Duo fully submitting to his life, his heart.  Violet eyes shined with tears as Heero thrust within his willing body.  After so long, being separated, they finally were able to make love.

 Heero kept his thrust deep and slow, he wanted them both to remember this night of their love making.  The Japanese boy brought them to climax, slowly kissing every reachable inch of Duo’s skin.  His hips moved in small circles, while he stroked his lover’s own hardness.

  “Heero!” Duo cried out, finally being pushed off the edge, free-falling into euphoria.  He climaxed with a loud cry of unending love, hot passion covering Heero’s hand, and his lower body.

 “Koi,” Heero whispered in a strained voice as Duo took him over the edge with him.  His body began to shake with the power of his orgasm, Heero’s hot passion filling and claiming Duo.

 Duo felt Heero collapsed on his chest, his hands ran through the sweaty brown hair.  Both were panting, each boy had a small content smile.  Their night had been perfect in every way, for they were together and that’s all that really mattered.


  He continued to stare at nothing and everything, waiting for his lover to return to him.  Duo just couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong, almost as if Heero were begging for his help.  Was he just scared of losing his only love, or was the Japanese boy in danger....

  “Duo...quick we have a mission” Quatre blurted out while storming into the room.  The blonde was panting and his face was white, like he had just seen a ghost.

  “It’s Heero, isn’t it...?”

  “Yes, Duo.....”

 ‘The Weather Outside is Frightful” Part 20

 “You’re worthless!”

  Another man screamed into the beaten boy’s ear before another punch connected with his bruised, bleeding face.  Heero had been in their ‘care’ for four days now.  He had yet to say a word, silently taking the physical abuse.  His tank top had long ago been ripped off, the pale light shining down on the blossoming bruises.  Another blow to his ribs, and unprotected abdomen, the Japanese boy wouldn’t give them the pleasure of hearing him in pain.  His mind was focused inward, trying to deny their words.

 ‘You belong to the colonies.  You belong to us, boy’

  Every day they returned, three men would surround him and take turns beating his body while a fourth stayed in the shadows.

 Heero thought back to his capture, somehow they knew the right sedative that would work on him.  Very few people knew his weakness, and the revelation shook the boy to the core.

  ‘You’re worthless outside this war.  You belong to us, and only us.’

   Heero fought the words, he didn’t belong to them.  Not anymore, he was a person not a machine.  Duo, where are you.  Help me.  He thought before falling unconscious.


  Heero looked around, the familiar darkness surrounding him once more.  He called out for the Perfect Soldier once again, but was answered with unwavering silence.  Slowly realization dawned on him; he was alone.

The Japanese boy stumbled to the cold, barren ground; curling up in a ball.  Nobody was there; no one would drive away the virulent darkness as it slowly crept along his body; devouring the boy, slowly.  Tendrils of despair crawled over his unprotected body; thousands of spider legs pricking his flesh.  Venomous words echoed in the choking darkness.

‘You belong to us’


‘A machine to serve our purposes’

‘No one wants you’

‘Heartless killer’

Heero tried to deny them, the words weren’t true.  He didn’t belong to anyone, no one owned him.  He wasn’t heartless or a machine.
“But you are, because we belong to them.  They made us who we are.”  The Perfect Solider said while walking from the darkness; standing before the boy on the ground.  “They own us; we serve them and betrayed them by loving him.”


“Face it boy, you’re alone” The man responsible for everything appear before Heero’s eyes; he glared at the pitiful excuse for a pilot.  “He failed you, and you failed him.”  The man spat at him.

“It’s not true…”

 “It is, if he loved you wouldn’t he have saved you?  But he hasn’t, face it boy he doesn’t love you.”

“He loves me, Duo does…”

“How could he?  Who would want a thing like you?  Broken, cold and made to die for this war.  You belong to me, not him”

Heero woke to the sound of ripping fabric, the Japanese boy finally figured out what was about to happen.  He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to ignore his abusers hands over his body.  “Duo…” he whispered, brokenly as a tear rolled down his cheek.


‘What the hell…’ The man standing in the shadows thought as the other three began tearing the boy’s clothes off.  Sanders took three steps towards them, he wouldn’t allow it.

“Back off,” he almost yelled.

“Why?  The boss said to break him…”

“I will not allow this…”

“And you’re going to stop us, Pops?”

“Yeah, what are you going to do?

 Sanders’ blue eyes shifted from the three men in front of him to the nonmoving form on the table.  He couldn’t allow them to do that to the boy, it was sheer torture watching them beat him, but this was crossing the line.  Anger washed over him, visions of his son and Heero flashed in his mind.  The happiness in the violets eyes, joy that he couldn’t put there.  He watched as the other three slowly back away, an unholy fire lit his eyes; the fury and anger identical to the God of Death.

Jonathon Sanders became his employer’s top man because of his advanced martial arts skill, speed and a whole slew of other qualifications.  In the last minutes of their lives, Jacobs, Smith, and Rovh learned the true fury of hell.


 “Heero, wake up…please…” Duo pleaded with other boy.  They were in their room, Heero lying on the bed.  Three hours had passed since they found the Japanese boy in the abandoned where house.  The braided boy’s eyes were red, puffy and the twin rivers of tears continued to flow down his cheeks.  He was too late, he couldn’t protect his lover.  “I’m sorry…”


 Now...just what consequences is Sanders going to have to face...will Heero be ok?

 What else could go wrong.....?