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Notes: Minna-san, this is for Misty. She issued a line challenge/bday fic challenge and I accepted. Enjoy a look into my weird side...*l*

/////// denotes beginning/ending of a dream
~~~~ scene/POV change
“...” dialogue


“Unrequited Feelings..?”


Duo laid on this bed reading a manga, actually he was staring at the stoic pilot. Said pilot, being obvious as usual, was typing up some damn mission report and ignoring Duo.

//Dammit, Duo no Baka!! Why him??//

//Because you love him baka//

//Just great!// Duo mentally berated himself. //Can we say “Got Grief?”. I’m the biggest idiot there is.// He took one last look at Heero’s back before getting up and quickly leaving the room. //I can’t take it!//

Cobalt blue eyes moved from the screen to the door. A hint of something flashed quickly in the blue depths.


Duo looked around. He was in the living room of their current safe house. The room was pitch black, he felt the sheer coldness and emptiness of the room. “Where is everyone..?”

The lights suddenly came on, and Quatre jumped out from behind the couch. “Happy Birthday Duo!!”

“What?” was the braided boy’s reply. //What the hell? It’s not my birthday//

Trowa walked into the room, smirking and laughing like a little kid

“Trowa what’s so funny?” Duo asked.

“Gerbil sex rocks”

Before Duo could even process that answer, Heero came barreling through the door.

“What are you doing here Heero?” Duo asked nervously, he saw the manic gleam in those eyes.

Heero regarded Duo carefully before answering, a sinister smirk graced his lips. “I am here to kick your ass and chew bubble gum, but I'm out of bubble gum”

“What’s happening...” Duo asked, his voice filled with hysteria

“What’s wrong Maxwell, gonna cry?” Wufei stated as he walked down the stairs.

“It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry too if it happened to you" All four boys started singing, almost chanting.

Duo woke up with a start. He was covered in sweat and his breathing was labored. “Just a dream, just a fucked up dream.” He looked around his room, eyes falling on the already made and cold bed. A pang shot through his body, and straight to his heart. Quickly his grief turned into anger. “Damn you to hell. Damn you for making me love you. Omae o Korosu"

He got out of bed and stormed into the small bathroom. He looked at the trash-can beside the sink. Inside were pieces of paper, pieces that were love letters. He glared at the empty bed and then the laptop, only to be fixed once again on those shreds of paper.

“A love letter is a bullet from a fucking gun, fucker"


Heero was avoiding Duo, he didn’t want to see the braided pilot. //Damn him.// He didn’t know what to do. //What am I suppose to do. Treat it like a mission? Duo, Ai shiteru. and then fuck him senseless?// He groaned at that thought, feeling his spandex become too tight. His mind raced back to lunch-time. Duo was playing with the chiz-whiz Heero closed his eyes, in his mind he saw Duo’s pink tongue sensually lick off the processed cheese. His erection strained against the spandex almost painfully. "Cheese is a good thing" he decided. Heero walked into the living room, intent on going upstairs and revolve his ‘problem’. What he saw nearly made him climax, but did in fact shock his lust-filled mind enough that he didn’t hold back the moan of sheer pleasure.


Duo was erotically gyrating his hips and dancing to the beat of the loud music. Heero watched as Duo spread his legs and ran his hands up the inner thighs, his face contorted with such luscious pleasure. Heero’s mouth went dry, Duo’s hands were groping his own body just like he wanted to touch the fey beauty.

Duo was into the song, dancing as sexually and erotically as he dared. In his mind Heero was watching him, which turned him on even more. //Damn him, I can’t hate him...// Instead of thinking he just threw himself further into the song, finally his voice rose from the soft whisper to singing along.

“Give it to me baby, uh huh uh huh!" His right hand moved up to his head, running through the chestnut locks, while his left hand suggestively roamed down his inner thigh.


The lyrics Duo was singing and his actions were too much for the Wing pilot. His control shattered and he practically ran to the oblivious pilot, pulling him into a fierce yet clumsily kiss. He pulled back, eyes blazing with lust and love? “Duo..”

Duo was flabbergasted. //What the hell? First he hates me, now he’s kissing me. Not that I didn’t like it...Hell! I’ll never figure him out// He pulled out of Heero’s arms, almost reluctantly, and fixed him with a glare. After turning off the music he spoke,

“What was that Heero? Why’d you do it?”

“Duo....” Heero began

Duo knew what he was up to...//I don’t think so Mr. Perfect Solider. Not worming your way out of this one...//

“Heero, shut up. I’ve got an idea” he began disdain dripping from his voice.. "Lets role play, you be someone more interesting, I'll be someone more interested." He turned to walk away when a hand on his arm stopped him.


Heero reached out, his hand grabbing Duo. “Don’t leave.” he swallowed nervously before beginning again. “You want to know why? Because, I love you Damnit. I tried and tried to ignore you and push away these feelings. But I can’t, because I want you.”

Duo stared incredulously at Heero. “You what?” //It can’t be..//

Instead of answering Duo, he pressed his body up against the others and kissed him passionately. One hand grabbed Duo’s hand and brought it to his spandex-clad erection.

“I want you NOW Duo”


“I want you NOW Duo”

Duo nearly ruined his boxers by the sheer lust in Heero’s voice. He quickly looked around the room before pulling his soon-to-be koi over to the large chair. “Want you too.” Duo, in his haste, ripped the green tanktop off and tugged the spandex shorts off.

“Duo..” Heero began, but was once again silenced by Duo’s probing kiss. He fell backwards onto the chair when Duo pushed him. He watched Duo practically rip his own clothes off.

Duo finally had his boxers off, he looked at Heero sitting in the chair. Hard, eyes filled with love and lust. //All for me...// He picked up his pants and pulled a small tube out of the back pocket. While keeping his eyes locked with his koi’s, Duo opened the tube and squeezed it’s contents onto his hand. Almost tentatively, he coated Heero’s aching manhood. Moaning at the wondrous feeling of Heero in his hands.

Duo straddled Heero’s hips, lowering his body until the tip was nudging his entrance. “Love you...” He half-whispered, half-moaned as he lowered his body, impaling himself.


Heero moaned, Duo was driving him crazy and he didn’t care. Finally he was fully sheathed within the hot body. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, Duo began to ride him. The pace started slow and passionate, but quickly turned into fast and primal. The sounds of their moans and skin slapping against skin fill the room. Both moved with an almost fearful desperation. Duo thrusts were almost frantic, Up and Down over and over, his whole body was on fire. Heero met thrust with thrust, his vision began to go white.

“DUO!!!” he yelled, not giving a damn if anyone
heard, his hot passion surging into Duo’s body,
claiming the boy as his. Heero was still riding the
waves of pleasure when Duo’s hot seed covered his


“HEERO!!” Duo screamed as he climaxed, his seed bathing Heero’s panting chest. The waves of pleasure were slowly residing. He slumped forward, his head falling on Heero’s shoulder.

They stayed in silence, both trying to regain their breath. Finally Duo turned his head and brought Heero’s lips to his. The kiss was hot and passionate, their tongues teasing one another.

“Ai shiteru”

“Love you too Hee-chan”

Duo hugged his lover tightly before dozing off, knowing when he woke Heero would still be there.



Well minna, how was it?? *cringes* In case you want to know the lines, here they are:

"I am here to kick your ass and chew bubble gum,but I'm out of bubble gum"

"A love letter is a bullet from a fucking gun,fucker"

"Omae o Korosu" (but it can't be heero saying it!)

While someone is dancing around "Give it to me baby, uh huh uh huh!"

"Lets role play, you be someone more interesting, I'll be someone more interested."

"Gerbil sex rocks"

"Cheese is a good thing"

"Got Grief?"

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry too if it happened to you"